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Two-minute warning: Jon Hamm in the hunt for an Emmy

July 8, 2010 |  2:36 pm

Jon Hamm -- who picked up his third consecutive lead actor nomination for "Mad Men" -- also earned his second-in-a-row guest actor bid for "30 Rock." However, as this appearance clocks in at just 136 seconds (2:16), many of our forum posters think a nod for his hosting of "Saturday Night Live" would have been more appropriate. Last year Hamm -- who played one of Liz Lemon's (Tina Fey) string of gentlemen callers in a three-episode arc -- lost this race to Justin Timberlake for his standout turn as host of "SNL."

Will Arnett is contending for reprising his 2008-nominated role as Devon Banks -- network nemesis of Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) -- on "30 Rock." Fred Willard -- who was a three-time nominee for a recurring role on "Everybody Loves Raymond" -- picked up a nomination for a pair of guest appearances on "Modern Family" as father to Phil (Ty Burrell).

Another freshman hit -- "Glee" -- boasts two guest actor nominees to go along with with the guest actress bid by Emmy and Tony champ Kristin Chenoweth. Mike O'Malley earned his first Emmy nom for his recurring role as Curt's dad, while Neil Patrick Harris -- who also reaped his fourth consecutive supporting bid for "How I Met Your Mother" -- was recognized for his role as Will's one-time friend turned foe.

Eli Wallach -- nominated for his performance as a patient who tries the patience of "Nurse Jackie" -- won his only Emmy in 1967 for a supporting role in the telefilm "The Poppy is Also a Flower." Since then he has contended three more times, most recently for a guest spot on the drama series "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" in 2007. This veteran stage actor won a Tony in 1951 for "The Rose Tatoo," which was the same year he first appeared on TV. He did not make his movie debut -- in the 1956 drama "Baby Doll" -- till he was 40. At 94, Wallach is two years older than Ernest Borgnine was last year when he contended on the drama side for a guest role on "ER."


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Yah, most cameo nominations less than 8 minutes are usually b***ched about (IE: Ellen Burstyn, Mrs. Harris)....remember Hermione Baddeley in ROOM AT THE TOP (1959). This role earned the actress (1906-1986) Oscar and BAFTA nominations as Supp Actress and British Actress, respectively.

With under three minutes of screen time (2:30), her role had the shortest amount of screen time ever to be nominated for an Oscar.

Tom, your info is false. Jon Hamm was nominated for "Emmanuelle goes to Dinasaur land", where he had the hooks on his hand...not "Anna Howard Shaw Day" where he appears in the dream sequence. I think he deserves nomination for "Emmanuel", but it would've been REALLY weird if he had been nominated for a dream sequence where he shares his scenes with Liz Lemon's other 2 boyfriends.

True, Jon Hamm shows up for two, count 'em, two dream sequences in that episode, "Anna Howard Shaw Day." But he's also in the episode "Emanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land," for an equally short but equally funny scene (the hooks). His total screen time this season isn't very high, but there's no need to perpetuate the two-minute rumor to prove the point.



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