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Poll: Can 'Boardwalk Empire' beat 'Mad Men' at the Emmys?

September 20, 2010 |  5:26 pm

Reviews of "Boardwalk Empire" are so positive that it's clear that the new HBO series about the mob world of Atlantic City in the 1920s will probably be a serious Emmy rival to "Mad Men," which has won best drama series for the past three years. But how serious? Below are some views of our forum posters. See more here. Then tell us what you think in our poll.

Boardwalk empire hbo news

ATYPICAL: Marty Scorsese could and probably will win his first Emmy for it.

SEANFLYNN: Lots of posing in front of expensive sets and camera movement for little apparent purpose. Too early to say whether this will grow and then sustain itself, but this was about what I expected — watchable, occasionally involving, but not emotionally or intellectually satisfying, at least not yet. Can't imagine that if anyone other than Scorsese's name were attached people would be suggesting Emmy for this.

24EMMY: I liked this episode. It was a great start to the likely winner of best drama at next year's Emmys. I can see "Boardwalk Empire" winning best drama, directing, lead actor (Steve Buscemi), & supporting actor (Michael Pitt). Though my early predictions have "Lone Star" taking the lead (James Wolk) & supporting actor (Jon Voight) categories.

EOIN DALY: Michael Shannon's two scenes were stand-out's especially in the phone box. Will be a future nominee / possible winner if he get's the right material. Steve Buscemi was really good. Altogether great performances. Marty does blood well!

Photo: HBO

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I can hardly see this show beating Mad Men. The news season of Mad Men is the best of the whole serie. The writing is at his top as well as the actors. Boardwalk Empire will really have a hard time to top that.

This here is not a mini-series. It's a long-term series.

Jimmy Bond, Boardwalk Empire is no miniseries whatsoever. It's a regular series that HBO believes will go on along time.

Wrong Jimmy, it's a regular series like Mad Men and it may be to early to tell but based on the pilot(which i loved) i think it has a real good shot at beating Mad Men.

It doesn't have to. Mad Men is a regular series. This is a mini-series - they are in different categories.



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