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Poll: What did you think of the Emmys?

August 30, 2010 | 10:52 am

Personally, I thought this Emmys show was one of the best in recent years. Jimmy Fallon struck the perfect pose as host — devilishly amusing as he tweaked TV sacred cows, but he didn't try to upstage the night. The winners' list was aces too. Lots of deserving new champs (Jim Parsons, "Top Chef," Kyra Sedgwick, Aaron Paul, "Modern Family," Eric Stonestreet) and welcome returning Emmy faves (Edie Falco, Bryan Cranston). Bravo, to the TV academy!

Emmy Q

Here are views of other media wags:

MARY MCNAMARA, L.A. TIMES: "Ambitious, energetically hilarious, and, most important, almost seamlessly constructed, this year's telecast actually did what the Emmys are supposed to do — celebrate television."

MATT ROUSH, TV GUIDE: "Dare I say it? This year's Emmy Awards show was almost, gasp, Emmy-worthy (well, up until that deadly stretch in the back half; kills the show every time). And with a surprising number of first-time winners, a few of them quite surprising and even for the most part surprisingly satisfying, it rarely felt like a retread of past seasons."

ROBERT BIANCO, USA TODAY: "The Emmy Awards on NBC  played less like a celebration of good work than as an illustration of small-screen insecurity. The entire evening felt uncomfortably rushed and flustered, as if the producers were so afraid of even momentarily losing our attention, they were determined to have something spinning, flashing, bouncing, sliding or shifting every second."

KEN TUCKER, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: "It was a terrific show."

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Emmy recipients were rushed allowing such garbage from fallon barely watchable. Right rush clooney and pacino...great move jim!

I found this years Emmy's to be one of the best!! Jimmy F. rocked and I'm not even a big fan of his talk show. All of the presenters, and winners gave the best speeches. For me personally, many of MY faves won (BREAKING BAD--both guys) and I jumped off my couch when the girl from THE GOOD WIFE won for supporting actress. Has anyone really watched her? She is combo/good assistant and badass spy. I love her. Kyra Sedgwick deserved her award, finally. And it was no surprise that JANE LYNCH won in her category. She totally rocks as a ----well whatever. She's damn good.

I am 62 years old and have watched many Emmy shows. This one was the best! The no snooze set was awesome. The host was non-stop hilarious and the speeches were great without the rude "get off the stage" music cues. Everyone had their well deserved moment and the show still ended pretty much on time. Bravo! Well Done.

I thought Jimmy Fallon was a great host, he was funny and he didn't waste time while keeping the show moving along. I have a feeling lots of awards shows will be begging him to host now.

I just think the way the show is constructed is really anti-climatic and boring. Most of the stuff that is exciting happened in the first hour and a half, doing all the comedy and drama awards with one reality award in between. Then we have to sit through variety and the Movie/Miniseries part. I find these parts interesting but so anti-climatic. I think they should have started off with comedy or drama then done reality, variety, and movie/miniseries, and then done either the comedy or drama that they did not show in the beginning. Or they don't even have to do it in the genre format at all!

I really enjoyed the Emmys. I always enjoy them. Bue why did they need to have Kate Gosselin as a part of the opening number - she did not bring anything to the number and she looked like a clown.

Good show...finally...liked how they divided the genres of categories when presented...all the comedy categories together...all the drama categories together, et. al. instead of presenting them in a scattered line-up...this was a most cohesive format and it worked well. Jimmy Fallon did a good job.

This was a fun, moving and entertaining Emmys-from beginning to end! Jimmy Fallon hit all the right notes-musically as well as host-wise, and the "Modern Family" bit with the effortless George Clooney was hysterical. Many thanks in particular to the producers of the show for Jewel's poignant performance during "In Memoriam", it put everything being celebrated in perspective. Despite only one of my favorite actors (Mariska Hargitay) being nominated, this show was a must see and I'm glad everyone but that Donnie Downer Robert Bianco liked it as much as my friends and I did!



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