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Bill Maher remains Emmy's biggest loser at 0 and 26

August 30, 2010 |  9:45 am

Bill_maherBill Maher's record losing streak at the Emmy Awards continued this year as he lost all four of his bids. He has far outpaced daytime diva Susan Lucci who won on nomination No. 19 and primetime also-ran Angela Lansbury who has racked up a record 18 losses as a performer. As with the four this year, most of Maher's previous losing bids were for producing and writing.

His HBO series "Real Time With Bill Maher" lost its sixth consecutive bid for outstanding variety, music or comedy series to the unbeatable "Daily Show," which won for a record eighth year while Maher and his writing team lost to the gang over at "The Colbert Report." His variety special "Bill Maher: But I'm Not Wrong" was defeated by Emmy darling "The Kennedy Center Honors," which won the category for the sixth time with its 32nd annual edition. Maher, who wrote all of his material for the stand-up special, was beaten by the pair who penned the pithy prose for last year's Tony Awards hosted by Neil Patrick Harris.

Bill Maher's Emmy snubs date back to a 1995 bid for "Politically Incorrect" as outstanding variety, music or comedy series. ("The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" won that year for the only time.) Maher's show brought him a total of 11 nominations -- producing (eight), writing (two) and hosting (one).

His current hit series had earned him nine nods before these latest ones -- producing (five), writing (three) and hosting (one). In addition, Maher had losing producing bids for his 2006 special "Bill Maher: I'm Swiss" -- that one lost to the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics -- and in 2008 for "Bill Maher: The Decider," which was beaten by "Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project."

Photo: A promotional still for "Real Time with Bill Maher." Credit: HBO

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Bill Mahr is a political elitist posing as a comedian/commentator...He is humorless as far as I am concerned and if he had any political power, he would be a mindless dictator...He disgusts me.

It couldn't happen to a nicer guy...../sarc

I remember once tuning into his show Politically Incorrect ...only to find out it totally reeked of political correctness. Then he stacked the deck with 3 liberal guest against one conservative...then he'd make a comment about how he didn't intend it to be so lopsided.


Poetic justice for a raGing maniac. Bout time those voters got something right. He's sooooooo stupid most stupid people think he's smart. yuk,yuk,yuk

Bill's losing streak has nothing to do with his politics. It boils down to Bill not being able to joke about himself. He's an old, bitter, misfit who, due to his enormous self-importance, is doomed to never really "get it".

Bill Maher is hilarious, and he's defended the entertainment industry. I saw the show where he took politicians on for bashing Hollywood. He said that Big Hollywood has never asked for a bailout and that entertainment is actually a product that other countries want to buy----for a change...
He's in a tough category...I woulda voted for that Don Rickles special too....and the Daily Show and Colbert are tough to beat. Somehow, I think he's okay w/o the Emmy.

I'm sure Bill's really losing sleep over never winning the prestigious Emmy award. You tell him folks!

Only reason he is still on the air is His buddies at HBO. He fits there agenda. Thats why I stopped watching that whole channel long ago.

Mahr stopped being 'entertaining' long ago,now he is a typical leftist nut case. Even the entertainment industry seems to be finding this out.

Save some space. It should just read "Bill Maher remains biggest loser" period. He is quite the douche bag.

A loser, his wit at times is funny though he his persona reminds me of that other clor clown Mike Moore

Maher is funny, but too controversial, not like that nice Jewish boy Jon Stewart. Of course another reason he probably can't win is that he only makes like 25 episodes a year of Real Time, while The Daily Show and The Colbert Report make like a 160 episodes or something. They're not really comparable.

Maher is funny, but too controversial, not like that nice Jewish boy Jon Stewart. Of course another reason he probably can't win is that he only makes like 25 episodes a year of Real Time, while The Daily Show and The Colbert Report make like a 160 episodes or something. They're not really comparable.

What talent does it take to fill in the blanks by saying Bush or Palin. The guys a talented jerk!

it is the "vast right wing conspiracy" that keeps Bill down!!!

@ Alice Peters:
For the love of Christ, get a life.

"Biggest loser" is the understatement of the year.

Are we watching the same person? Bill Maher is and always has been zero laughs! The fact he's been nominated 19 times, with zero talent, proves the "vast left wing conspiracy" No science needed.

Hope he continues to lose. He's a complete skank.

I stopped watching when I realized that he is just as intolerant and hypocritical as the people that he criticizes.

The last straw was the tirade against vaccinations that he ended the RT season with (whatever season that was - it was the last show that I watched, so I don't know how many seasons there have been since then). Apparently the majority of scientists (climatologists, who support the idea of anthropomorphic climate change) are expressing honest, scientific analysis, while the majority of scientists (immunologists, who don't support the vaccination-autism link) are all in the pockets of big pharma.

I think that Maher probably is anti-science in the sense that he does not seem to apply scientific analysis to scientific topics and seems to make judgment on scientific topics based on other factors (influence of others, gut feeling, etc.).

An Emmy for what? Blasting out your opinion of how screwd up the world is like Jon Stewart and others? By the way, am I a RWNJ? What is a RWNJ? Do I want to become a RWNJ?

I used to be a Bill Maher fan, but his recent material is less funny than simply stale. In his current special, he spends more time laughing at his own jokes than the vast majority of the audience...never a good sign.

Someone needs to tell Maher to follow the Daily Show recipe of putting forward at least the pretense of being fair, he can still shill for the left but just pretend he isn't.

My politics are certainly more in line with Maher's than many of the RWNJs opining here. (He's "anti-science???" Where does that nonsense come from?) And he DOES still make me laugh sometimes. I do understand why those true knuckle draggers waste so much time excoriating him for mocking their backward, ignorant views, and for their revisionist views of... well, just about everything. They're pretty much unequipped and unarmed n trying to refute him on those issues, so the seething hatred just boils up.

But I still well understand widespread snubs for Maher because, contrary to the one commenter above, I believe he IS an A-hole, and he treats with derision virtually anyone who isn't in his presence to celebrate his presence. And I say this having been there, both in the audience and in the office. As one of his old girlfriends once said, "Bill DOES believe in God. It's just that he calls Him Bill Maher."

He's the ONLY comic/humorist I know who routinely blames the audience when they don't laugh at one his jokes - it's ALWAYS due to their ignorance, or his imagined perception that they disagree with them - it's NEVER poor construction of a punch-line, his poor delivery, a joke that cuts too close to the bone, or anything having to do with his judgment or delivery, a moment of blown timing - it's the fault of the audience. I've watched he and his producer laugh about Real Time "audiences" who THINK they've come to CBS TV City to see a an RT taping, only to realize a few minutes into it that they've been conned there for a dry 20 minute run-through without guests, music or even a stale or over-amped warm-up guy, and Bill thinks it's hilarious to treat the rubes this way because "there are always more" rubes after this bus load is gone. And soon the stunned, disbelieving cattle are herded out.

Emmy voters pick up on his contempt for everyone as much as anyone else does, and they respond to it the way most would.

Basically, it's karma, dude. At least that's my theory. Of course, it's not like I'll TELL him that - I need the job. But there are those of us who have been around him who DO "get it."

Besides, we've agreed the Academy judges and others have all agreed - he CAN'T win now. He'd chew up all his time for thanks by lecturing all of us for not giving him awards all along, and everyone has had quite enough of Bill's scolding lectures, thanks.




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