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Emmy predix: 'Lost' will win best directing award

August 9, 2010 |  7:48 am

"Lost" won the Emmy for directing once before, back in 2005 when the show won best drama series. Now it'll claim the trophy for helmers again, according to our gurus Chris "Boomer" Beachum and Rob Licuria (AwardsHeaven), who rank the nominees according to likelihood of winning.

Lost tv news

1. "Lost" ("The End," directed by Jack Bender)
2. "Mad Men" ("Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency," directed by Lesli Linka Glatter)
3. "Dexter" ("The Getaway," directed by Steve Shill)
4. "Breaking Bad" ("One Minute," directed by Michelle MacLaren)
5. "Treme" ("Do You Know What It Means" [pilot], directed by Agnieszka Holland)

1. "Lost" ("The End," directed by Jack Bender)
2. "Treme" ("Do You Know What It Means,"  directed by Agnieszka Holland)
3. "Mad Men" ("Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency," directed by Lesli Linka Glatter)
4. "Breaking Bad" ("One Minute," directed by Michelle MacLaren)
5. "Dexter" ("The Getaway," directed by Steve Shill)

NOTE: An earlier draft of this blog post incorrectly stated that "Lost" never won an Emmy for directing. The fix has been made.

Photo: The "Lost" cast. Credit: ABC

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The only reason Lost ranks as high as it does is the show's absurd popularity (the only thing more absurd would be its scripts; talk about unbelievable). Emmys are supposed to be about merit, and Lost's concluding episode simply wasn't that good.. Then again, I was never that blindly enamored of the show to begin with, so I'm a harsher (more realistic?) critic anyway.

But if we're talking merit, the directing award should go to Agnieszka Holland and Treme. It probably won't because 1) there's still a lot of David-Simon-envy in Hollywood, which is understandable given that he's better than most storytellers in the industry, 2) Simon's storytelling is roundabout and meandering, though effective, but some folks with short attention spans (spoiled illiterates hooked on video games and Twitter, perhaps?) just have no tolerance for that, and 3) not enough people -- Emmy voters included -- saw the pilot episode, let alone the entire series, which is their loss but which will still affect who wins.

It's still a numbers and popularity game, and industry clout and celebrity do count even though they shouldn't. Popularity and momentum go a long way to explaining why Ian McKellen and Jeff Bridges were nominated even though their respective performances really weren't their best and the vehicles they starred in left much to be desired. On merit alone, they shouldn't have made it in; but everybody likes them, so they did. Too bad, in this case. But that's the Emmys for you: it's too much about spin and positioning and not enough about skill and performance. Phooey!

Gosh, TOM! What's your problem? Don't you know anything about who one the 2005 Emmy for Directing? No, I'm just messing, but seriously, Lost should win. Jack Bender has very seldom done a bad episode of Lost. That being said, he's directed many of the series' best episodes. While I believe that he should have been rewarded for things like "The Constant," "Through the Looking Glass," "Live Together Die Alone," etc., "The End" is a safe, and deserved bet, despite it being not as good as previous episodes.

haha wow so many comments pointing out the mistake! lost should win over mad men. if there's one show that's overdue for awards, it's lost not mad men. "men" is practically awards bait though so i'm sad to say it may win. oh well - lost is the best, it's not negotiable.


Well, there's a rundown of who is reading this blog.

Even Boomer corrected him.

Lol at every comment pointing out the wrongness.

Mad Men is probably the favorite again for Writing, & deservedly. There's a reason it already has more WGA noms than Lost despite Lost being on a couple extra years & having thus aired far more eligible episodes.

Actually lost a directing award in 2005. JJ Abrams took the award for the Pilot (1 & 2).

you're wrong.Lost wins for outstanding directing for pilot pt. 1&2(J.J Abrams)

I'm pretty sure the pilot won. The overdue one here is Mad Men.

Hmm, from my reading "Lost" won the directing Emmy in 2005 for the Pilot episode........but the show has yet to win the writing Emmy after (now) six nominations.

Lost won directing for its pilot.

According to both and, JJ Abrams won the 2005 Drama Series Directing Emmy for the Pilot of Lost.

As a man who considers himself to know everything about award shows, Lost did in fact win for it's first year!

J.J. Abrams took the award for the Pilot.

"Lost" won the Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series for the pilot episode in 2005 for director J.J. Abrams. The show has not won a writing award though.

On the, the 2005 emmy for directing a drama series went to JJ Abrams for the Lost Pilot. I also distinctly remember Mr. Abrams pick up the award and give an acceptance speech for directing on the telecast.

You're wrong.Lost actually did win for outstanding directing for the pilot pt 1&2 in 2005(directed by J.J Abrams)...and i agree with you,lost probably will win and this time!)


"Lost" won the 2004-05 directing Emmy, courtesy of J.J. Abrams, for its series pilot.

What about JJ Abrams for the pilot? I'm pretty sure I remember him winning.

Lost did win for J.J. Abrams directing the "Pilot" episode.

Um...Lost won an Emmy for Directing in its first season -- for the pilot episode actually for (JJ Abrams himself) -- the same year it won Best Drama Series.

"Lost" did win the directing Emmy for its pilot, didn't it, Tom?

[i]Lost[/i] won directing in 2005 for its pilot episode.

Remember when it dominated with twelve nominations and six awards including one for J.J. Abrams's $11.5 million two-hour pilot?

Tom, sorry to correct you, but Lost did win for directing on its first year. J.J. Abrams won for directing the pilot.

Great to see that you guys think that Jack Bender will finally win. He's done such great work over the years on Lost.

Sorry, Tom, but Lost actually HAS won an Emmy for directing. J.J. Abrams received the award for directing the series' pilot episode. Just thought I would let you know.

Um...Lost won an Emmy for Directing in its first year for the Pilot episode, the same year the series won Best Drama.




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