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TCA Awards shockers: 'Glee,' Jane Lynch and Julianna Margulies

August 1, 2010 |  8:40 am
Glee jane lynch TCA Awards Television Critics Association Awards news

Women rarely get nominated for Television Critics Assn. Awards, but two just won the performance categories for comedy and drama in the same year for the first time ever: Jane Lynch ("Glee") and Julianna Margulies ("The Good Wife").

The Margulies win at the TCA Awards is especially surprising since she stars on a traditional legal show aired on broadcast TV. Hey, that's not hyper-cool, which usually matters a lot to gritty TV critics. Margulies beat such critically acclaimed hipsters as John Lithgow ("Dexter"), Katey Sagal ("Sons of Anarchy") and "Breaking Bad" stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

An even bigger oddity: "Glee" beat "Modern Family" to win the trophies as program of the year and best new program, but "Modern Family" struck revenge by besting "Glee" to win best comedy. Huh? How can "Glee" be the program of the year but not best comedy? Because TV critics are crazy, illogical and indulge themselves exactly as they well please, thank you very much. These kinds of schizo outcomes happen all the time at the TCA Awards.

Is the "Mad Men" juggernaut derailed? After winning best drama series for the last two years at both the TCA Awards and the Emmys, it lost to two shows that tied at TCA: "Lost" and "Breaking Bad." Previously, "Lost" won best drama series at TCA in 2005 and 2006.

Program of the year: "Glee" (Fox)
Outstanding new program: "Glee" (Fox)
Individual achievement in comedy: Jane Lynch, "Glee" (Fox)
Outstanding achievement in comedy: "Modern Family" (ABC)
Outstanding achievement in drama: TIE – "Lost" (ABC) and "Breaking Bad" (AMC)
Individual achievement in drama: Julianna Margulies, "The Good Wife" (CBS)
Outstanding achievement in news and information: "Life" (Discovery)
Outstanding achievement in youth programming: "Yo Gabba Gabba" (Nick Jr.)
Outstanding acheievement in movies, miniseries and specials: "The Pacific" (HBO)
Heritage Award: "MASH" (CBS)
Career achievement: James Garner

Photo: Fox TV

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That's just sad. They gave their award for 'Program of the Year' to a steaming pile of musical comedy cliches.

Modern Family is funnier. I think Glee won best program because the other shows split votes, leaving Glee to win. Glee certainly isn't the best program of the 2009-2010 Season, but others being better may have allowed it to win. While that logic seems backwards, it makes sense if you look at it in the right way.

Agreed with Fabrisse. While "Glee" definitely fits in the catch-all category of "Musical or Comedy," I would describe it more as a satirical musical dramedy. Giving it an award for "Best Comedy" would be strange, when so many other, quite deserving shows, fit that title much better.

Glee is a very original show, which gets points from me. Also, they had Josh Groban on twice, which is just, well, too awesome for words.

Glee isn't always funny. It's satirical, certainly, but it's best episodes include some real gut-punches. I can see it being considered best overall, but not taking comedy for that reason.



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