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Poll: Will 'Inception' win the Oscar for best picture?

August 2, 2010 |  8:42 am
Inception movie news

"Inception" just pulled off another dream come true for Warner Bros., topping the box office for the third weekend in a row. As our Company Town blog reports, "Director Christopher Nolan's thriller took in a studio-estimated $27.5 million this weekend, bringing its domestic box-office total to $193.3 million. The complex film about dreams within dreams that has become a word-of-mouth blockbuster is sure to top $250 million and still has a shot at $300 million."

Surely, "Inception" will be nominated for best picture at the Oscars. The academy recently expanded the list to 10 nominees in order to make sure blockbusters -- such as  Nolan's praised but un-nominated "The Dark Knight"  -- aren't snubbed. But can "Inception" win?

Competition is fierce, including "127 Hours" from the "Slumdog Millionaire" team of director Danny Boyle and writer Simon Beaufoy; "The Social Network" (see writeup and trailer here); and Clint Eastwood's latest, "Hereafter." Which one do you think is ahead to win?

Photo: Scene from "Inception." Credit: Warner Bros.

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@A Dark Knight

Well, I'm sorry that you can't appreciate "TOY STORY 3". Despite YOUR OPINION, "TS3" has more critic support (for proof, see Rotten Tomatoes & MetaCritic), meaning that they DO NOT think TS3 is merely a semi-decent film but a MASTERPIECE like "INCEPTION".

I mean, I love "INCEPTION" don't get me wrong. I just think that it would be more worth it if "TS3" gets Best Picture (for being the best reviewed film this year, among other major reasons why) & Christopher Nolan gets Best Director (for directing the most CREATIVE film of this year, not necessarily the BEST).

time out the roll of inception was only confusing casue you were probably one of those people who said wow the first 45 mins are soooo boring the movie makes sense complete and utterly its all there you jsut have to use ur mind for once overrated? leonardo best acting ever i would.. amazing has everything you look in a movie ... but i guess we all have our opinions and my opinion is leonardo and inception better take alot of oscars.

If the Academy Awards were held next week then it deserves to win. To early to say otherwise. I'd hate to see it win because the plot was "complicated." It's odd how overrated the movie is in that respect. Otherwise its one of the most unique movie experiences of the year by far.

P.S. Where is this fascination with Toy Story 2? It's the worst TS and Jessie might as well be called Jar Jar Binks. Thank goodness she played a small role in the third film.

INCEPTION deserves to win. I'm sorry, but Toy Story 3 has GOT to be THE most overrated film of the year. I'm a HUGE Toy Story fan becuase I was only a child when I first saw the films. But TS3 was one of the weakest Pixar films to date. The ending of the film was too dramatic, and Pixar tried so hard to get me teary eyed. But I just gave up on the film at the burning garbage scene. Do you guys understand the gravity of such a situation and how psychologically altered the characters would be after such a situation? Ken was the only character who delivered laughs but in a cheap, DreamWorks-style manner. Wall-E, Toy Story 2, and Up remain the best Pixar films in my honest opinion.

INCEPTION on the other hand was complex and one of the most intelligent films you will ever see. Quit it with the "rip-off" claims cuase Nolan's been writing this film for over a decade and everything he's done so far was to give him experience leading up to INCEPTION. I'm sorry if you didn't sit through the entire film becuase like most Nolan films, the plot stucture is non-traditional, that is why you have to see the ENTIRE film to understand what went on, and in the end it's up to you to decide what REALLY happened. INCEPTION is a masterpiece, but I feel sorry for the ones who disagree.

A best picture win for "Inception" would make history as well. It's a science fiction movie.

Beautiful movie very interesting and very cool. I hope the movie not only wins the best picture Oscar but also best actor, actress, best director and so on. I am rooting for this movie. I watched it twice because it was that good. Great job to everyone Director and The Cast And So On. Also Good Luck To You May You Win. Also I can't wait to see Leo when he wins the best actor award.

As much as i liked INCEPTION, I think Nolan should get Best Director.

However, I believe that TOY STORY 3 is most deserving of the BP oscar. It is the conclusion to what is undoubtedly one of the greatest film trilogies ever. It IS the BEST REVIEWED FILM OF THIS YEAR, both on Rotten Tomatoes (99% w/235 reviews) and MetaCritic (92/100), compared to INCEPTION (RT: 87% w/241 reviews & MC w/ 74/100). It would be another chance to make history for the Academy, which I am sure they want (remember Kathryn Bigelow, oh yeah). In addition to all of that, TS3 had a most successful AMPAS screening, full house w/ laughter throughout, crying at the end, AND 2 STRONG ROUNDS of Applause!!

Also, the Academy can't afford the scandal by not even awarding anything to the TS trilogy, the trilogy whose first film made history for being the FIRST COMPUTER-ANIMATED FILM ever.

Dear God, I hope not. Like almost all of Nolan's films, Inception has become massively overrated. It's decent, but not great (or even good for that matter).

Christopher Nolan's Inception totally ripped off of Scrooge McDuck. The evidence in this analysis is overwhelming:

I don't know about you, but there's no way a sci fi film ripped off of Scrooge McDuck should EVER win the Oscar!

Way too early to say, but I don't think that Inception will/should win. There's so many buzzed about films to be released and I think that if The Social Network gets good reviews (which I have no doubt it will) and does well box-office wise, it's a major contender.

The thing about Inception is, it's a great concept, but the characters weren't really there and the dialogue was filled with way too much exposition. I don't think a film should win for concept or visuals alone.

It's really kinda hard to tell yet. But at the moment I'm leaning on Never Let Me Go, it sounds super and the trailer is interesting enough. Plus great actors and harsh story. I absolutely loved Inception but it still lacked intense emotion, I didn't cry and I'm easy crier.

Wow!!! Joanne maybe you should have actually watched the movie.

@joanne Yatvin. You clearly aren't educated then. I believe an educated person would have wanted to make sense of all the “confusion” and “unexplained events” since curiosity best defines a person of high intellect. Sorry you lose your points perhaps you should watch “The Bachelorette” or “Jersey Shore” that might be to your liking.

Inception was the only decent movie that came out this summer (other than Toy Story 3).

@joanne Yatvin - There wasn't anything confusing about it. Name one thing. If the movie is 2 1/2 hours long, and you walk out after the first hour, then how can you expect to understand the story?

Way too early to predict who will win Best Picture. I also heard that there was an Academy screening of Inception recently, and it wasn't a raving success (apparently there were walk-outs and people scratching their heads). I love the film, but I don't see it winning Best Picture anyway.

Joanne, if you and your husband stayed for the rest of the film you would have had any of those 'unexplained events' make sense to you. The film is told in a nonlinear narrative, and it asks the audience for some patience while it unfolds. It's really not that confusing if you give it a chance and watch the whole thing. That is something that those Academy members who walked out should have done as well.

My fiancee and I are both educated and like action film and I think you are nuts. the movie was easy to understand, the characters were great and the ending just leaves you thinking!

My husband and I walked out after about an hour of this film. We both are educated people who like action films, but this one was confusing, too loud, overwhelming in the number of unexplained events and unidentified characters, and devoid of character development and story line.

Little hard to vote/pick a winner when I haven't seen most of these films. Most serious Oscar contenders come out in the year end push - so way to early to predict, especially sight unseen.



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