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Are 'Friday Night Lights' stars doomed at the Emmys?

July 22, 2010 |  4:57 pm

Judging from a historical perspective, Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler ("Friday Night Lights"), Matthew Fox ("Lost") and January Jones ("Mad Men") are long shots to win Emmys, according to our contributor Chris "cking33" Hine. He sent an alert to Gold Derby noting that these stars scored their first nominations in the middle or end of their shows' runs and adds:

Friday night lights emmys

Never has an actor received a nomination under such circumstances and won. Winners have always either:

1. Been nominated before and

2. Won for the first year of their show.

Even James Spader, while he was nominated and won for the final year of "The Practice," that was his first year on the show, so it doesn't exactly fit the criteria. And even after he won in 2007, after not being nominated in 2006, he was still a two-time winner. You'd have to double-check the facts on this, but I thought it was interesting, and would seem to
suggest that the above four actors and actresses have no chance of winning this year. Mariska Hargitay came close to doing it in 2004, had all the momentum, but then Allison Janney won again (and then proceeded to embarrass poor Mariska by bringing her onstage during her acceptance speech).

Chris posted similar views here in our forums and invites additional comment.

Photo: "Friday Night Lights." Credit: NBC / DirecTV.

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Are ya just Tryin' to be Mean?? And rain on my Parade or what?? For Connie and Kyle these nods were a Long time comin' fer sure. They're not some over nite sensations. They have been working on this for four seasons. Over the last four years their names are always mentioned as contenders for nods. But not until this year did they score nominations. And this year they both Scored at the same time And that for me is a Giant Victory. Just the nod itself for both is a Win regardless of what happens Emmy nite. They get to be there on the Red Carpet. . .Dressed to the Nines. . .Rubbin' Elbows with Hollywood's Finest on TV. . .Yep, they've already Won!!
Clear Eyes. . .Full Hearts. . .Can't Lose!!

I think Bryan Cranston will win again, and Julianna Marguilies will win for Good Wife.

Actually, there is precedent for this...Sela Ward won in 1994 for "Sisters". It was her first and only nomination for the show -- then going into its fifth season.

Um, Mariska Hargitay ended up winning two years later.

Did anyone expect Kyle and Connie to be nominated in the first place?
Anything is possible.

Well, there's always a first time.



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