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It's official: 'The Social Network' trots to the front of the Oscar pack

August 20, 2010 |  8:02 pm

Most Oscarologists consider "The Social Network" to be the front-runner to win the Oscar for best picture just based upon its pedigree. The tale of the founding of Facebook is written by Aaron Sorkin ("The West Wing," "A Few Good Men"), directed by David Fincher ("Curious Case of Benjamin Button") and produced by Scott Rudin ("No Country for Old Men," "There Will Be Blood," "Doubt," "Julie and Julia").

Now there's word that "The Social Network" will live up to its promise. Scott Foundas' early review in Film Comment proclaims the movie to be "splendid entertainment from a master storyteller, packed with energetic incident and surprising performances. ... It is a movie of people typing in front of computer screens and talking in rooms that is as suspenseful as any more obvious thriller. But this is also social commentary so perceptive that it may be regarded by future generations the way we now look to Gatsby for its acute distillation of Jazz Age decadence."

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Despite the awesomeness o/its pedigree & its trailer, "THE SOCIAL NETWORK" won't just trot to the front lines o/the BEST PICTURE race just yet because o/ONE review. Wait until its wide release.
I believe that "TOY STORY 3" will WIN BEST PICTURE due to ITS PEDIGREE: Critics, Box Office, Pixar (who gives a FUCK if its animated or not, IT IS THE BEST FILM O/THE YEAR BASED ON THESE ASPECTS). "TS3" & "THE SOCIAL NETWORK" will contend for BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY. If either wins, I will be happy.

Free, Travers didn't mention anything about Oscars. He said it was the best movie of the year, but several of his favorite movies didn't actually win BP. "Milk", "Precious", "The Fellowship of the Ring", "Mystic River" "Sideways", "A History of Violence", "Almost Famous" and "Crouching Tiger: Hidden Dragon."

I hope Inception doesn't win. It does not deserve such a stain on its reputation. Better to stand in the company of Star Wars than Shakespeare In Love, I say.

Sound good. Let's just declare an early winner and skip awards season this means less and less every year

I think one Christopher Nolan and the cast of Inception will have a little say-so about that.

@Doug: Yeah, I think that's true, but this isn't the only review that's leaked in its favor. Peter Travers (Rolling Stone) just gave it 4 out of 4 stars, and more or less said it's the one to beat.

@Pieman1994: I truly do not think Inception will be nominated for Best Picture anyway. Way too complex for Academy voters.

One review does not a frontrunner make.
Subject matter matters, and this is largely about kids fighting over who did what when they created facebook, which is not exactly "The Hurt Locker." It is like producers trying to convince the MPAA that they were essential to the existence of a nominated film and deserve an Oscar if it wins, so I guess Academy voters will at least identify with it.

If this film is as good as I hope it is, then I can very easily accept it beating out Inception for Best Picture.



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