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Who's where on the Emmy red carpet: E!, 'E.T.' 'Extra' and ...

August 29, 2010 | 11:55 am

Getting a platform to conduct interviews along the crowded Emmy red carpet is tough, but E! network and TV Guide Channel have two each, NBC-related media have three (NBC, "Access Hollywood," "Extra") and CBS has two ("E.T.," "The Insider"). This year People magazine nabbed a new platform space (albeit relatively small) right near the entrance. All other media are crammed in between the platforms where they must jostle with each other behind a velvet rope while competing to nab celebrity interviews.

This is the order of the platforms all located along the right side of the Emmys' red carpet as celebrities arrive and pass through metal detectors. First comes "Entertainment Tonight" (its position has been "grandfathered" into its deal with the TV academy), then People, E! (Ryan Seacrest's position), TV Guide Channel, NBC, "Access Hollywood," "Extra," "The Insider," E! (second position), and TV Guide Channel (second position). E! actually has a third interview spot, but it's not on the carpet. It's located up in a sky box above the plasma screen that looms over the carpet's end.

In the top two photos below, the red-tented area at right is the entrance. I took these pix on Saturday while tech crews readied the scene for Sunday. (Click on each photo below to see a larger view. More photos after the jump — click on the "Continue Reading" link.)

Nbc tvg e people et full view

Red carpet entrance emmys

Below: The "Entertainment Tonight" platform is the first to greet arriving celebs. Its design has remained the same for about three years.

Et emmy people entrance

Below: While standing in front of the "E.T." platform and looking down the carpet, you see the small new platform erected by People, then the larger platforms owned by E! and TV Guide Channel.

People e tvg

Below: NBC affiliate media outlets have claimed the corner of the carpet where celebs turn and resume the parade into the Nokia Theater. First is the platform for NBC's preshow, then "Access Hollywood."

Red carpet corner

Below: Notice the velvet rope that runs down the middle of the carpet. In this photo taken on Saturday, tech crews dared to tread near the media platforms, but only the glitterati and the publicists are permitted on that side of the rope on Emmy day. Everybody else (nobodies like network executives, talent agents, producers) must approach the entrance to the Nokia on the wrong side of the divider.

Nbc tvg e

Below: This perspective is from the end of the carpet looking toward the NBC corner (far right in the photo).

Insider extra

Below: Notice the sun screen draped over "The Insider" platform. It's there to protect celebs being interviewed against the harsh California sun.


Below: At the end of the carpet at the second positions of E! and TV Guide Channel.

Tvg e end of emmy carpet

Below: There's the E! skybox up over the big plasma screen.

E skybox

Below: Two bird's-eye views of the carpet taken from the roof of the Staples Center across the street. That's where I'll be while appearing live on the KTLA red-carpet show airing from 3 to 5 p.m. PT along with KTLA reporters Sam Rubin and Jessica Holmes plus Joseph Kapsch of Zap2It. Sam and Jessica will be on the red carpet without a platform doing battle with other media to nab celebs. Joseph will be back in the KTLA studio. I'm the only one left stranded on the roof across the street.

Birds eye emmy view

Red carpet mess emmys

Photos credit: Tom O'Neil for L.A. Times

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