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Neil Patrick Harris thanks The Times for his Emmy win

August 21, 2010 |  9:35 pm

When Neil Patrick Harris won his Emmy Award for hosting the Tonys at the Creative Arts ceremony, he said at the podium, "I just want to thank Boomer from The Envelope or I wouldn't have gotten this!" Then he gave our forums moderator Chris "Boomer" Beachum double thumbs up.

Neil Patrick Harris Emmys Tonys newsIt was Boomer who discovered that Harris wasn't listed among the nominees for the Tony Awards telecast in the Emmy race for best special class. (Read the full story here.) After we brought the oversight to the attention of both the Tonys and the TV academy, Harris was added to the Emmy rundown and therefore he received a statuette today when the Tonys triumphed.

It sure was gracioius of Harris to acknowledge Boomer publicly, but, after I saw it, I wasn't sure if Boomer would be able to catch the scene. E! network will telecast the Creative Arts show, but in edited form. So I asked Harris about the matter when he arrived backstage in the press room and he again expressed gushing thanks to our pal Boomer.

This now marks the second star who owes their Emmy victory to Boomer -- the first being Cynthia Nixon ("Sex and the City") -- but that's another matter.

Photo: Neil Patrick Harris hosting the Tonys (CBS)

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