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Hey, where's the love for Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus at Grammy auction?

July 28, 2010 |  8:54 am

How sad. Taylor Swift's "Fearless" reaped a golden gramophone as best album of 2009 at the Grammys, but no one has yet pledged $75 to buy a signed CD at the awards ceremony's EBay auction. One buyer has met the minimum bid of $125 to acquire a baseball cap and Grammy poster signed by three-time Grammy champ Keith Urban, but no one's topped that.

Most curious: Considering all of the superstars who've signed a Breedlove acoustic guitar, you'd expect to see more than one bidder ($800). Among the signees: Adam Sandler, Ke$ha, Norah Jones, Robert Downey Jr., Jennifer Lopez, Quentin Tarantino, Mos Def, Justin Bieber, Jeff Bridges, Lionel Richie, Marc Anthony, Miley Cyrus, Wyclef Jean and Russell Brand.

So far, the highest bid for any item at the auction is $2,500. That's the sum people have offered to pay to be a seat filler at the Grammy ceremony. Ditto to be a VIP guest in the Grammy show's mosh pit.

Hey, music fans: This means there are big bargains to be found at the auction that continues until July 30. Sales benefit MusiCares and the Grammy Foundation.

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Photos: National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences

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I like Taylor 1st,Justin 2nd,Miley 3rd.

My first favorite is Miley Cyrus.My second favorite is Taylor Swift.My third favorite is Justin Bieber.My favorite song of Miley's is Can't Be Tamed.My favorite song of Taylor's is Love Story.My favorite song of Justin's is Baby.

taylor swift is cool

i just think people are tired of the pop music crap the media keeps trying to sell us. amercians are not dumb we know they use taylor,justin, and miley has media based money makers...even though none of them can sing worth a their just trying to ripp us always

people dont have tons of money at the moment. so if its between paying rent for a month or buying a guitar signed by a bunch of musicians...most people would take the rent. Sorry but in these times, you cant get tons of money just cuz fame.

Miley, Just Bieber, and Taylor...well they're all just really sucky recording artists...their music just plains sucks! Why would anyone waste their money on mediocre, low-grade recording artists such as these?...I'll take a Carrie Underwood signed CD over any of these bland singers...wink, wink..

Probably the signed 'fearless' is not selling so well because you can get a signed 'fearless: platinum edition' on taylor swift's website for $35-- why pay more for fewer songs and the same signature?

miley and justin i love them both



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