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Poll: Can Lindsay Lohan stage a Hollywood comeback?

July 21, 2010 |  1:28 pm

Lindsay Lohan faces the biggest crisis of her troubled career. She will spend the next two weeks in an L.A. jail and then 90 more days in rehab. This means she won't be available to promote her next film, the Robert Rodriguez action flick "Machete," which opens Sept. 3.

Lindsay lohan inferno And her summer in the slammer has delayed production on "Inferno," in which she is to play 1970s adult film star Linda Lovelace. That project holds promise and if done right could have Hollywood talking about Lohan's acting ability rather than her antics.

However, writer-director Matthew Wilder has just one credit to his name -- the 2008 dark comedy "Your Name Here" inspired by the life of sci-fi writer Phillip Dick. And a recent explanation of his vision for this new film remains murky. As Wilder explained to, "There will be full frontal nudity but it will not be cinematic nudity, it will be more violent nudity. For example, linked images of the Vietnam war, that kind of context." Just what that means remains to be seen.

Lohan's efforts to promote this picture at the Cannes filmfest in May went awry. Volcanic ash ground flights and she missed a court appearance tied to her 2007 arrest for cocaine use and reckless driving. Back then, Lohan served 84 minutes in jail and was put on probation for three years. That was extended by one year when she failed to complete an alcohol-education course.

2007 marked a low point in her film career as well. Lohan starred as a pair of separated-at-birth twins in the horrific "I Know Who Killed Me." The film won a record eight Razzie Awards, including three for Lohan, who tied with herself for worst actress and won worst screen couple. 

Less than a decade earlier, Lindsay Lohan had won over audiences and critics playing another set of twins in the 1998 Disney remake of "The Parent Trap." Five years later she starred in another Disney do-over -- "Freaky Friday" -- and won the breakthrough award at the MTV movie kudos. In 2004, she headlined the critically acclaimed "Mean Girls" and won both MTV Movie and Teen Choice awards.

Two years later, Lohan earned good reviews as part of the ensemble casts of a pair of prestigious projects. "A Prairie Home Companion" was the last film from auteur Robert Altman while "Bobby" marked the first feature helmed in a decade by actor Emilio Estevez. That film about events surrounding the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy was a contender at both the Golden Globes and Screen Actor Guild.

If Lohan is looking for inspiration in these dark days, one shining example is Robert Downey Jr., who also came to fame at a young age. He landed an Oscar nomination for "Chaplin" in 1992 but slid off the rails soon after and was arrested numerous times in the late 1990s before serving a year in jail. After his release, he turned to the small screen, winning a Golden Globe for a role on "Ally McBeal." While he lost that job after more trouble with the law, Downey eventually turned himself around and is now at the top of the A-list.

Photo: "Inferno" promotional poster. Credit: Tyler Shields.

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The comments to this entry are closed.


Lindsey Lohan doesn't deserve to stage a comeback, she needs to stay back and disapear out of the spot light. There are way to many other talented and beautiful woman out there, why worry about her?? She made a few decent movies and thats the past, who cares about her anymore anyway? She's not a good role model for woman her age or teenagers, she's aging horribly from her drug and alcohol usage and her antics are those of an imature spoiled undeserving and unapreciative brat.

She can't stage a comeback unless she does something to fix her face. Her drug abuse has damaged her looks beyond repair, short of some kind of a miracle.
She might have been talented as a little girl, but she is a woman now and there are lots of wonderful adult actresses who look far better then Lindsay Lohan. Plus, have you heard her voice?!?! Nails on a chalkboard.

No, she will not have a comeback. There are too many actresses competing for roles, and not only is she box-office poison, but she's difficult to work with.

She doesn't have any range as an actress. Her only successes have been in playing the independent-minded teenager. If you want to see her 'talent' outside that role, watch Just My Luck or her razzie-winning performance in I Know Who Killed Me.

Lindsay is multi-talented, but she's so screwed up and so immature and so spoiled that it may be years before she truly matures into her talent -- and that's if she lives that long.

I saw Prairie Home Companion, and she was one of the best things in it, and I saw Parent Trap and she was terrific in that. I may break down and rent Mean Girls, but I currently have no interest in her other work.

We've all seen multi-talented people get messed up; sometimes they straighten out and sometimes they don't. But Hollywood seems to make it worse. Child actors are forced to grow up too fast, have too much money and fame too soon, and frequently too many people around them who can't -- or don't know how to -- say 'no'.

We've already seen all Lohan's enablers. Her parents are toxic, and I'm not sure the rest of her "people" are any better. I hope she learns something from all this, but I'm not holding my breath. She's still very young and has yet to recognize that she has a problem.

LOL @Robbie Hunter UK Filmwriter,

Sorry you are such a "angry" film writer, but in all true likely hood, your film with be a huge flop and Lindsay will have completed 2 more films by the time you even quit. This is not about me being a Lohan fan as I am not. It's about me simply saying, the truthful and painful reality of what most likely will really happen within the next 2 or 3 years. If you are so unrealistic as to think she can't do anything now, you are delusional.. sorry. cold harsh reality.

Also it doesn't matter as she will only stay 14 to 20 days like the rest of the ones who have done similar crimes due to over crowding. And even if Inferno flops, she'll be onto the next film before anyone can even realize it. I'm just saying, at this point, her prospects still look pretty good for the next 5 to 10 years.

With a worth of over 90 million, and 22 movie and TV appearances, The question should be, Does Lindsay Lohan really need to stage a come back? Fact is, she could disappear and retire early, never needing anything again. However, I think future success only depends on the quality of the movie she stars in as she already has good looks and her original skills and experience from other movies to fall back on. So it only matters if she gets a part in a good movie really if you think about it.

Robert Downey Jr. was a lot worse off than Lindsay in his dark days. If he can do it, and Mickey Rourke can do it, then Lindsay can do it too.

I don't think Lindsay has a chance for a true, legit comeback.

She's still immature and not willing to learn about what it takes to be a real actress.

The truth is that she's only made a few worthwhile films. "Freak Friday", "Mean Girls", and "A Prairie Home Companion". Everything else is just forgettable. Even "Bobby' which was nothing more than a poor man's Robert Altman film but with movie stars instead of actors.

She's messed up too many times and I don't think people will even take her seriously. Comparing her to Robert Downey Jr. is way off the mark. Downey had a lot of credibility prior to his own drug arrest issues yet he was able to turn it around. I wouldn't count his work in "Ally McBeal" because that show sucked and he was awful in that.

There's no future for Lohan and she doesn't even deserve one. It's time for more talented actresses to shine.

Hollywood is such a tough court to play in; it is not fun and games-but these girls are young and had to grow up too fast. Lindsay is going through a hard time but I am sure she will overcome; its just too bad that everything IS so much in public eye which makes it worse..the Press is making money but we should be reminded that shes just a kid and give her a break. She seems like she has been searching for happiness for quite some time now, I cant wait for an inspiring comeback story.

She'll always be edgy, and tantalize men.
She will be a huge star.

ewwww! let's hope not...

It’s 2010. Odds are we all know at least one person who is a screw up. Sometimes they grow up and overcome it, sometimes not. We’re not giving Lohan a chance either way. She’s what 24? She has PLENTY of time to rebound.

Here are the Best Four Options for Lindsay Lohan waiting for her once she gets out of jail:

Seriously Lindsay? Saying bullshit like this will stretch your sentence EVEN LONGER:

You have to have been there first before you can stage a comeback.

There is a tv host named Jane Velez Mitchell who used to be a big alcoholic. she has a show on CNN headline news and will be talking all about Lindsay tonight--from an addicts perspective. The show is called issues, and usually has pretty good guests including lilos dad..

By Hollywoodville standards she has not done anything wrong.

Lindsay should look for a new crowd of friends that are more laid back and only go out a few times a week and don't get hammered drunk and do drugs. Being sober around other people who are drunk isn't a big deal. People do it all the time. Lindsay is 24 now. She's getting a bit old to be hanging out with the new crop of college kids. Most non-show business people drift away from the party scene once they get into their mid 20s. They gotta have a freakin "real job" and all that.

Maybe in a few years, Lindsay could be one of those classy actresses. An actress who dates GUYS ... maybe an "A list" movie star guy. Lindsay should try to get roles like on the TV show "Mad Men". The women on that show look good AND they're stylish, sexy, smart, etc. I think that one actress January Jones looks like a classic Hollywood actress to me. She reminds me of Grace Kelly. Grace Kelly was in Hollywood LONG before I was born, but she looked good in that movie "To Catch A Thief".

No she cant with he current people managing her they have quite clearly lost the plot.This year they have put her forward for projects like this awful Lovelace movie and also at one point were discussing a fee with a business tycoon for her to be his date for the evening.
I am a writer currently working on my first movie which is a comedy drama its a project i spent three year developing for Lindsay a project which ive been invited to a film festival to promote , it tells the story of an actress who has to live her life in the constant and crazy pressure of media intrusion in her life its a movie thats been well received. Ive tried for 18 months to discuss this project with Lindsay Lohan and her people , advisors and managers have treat me disgracefully. Its a movie thats going to be a proper film which would put Lindsay right back up there but her people ignore me, are rude to me and wont allow me the chance to share this work with her. So until Lindsay Lohans managers start actually caring about her , representing her, and listening to writers and film makers who do appreciate her talent as an actress she is going to go where no where, well weve seen where she has gone this week. A disgruntled and angry hard working film writer here im now having to look at other people for this lead role,



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