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Emmy prediction: 'American Idol' will finally beat 'Amazing Race'

July 19, 2010 |  1:09 pm

Why does "Amazing Race" keep winning the Emmy race for best reality/competition show every year? Can "American Idol" ever win? And can Ryan Seacrest finally claim the Emmy contest for best reality TV host? Answers: Yes.  For two reasons:

1.) "Idol" producers submitted the finale to Emmy judges, which is exciting, heart-felt and twice as long as rival episode entries.

2.) Simon Cowell. Yes, "American Idol's" resident rascal may finally do something good for the show. Whether he means to or not.

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The big difference between AI and TAR is that AI is a talent show, nothing more. Build a set, point a camera, fill the place with screaming audience members and you're done. The planning and pre and post production efforts to produce TAR doesn't even come close. If I'm not mistaken, Jeff Probst won the Emmy last year for reality host. He deserves the Emmy just for the way he hosts the reunion shows. The Emmy people got it right last year and I hope they will this year too.

the amazing race is easily still the best reality show on tv. no one comes close.

their productions TOWER over the competition. no other show is filming in mali one day and malaysia the next. tons of research and planning go into the show, alot more than the input that goes into lightweights like AI (which i guarantee wont win this year or any other year...especially since cowell's leaving sounds the deathknell for this putrid corpse of a show) or dancing with the stars (wow, a bunch of celebrities prancing around in ruffled clothes, yea thats exciting to watch) TAR has deserved each and every one of its wins on the production values alone, add in interesting teams, exotic locales and exciting challenges and the reasons for this titan's deathgrip on the category become crystal clear to even the most myopic of us.

I am personally sick of "The Amazing Race" winning year after year. The show is a shell of it's former self but in that same token so is "American Idol" or "Project Runway."

Since the Emmy awards are based upon one, single episode, it's entirely possible for a show that has an off year to turn out one great episode that wins them the award. I'm not an AI fan (TAR forever, baby!), but know that someday it won't win. If it doesn't, I really hope that Dancing wins. But I stopped counting on the good sense of Emmy voters years ago and expect to be disappointed.

This preduction has "epic fail" written all over it.

Thanks for posting this Tom- I knew the recent Topic I posted on why Amazing Race keeps winning wasn't a total waste of time- you make valid points.

American Idol for the Emmy!

Oh Mr. Tom.

If Idol couldn't top TAR in the last seven seasons for better, more exciting finales, then it certainly won't win with its most criticized and lackluster season ever. Simon Cowell or no Simon Cowell, who really still hurts the series more than he helps.

And like you said, many Emmy voters will be seeing TAR for the first time and that World War I stuff alone will wow the voters into checking off TAR once again this year.

You look so debonair Tom. So confident and relaxed. As if you're going to burst forth with laughter.

Generally I'm repulsed by television. I havent seen even a minute of The Amazing Race; but I have seen a few AI's. It would seem that AI is part of American culture, whether anyone likes it or not.

Wouldnt that be something...Seacrest winning a hosting Emmy.

AI shouldn't have even been nominated. It's become a shadow of its former self -- four judges, overruns and annual attempts to tweak the format and revitalize it have fallen flat.

The last summer season of the ever-overlooked "So You Think You Can Dance" should have made the list.

And the ubiquitous Seacrest certainly should not win the hosting prize over Bergeron or Probst.

In fact, this whole Host category is an utter waste of software. The host belongs nominated with the series itself, like the Emmys have ridiculously done in the Variety categories.

What a way to maintain prestige...

I hope it happens, and I hope Simon is convinced enough to attend the Emmys this year. He stopped attending two years ago out of disgust that Idol always is beaten by "the show with all the running".

Tom, you really should make more video blog entries.

Anything but Amazing race -- which truthfully I think should follow Oprah and just bow out. I don't think that American idol will win because it is kinda common knowledge that they had an off year -- Dancing with the stars beat it several times this spring and I hope that Dancing is the one that is victorious -- it is after all the most nominated reality show and Tom Bergeron is hilairous. I'm fine with Idol winning as well -- anything but Amazing race. It's just not fair anymore.

American Idol didnt even deserve to be nominated. For four hundred times less money RuPaul's Drag Rave trounces AI, (and Dancing With the Stars for that matter) in every possible criteria. And why is Seacrest best host? What does he bring?

Tom O'Neil must be on drugs if he believes American Idol will beat The Amazing Race, if ever. This season was American Idol's worst. It should be in the comedy/music/variety series category, because that's what it is. It is not a competition. It is a variety/game show. The show and Ryan Seacrest will never win, period. Tom Bergeron and Phil Keoghan have a better shot at winning than that smarmy Ryan Seacrest. Get real Tom. It will never, and I mean, never happen!

American Idol better not win this year. This is the worst season in American Idol history. I would be OK with American Idol winning any other year, but not this year.

Is this based on anything besides pure speculation? Because this season was the most laughably terrible season, production-wise, in AI's history. They spent the majority of the year just struggling to bring the show in on time, let alone produce a mediocre-if-not-lackluster series that actually made headlines for time-shifting Glee's last minutes off people's DVRs with regularity. AI was a laughingstock this year... I hope you don't seriously expect it to win!



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