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Emmy pundits' video slugfest: Who'll win best supporting drama actor?

August 8, 2010 | 10:03 am
Terry O'quinn lost emmys

Our Emmy experts Chris "Boomer" Beachum and Rob Licuria (AwardsHeaven) already wrote out their analysis of the race for best supporting drama actor. Below we dish the contest further in this webcam video. They agree on two things: 1)  John Slattery ("Mad Men") and Martin Short ("Damages") have no shot to win and 2) any one of the other four contenders could prevail. They are Andre Braugher ("Men of a Certain Age'), Michael Emerson ("Lost"), Terry O'Quinn ("Lost") and Aaron Paul ("Breaking Bad"). When pressed to forecast a winner, Boomer picks Braugher, Rob chooses O'Quinn. Also watch Rob and Boomer's video slugfest over who'll win best supporting drama actress.


Boomer vs. Rob: Best supporting comedy actress

Boomer vs. Rob: Best supporting drama actor

Boomer vs. Rob: Best supporting drama actress

Boomer vs. Rob: Best guest comedy actor

Boomer vs. Rob: Best guest comedy actress

Boomer vs. Rob: Best guest drama actor

Boomer vs. Rob: Best guest drama actress

Boomer vs. Rob: Best reality competition show

Photos: Andre Braugher in "Men of a Certain Age" (TNT), Terry O'Quinn in "Lost" (ABC)

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My FAVORITE part was when the random, disengaged guy in the middle said "I don't watch Breaking Bad." Oh, good, please enlighten me on what you think about quality TV.

I have always wished there was an "NBA expert" on ESPN who had never seen LeBron play, or a PGA expert who couldn't identify Tiger in a lineup. Thank you, Tom, for picking such a complete nobody, that you are actually having a conversation with somebody who knows less about this entire process, or the shows involved, than EVERY SINGLE PERSON who would bother to watch these. It makes us all feel incredibly well-informed, just for having EVER WATCHED the best show on TV.

While your rationale is sound, your comrades are so uninformed, it makes you seem, by proxy, like an unbelievable moron. Regardless who wins or loses, if you have NEVER watched Breaking Bad, you are grossly ill-prepared to discuss ANYTHING in regards to the upper echelon of TV. Have fun with your LOST DVDs, but please, please, do not ever try to preach to those of us who are actually paying attention to the best of TV.

It's a pity that the Emmy voters once again passed over David McCallum (NCIS) and Paul Guilfoyle (CSI) for consideration-but it's obvious that the Emmy's should be called the "ACE" awards. Once again you almost have to be a cable show or movie to be honored-and not all of us have the money to afford premium cable. So shows the people like have to settle for the "People's Choice Awards"-pity.

These awards are automatically invalid because John Noble of FRINGE is not included.



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