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Poll: Will Lady Gaga beat Lady Gaga at MTV VMA Awards?

August 3, 2010 |  5:49 pm
Lady Gaga MTV Video Music Awards VMA nominations news

Lady Gaga has earned so many MTV Video Music Awards nominations — a record tally, in fact, 13 — that she's bumping into herself in the battle for best video of the year.

Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video is nominated against "Bad Romance." Both square off against "Dog Days Are Over" (Florence + the Machine), "Not Afraid" (Eminem) and "Kings and Queens" (30 Seconds to Mars). Will Lady Gaga split her vote, inviting a usurper to claim the prize? Or will voters go gaga no matter what?

Attention, award geeks: In case you're wondering who held the record for most VMA noms in one year prior to Lady Gaga, it was Missy Elliott. She reaped 11 bids in 2001. Curiously, her "Get Ur Freak On" lost best video of the year to "Lady Marmalade," which Missy Elliott produced, but didn't sing on.

The 27th annual MTV Video Music Awards will be broadcast live from Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles Sept. 12, at 9 p.m. PT/ ET. Cast your votes here until awards day. Check out The Envelope's photo gallery of top nominees here.

Photos: Lady Gaga in "Bad Romance" and "Telephone" (MTV)

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Obviously Bad Romance will win video of the year. How long did it hold the title of most watched video of all time on youtube? A long time, then those stupid little tween girls with nothing to do but sit at their computer and watch Justine Beaver all day decided they wanted him to hold that title. I bet Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video has more unique viewers than Baby, which the same little girls are watching repeatedly.

B.o.B.'s Airplanes featuring Hayley Williams is also nominated. I'd like to see "Dog Days Are Over" win - but congrats to Gaga.

And by that I mean with just the two Lady Gaga videos. I'd love to see "Dog Days Are Over" win.

Bad Romance. No contest whatsoever.

Wow, amazing. Gaga deserves it..



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