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Emmys Creative Arts: Winners list

August 21, 2010 |  3:12 pm

We're live blogging the Creative Arts Emmys, bringing you the winners as they are announced.  Surprisingly, the producers are pushing this show along by interrupting winners with orchestra music to rush them off the stage after only 20 seconds of thank-you time. Hey, isn't this show supposed to be more laid-back than this? What's the rush?

Best Casting of a Drama Series: "Mad Men"

Best Casting of a Movie/Mini: "The Pacific"

Best Casting of a Comedy Series: "Modern Family" (announced by Jane Lynch of "Glee," a losing nominee)

Best Prosthetic Makeup for Series, Movie or Mini: "The Pacific"

Best Makeup for Movie or Mini (Non-Prosthetic): "The Pacific"

Best Makeup for a Single-Camera Series, Movie, Mini or Special (Non-Prosthetic): "Grey's Anatomy"

Best Makeup/ Multi-Camera (Non-Prosthetic): "Saturday Night Live"

Best Guest Actress in a Comedy: Betty White, "Saturday Night Live" (not present to accept)

Best Costumes for Movie/Mini: "Return to Cranford"

Best Costumes for a Series: "The Tudors"

Best Music Direction: "Olympic Games"

Best Choreography: Mia Michaels, "So You Think You Can Dance"

Best Music Score: "24"

Best Music Score for Movie/Mini: "Temple Grandin"

Best Music and Lyrics: "Monk"

Best Art Direction for Variety or Nonfiction Program: "Academy Awards"

Best Art Direction for Movie/Mini: "The Pacific"

Best Art Direction for a Single-Camera Series: "The Tudors"

Best Picture Editing for Comedy Series: "Modern Family"

Best Picture Editing for Drama Series (Single Camera): "Lost"

Best Picture Editing for Movie/Mini (Single Camera): "Temple Grandin"

Best Short Form Picture Editing: "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon"

Best Picture Editing for Nonfiction Program: "By the People: Election of Barack Obama"

Best Picture Editing for Reality Program: "Intervention"

Best Animated Program: "Disney Prep and Landing"

Best Short Form Animated Program: "Robot Chicken"

Best Voiceover Performance: Anne Hathaway, "The Simpsons"

Best Stunt Coordination: "Flash Forward"

Best Visual Effects in a Series: "CSI"

Best Visual Effects in a Movie/Mini/Special: "The Pacific, Part 5"

Best Main Titles Design: "Bored to Death"

Best Main Title Theme Music: "Nurse Jackie"

Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series: John Lithgow, "Dexter" (he accidentally thanked HBO instead of Showtime!)

Best Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series: "Glee"

Best Sound Mixing for a Mini/Movie: "The Pacific, Part 2"

Best Sound Mixing for Half-Hour Series (Tie): "Entourage" and "Modern Family"

Best Sound Mixing for Music Series or Special (tie): "Grammy Awards" and "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert"

Best Tech Direction for a Series: "Dancing with the Stars"

Best Tech Direction for a Mini/Special: "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concert"

Best Cinematography for Nonfiction: "Life"

Best Cinematography for Movie/Mini: "Return to Cranford"

Best Cinematography for One-Hour Show: "CSI"

Best Cinematrophy for Half-Hour Series: "Weeds"

Best Cinematography for Nonfiction: "Survivor"

Best Lighting: Winter Olympics Opening

Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series: Neil Patrick Harris, "Glee"

Best Direction for Nonfiction: "My Lai"

Best Writing for Nonfiction: "National Parks"

Exceptional Merit in Nonfiction Filmmaking: "Nerakhoon (The Betrayal)"

Best Nonfiction Special: "Teddy: In His Own Words"

Best Nonfiction Series: "National Parks: America's Best Idea"

Best Special Class Program: "Tony Awards" (NPH said at the podium, "I just want to thank Boomer from The Envelope or I wouldn't have gotten this!" then he gave Boomer double thumbs up! -- CONGRATS BOOMER!)

Best Creative Achievement Interactive: "Star Wars Uncut"

Best Creative Achievement in Interactive: "The Jimmy Fallon Digital Experience"

Best Direction of Variety: "Saturday Night Live"

Best Children's Program: "Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie"

Best Variety Special: "Kennedy Center Honors"

Best Variety Writing: "Colbert Report"

Best Children's Nonfiction Program: "Nick News With Linda Ellerbee - The Face Of Courage: Kids Living With Cancer"

Best Commercial: "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like • Old Spice Body Wash"

Best Reality Program: "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution"

Best Reality Host: Jeff Probst, "Survivor"

Best Guest Actress in a Drama Series: Ann-Margret, "Law & Order: SVU" (she receives the only standing ovation of the night)


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Were the Emmy people drunk when they chose '24' music over 'LOST'?!?!

LOST has had the best musical score on TV in HISTORY!
They better not hand over best supporting actor award to anyone besides Micheal Emerson or O'Terry.

I am just ASTOUNDED that 24 (a score that is writhed with old and tired music tropes and repetition) won BEST SCORE over some of the best music ever produced for ANY medium? I was lucky enough to see Giachinno perform the Lost score at Lost Live this year, and it was one of the most moving performances I've ever witnessed. I can't believe a man that is so great at pulling the heart strings was beat by such a lazy score that sounds like it was written for a video game. This is just lunacy. Screw you, Emmys.

Who won Outstanding Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series?

Congrats to the writers @ The Colbert Report! Here's hoping TCR takes home best variety during the Big Show next weekend!

Don't you use spellcheck! Who typed this list? Best "cinematrophy" for a half hour series (Weeds) instead of cinematography? The winner deserves to have the category spelled correctly!

I love NPH, but Mike O'Malley for sure deserved the guest actor award.

What happened to true blood?

"Lost" losing to "24" for music score is maddness. Who even notices the music on "24"? "Lost" is the best television score ever, hands down.

Is this the first time "30 Rock" has been shut out of the Creative Emmys since it started? ..Interesting.

Mr Oneill--while you were able to do a factual job on this piece, the reprehensible article you did on Ernest Borgnine's Sag Lifetime Achievement Award is shameful. You owe Mr. Borgnine and your readers an apology

Well done 24, Sean Callery is a god, top score.

Did CSI beat Breaking Bad for Cinematography? Darn, I guess they really don't have any change of winning best drama. sad face,

YES! NPH finally wins an Emmy. He's gonna have tough competition in best supporting actor in a comedy, though.

Congrats to Betty WHite and Mia Michaels!

kathy griffin was robbed!!!!

Current mood: Bummed:( Elizabeth Mitchell should have won

Lost should have won for best score. The music, especially in the finale was fantastic.

Anybody know who won the two juried awards (Individual Achievement in Animation, and Costumes for a Variety Program)? These were handed out tonight, but presumably announced earlier (although neither nor has them listed)

I think you guys are missing...

Hairstyling for Single-Camera: Mad Men
Sound Editing for Series

or maybe my eyes are failing me.

Soooooooooo happy for Ann-Margret!!!
5th time's a charm.

And a standing ovation to boot.

The emmy voters must be on crack to give 24 best score over Lost.

So sad Elizabeth Mitchell didn't take home the Emmy.

Sean Callery is a legend! Thank god 24 won best music score and not some show like lost

When's writing for comedy/variety show meant to be announced? Hoping for a win for the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.

I know it's not gonna happen but I'mactually hoping for Liz to win!!

Congratulations Wendy Melvoin & Lsa Coleman for winning Best Main Title Theme Music: "Nurse Jackie"! Can't think of two more deserving people.




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