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Courteney Cox admits she was 'bruised' by old Emmy snubs

August 14, 2010 |  7:48 am

In the current issue of Emmy Magazine, Courteney Cox addresses a sensitive subject -- how she feels about being the only cast member of "Friends" not nominated for an Emmy. She hasn't been nominated since either. Consolation prize: Cox just won the Gold Derby TV Award, bestowed by our forum posters, as best comedy actress for starring in "Cougar Town."


Photo: NBC

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You didn't get a nod. Because you can't act. You are an 'over actor'.

Bring it down a notch, then maybe you will have a chance

she's beautiful as well as a great actress. she really should think of some of the other performers that have seen even much worse, like that gal that did not win any thing on one of those soap operas for about 23 years. i'm sure alot of you know who i'm talking about. i can't even remember her name. i little bit different situation ,but none the less, more then likley quite stresful.

Some performers are cursed to work during times when there are always going to be five performers whom the Academy likes better than those performers. It's equally "ridiculous" to claim that certain performers were "obvious Emmy winners that never happened," or that Cox would certainly have been nominated had her performances only been submitted in the Supporting Actress category.

First, i am a big fan of Courtney Cox, she has great comedic timing, and she was just wonderful in 'Friends'...i never understood her omission from Emmy consideration, she pissed someone off or something...she held the show together....she was the original 'crazy glue' of the show...Friends is still fresh, funny, and great to watch, in great part thanks to Courtney. I hope Emmy voters wise up, and not just always go with the same old choices...

She should feel bruised. It's ridiculous that she never got nominated. She deserved to be nominated and even win for her Chandler-Monica years. Those were her best years on the show.

I do believe the biggest mistake they made (which ended up hurting Kudrow's future nominations too) was when they inexplicably moved to Lead. Had she stayed in supporting she obviously would have had a better shot.

And now this year she gets snubbed in favor of Lea Michelle which is even more humiliating.

Some very ridiculous comments here by the way. It's one thing to feel like you're just part of a show that the Emmys don't care about and you never get the recognition you so much deserve (say, obvious Emmy winner that never happened John C McGingley from the barely nominated Scrubs), but when two of your co-stars win, Matt LeBlanc gets a second and third unnecessary nomination and the show wins Comedy Series once, you kind of have to say "what about me?" "what's wrong with me?", even if you make millions and have the life you have.

A question was asked in a magazine interview. the interviewee answered, candidly, most likely, since the answer she gave doesn't make her seem 'above it all'. Somehow this was fodder for complaint? Just more haters and jealousy spitting vipers. Come on.... be content with your station in life or strive for better. We waste energy on bad mouthing folks because want to be where they are. You want to invoke the names of Katrina and Haitian disaster and yet you read this fluff like the rest of us. I know it will continue to happen because this what humans do. It doesn't make it any less frustrating to see, though.

All that money, 1 mil. per episode on Friends?
All that power as exec. producer - co creator on your current shows?

And you never got nominated for an Emmy?
geez Court., let's not tell the people who survived katrina in new Orleans,
or those in Haiti.

Let alone the homeless i'm sure you drive by in LA everyday.
Or the hard working below the line crew workers who get shafted
every time the studio powers want to break the Unions.

I'm really sorry for you.

Write on, right on.

Another celebrity crying about not getting a pat on the back and adolation from her peers. The Emmy is over-rated anyway. Go enjoy your life and make a worthwhile contribution to society.

For me, Cox was the best on Friends! Everything about her character, everything she did was spot on. I use to think Kudrow was the best out of the women, but looking back, Cox was definitely better. Aniston isn't even close. Her character development is so shallow and uninteresting.

god some comments on here a rude, she is a good actress, and i understand why she felt left out, i got to say the fact that someone else from the friends cast is an emmy nominee and she is not is.........well let's look at the emmy's they refused to nominate anything from the WB despite how good the programming was.....there biased that's it. People say the daytime emmy's are the pits well the primetime emmy's have been phoning it in for years.

I don't think she is whining or complaining at all. Instead, she is being generous by letting us know this.

Some stupid comments in here...
What else should she say? Something like "It doesn't matter, I'm happy that I was the only one who didn't get nominated"? It's pretty clear that no one would believe that, of course everybody would have been bruised in her situation.
I can't see her being whiny, she doesn't say it was tough for her to live on or pathetic like that, she just admits that her ego was bruised, not more, not less.

For me, Monica was the funniest and the most-fully developed character on "Friends." The chemistry Courtney had with Matthew was charming and real. Awards are a joke; the best don't always receive them. Take solace in the work.

Well, she has played the same character the same way since Family Ties. Some people just never get better.

oh boo hooo.....I made millions of money from "Friends" and I have a wonderful husband. boo hoooooooo

Courtney seems to forget that "Friends" was all about that Rachel character and her hair...even though the rest of the cast had more talent than the Rachel gal...

ourtney cox is difficult to watch....sometimes cuteness doens't go a long way, and actual talent matters....

Courtney is whining just like her friend Jennifer, who thinks that everyone else is just not as talented, cute or great as they hoo!

Maybe Courtney, you didn't deserve to win! Is it so imcomprehensible that Friends was not that interesting? Demi Moore is the more the perfect cougar than you, and is she complaining about not being on the show, or winning anything? What makes you think that you are such a great actor? These are questions you should think about because the public sure does.

Courtney Cox didn't get an Emmy because people seemed to think her character on Friends was her; she made it look pretty effortless, so why reward her? Her character on that show, as now on Cougar Town, was the glue that really held everything together. It's kind of like a director not getting nominated at the Oscars when his picture does for Best Picture. She's the core, and unfortunately, it takes people a long time to appreciate someone like her.



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