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Poll: Is Mel Gibson doomed at the Oscars?

July 13, 2010 |  3:28 pm

Mel Gibson has been a golden boy at Oscars past, of course. He won an Academy Award for directing "Braveheart," best picture champ of 1995, and he's been an awards contender for other films like "Ransom" (1996) and "What Women Want" (2000) — they earned him Golden Globe nominations. "Passion of the Christ" and "Apocalypto" (2006) were nominated for three Oscars in the tech categories but lost.

Later this year, Mel Gibson stars in "The Beaver," directed by double Oscar champ Jody Foster. Next year he stars in "How I Spent My Summer Vacation," which he also co-wrote. Can he ever jump back into the Oscar derby?

Hooligan behavior can backfire at the Oscars. Remember what happened to Russell Crowe. Soon after he won best actor for "Gladiator" (2000), he got into trouble for bullying a BAFTA TV producer and he lost best actor for "A Beautiful Mind," which won best picture of 2001. At least he got nominated. Not so two years later, which was especially embarrassing. Everybody associated with "Master and Commander" got an Oscar nomination (10 in all, including best picture) except for the film's master and commander: Russell Crowe.

Two years later, after Crowe got caught hurling a phone at a Manhattan hotel clerk, he wasn't nominated for "Cinderella Man." And he hasn't been nommed since.

Photo: "Braveheart" (Paramount).

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The poll is a bit leading. It is likely that if Mel survives this phase of humilation without killing himself eventually people will be open to casting him and (apart from Whoopie, Darlene Love and DeNiro, being supportive). Also, more people may become educated about Manic Depressive Disorder and alcoholism which are both diseases he shouldn't apologize for. Furthermore, he should not apologize for the Passion of the Christ which itself has nothing to do with anti-semetism despite relentless and hateful accusations from people of influence which caused him to fall off the wagon in 2006.

He even went so far with The Passion as using his own hand in the close-up of hammering in the nails, since Catholics believe we all crucify Christ in our hearts and THAT is the issue, not how many Jews in Jerusalem at the time would have routinely attended hundreds of crucifixions, floggings and also stonings for crimes that would be laughable today. It is a joke to be offended by The Passion and call it anti-Semetic. Also, everybody should have another look at Mel's first directing effort The Man Without a Face, especially the segments about The Merchant of Venice. Everyone seems to have their own definition of racism, but babbling about your percesutors whether they be Ari Emanuel of William Morris or the Mexicas who protested his prison shoot How I Spent My Summer Vacation, frankly people do privately spout their frustrations. Oksana should go to jail, as should her sister, and she shouldn't get a dime. Mel needs better care from his present therapist and NO interviews. The media is no help. At this point I hope we see The Beaver and his prison flick, which are already shot. I'd like to see the Viking film, but I know theater owners are skittish. People are pretty muc led by the media, which has about the same level of judgement since they bullied America into accepting the attack of Iraq in 2003.

Mr. Gibson rubbed certain folks the wrong way with his movie “the Passion”,..that’s all you need to know and that FACT is REALLY what's behind Mel’s latest crucifixion.

Hollywood hates Christ and Christians,..this whole “outrage” is being ginned up by the usual Hollywood types.

Yet Hollywood just loves the fugitive child rapist Roman Polanski,..enough said?

Some people are "in"; some people are " out" and will never receive their due awards.
Crowe has done his punishment and I sincerely hope he is nominated in the future; he is one of the best out there. He was , beyond any doubt, cheated out of an Oscar for ABM. And to this day a lot of people still believe he holds two Oscars.
In the meantime Hollywood rewards a hit and run driver (Halle Berry) and an actor repeatedly caught DUI (Kiefer Sutherland) Why ? Because they play the schmoozing game better than Crowe !!

Not a comment, just a note to the editor: Jodie Foster, not "Jody Foster." Could you please fix that?

This entire Mel Gibson saga is crazy. Who cares what he is or what he says ... I believe there was some set up around this and he's entitled to his opinion. we all have it; everyone needs to get a grip and move on. for news stories to hang on this is ridiculous and really quite uncalled for.

I agree with a comment that what was done to Crowe was ridiculous/criminal. He's still the best out there right now. This man ranks with Brando and Pacino and they "punished" him. I don't care what they do to Gibson although I believe the actors are competing on their abilities, not comments or an anger episode

I have no idea how you can compare this moron's recent behaviour with Russell Crowe. What an insult to Crowe. What was done to Crowe was disgusting....and just indicative of the Academy's pettiness. I especially love how you use the term "bullying" without giving an account of what happened.
Mel Gibson's behaviour is nothing short of despicable.

? Eric Melrue: The Accused (1988), Boys Don't Cry (1999), Irréversible (2002), come to mind, right away, without further research. All involve rape; none involve 'black' perpetrators.

re Mel Gibson. Whether or not an artist's/performer's personal and/or political views, i.e. their offstage selves, affects their audience.. is an age-old question that is quite subjective and often inexplicable.. From classical musicians (Wagner, Furtwangler) to artists (Picasso), writers (Sartre), movie directors (Polanski), actors.. no one is exempt. And each of us wrestles with the question individually. It's almost as moot a point as asking what topics are/aren't off-limits in comedy? Theoretically, the answer is nothing is off-limits. Philosophically, one would like that to be true. In reality? this is often not the case.

why is it 'embarassing' if a pathetic organization like the Oscar's decides not to give you an award. Who even cares? Its the box office that counts.

Idk about this one. 25 years after bailing on his jail stint for taking extremely indecent liberties with a pubescent girl, Roman Polanski won Best Director for "The Pianist" (for a tawdry in-joke, say the film's title 3x fast). Seven years after unceremoniously booting Ingrid Bergman from Tinseltown for having a child out of wedlock with another man (which is practically de rigeur today) she copped Best Actress gold for 1956's "Anastasia". Elizabeth Taylor is waaaay too self-explanatory, and she won TWO Best Actress Oscars after breaking up Debbie Reynolds (supposedly) happy home. And lets not forget the egg we all threw on two-time Best Director winner Elia Kazan's face when he won an Honorary Oscar in 1999. Ok, so some of his peers were blacklisted for awhile because of his HUAC testifying. If he hadn't done that, would we have "On the Waterfront", "East of Eden" or "Splendor in the Grass"? Probably not.

Reminds me of the way you treated Michael Jackson,
when he passed every one was singing his praise.
My god you hounded him in life!

Its his personel life, no one has the right to judge

did you give Charlie Sheen this type of treatment?

Still loveya Mel-your a great actor.

That was a private phone conversation by a man who has paid dearly for getting near this money grubbing person. As far as pack of n_iggas goes....Who was the pack "wilding" in Central Park, attacking a white female jogger, raping her and almost beating her to death? They were black.

There are no major headline news stories of the past 25 years of a group of whites raping a woman* but there are mews reports, all over the world, of multiple black men, raping women.

*the only major story of white gang rape was the fabricated Duke Lacrosse player story

Mel Gibson’s recent comments have shocked us all – but why was he given a free pass for so long…?

TV Host RENE SYLER weighs in with her take on Mel’s Meltdown….

NO Way!!! Mel Gibson has been put in a straight jacket. OMG. This just keeps getting worse…and worse…and worse… Video at

Mel Gibson is not doomed. He is going to produce, direct, star and self-finance Braveheart 2: The Jews and Blacks Storm Malibu.

Read this hilarious article about the movie.




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