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'Modern Family,' Jim Parsons and, yes, Edie Falco among Emmy comedy newcomers

August 29, 2010 | 10:33 pm

Emmys Modern Family Emmy Awards Freshman hit "Modern Family" won best comedy series as well as supporting actor (Eric Stonestreet) and writing (Steven Levitan & Christopher Lloyd) at this year's Emmy Awards. "Glee," the other breakout show of the TV season, had to settle for supporting actress (Jane Lynch) and directing (Ryan Murphy). The lead acting awards went to Edie Falco for the first season of "Nurse Jackie" and Jim Parsons, who prevailed on his second nomination for "The Big Bang Theory."

"Modern Family" joins a long line of classic TV shows to win top comedy series for their first seasons. Among them: "All in the Family" (1971, the first of four wins), "Taxi" (1979, the first of three in a row), "Cheers" (1983, the first of four), "The Cosby Show" (1985), "The Golden Girls" (1986, the first of two in a row), "The Wonder Years" (1988) and "Frasier" (1994, the first of a record five in a row). "Modern Family" co-creator Lloyd shared in all of those wins for "Frasier" and also won a writing Emmy for that show in 1996.

The most recent laffer to win for its inaugural season was "30 Rock." It took home the Emmy in 2007 and again in 2008 and last year. However, show creator and star Tina Fey must have been reading our pundits predictions, which were fool-proof on the comedy front. When drama actress winner Kyra Sedgwick asked Fey, who was presenting, to keep her Emmy while she read off her speech, she quipped it would be the only one she held that night.

Falco made Emmy history by beating Fey and the other funny ladies, thus becoming the first woman to have won the top awards for both comedy and drama series. Previously, she had prevailed in three of her six Emmy bids for the series "The Sopranos" (1999, 2001, 2003). Carroll O'Connor ("All in the Family," "In the Heat of the Night") and Robert Young ("Father Knows Best," "Marcus Welby, MD") are the only other double-sided champs.

Photo: Steven Levitan and the cast of "Modern Family" onstage at 62nd Annual Emmy Awards. Credit: Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times.

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Jim Parsons does a great job as Sheldon Cooper and is a deserving winner =)

Oops, that should have said "too," not "two."

Even though one was for Supporting, and the other was for Lead, ED ASNER won in both categories two: "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" (comedy), and its spinoff, "Lou Grant" (drama).

Thanks, Terrence!
So it's actually something big! I'm very happy for Bryan Cranston. I don't understand all the bashing in the forums. He's an incredibly gifted actor and to me his performance on Breaking Bad leaves a more lasting impression than the performance of his competitors. And it's not the usual Emmy-voters-go-for-repeats thing, because both Alec Baldwin and Glenn Close failed to win.

Valerie Harper -- 1971, 1972 and 1973 for "The Mary Tyler Moore Show". She lost to co-star Cloris Leachman in 1974 and then took home the Lead Actress prize in 1975 for the first season of spinoff "Rhoda".

I've been doing a quick research, but I still haven't come up with anything, so maybe you could help.

Is there any actor (I'm talking about acting categories) who won the Emmy for every season on his/her show three times in a row (and within a single category - so Allison Janney's switch from supporting to lead doesn't count). The closest I could find was Tyne Daly winning three times in a row in the 80's, but she wasn't nominated for the first season of her show and won for season 2, season 3 and season 4, so she's practically out. Allison Janney - winner of four Emmys - won two in supporting, one in lead (three years in a row) and then took a break for one year to win again in lead. Falco won three for The Sopranos, but took breaks (she lost for the second season, then won for the third and the fourth). Gandolfini was snubbed his very first year on the show. Spader - a huge Emmy darling - won in 2004 (for The Practice), in 2005 (for Boston Legal), but wasn't even a nominee in 2006. He returned to the race and won in 2007. Even Candice Bergen didn't win three in a row. She won two in a row, then took a break and won again. Is there really anobody who won three years in a row the same category for each one of the seasons his/her show had?



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