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Did Taylor Swift outshine Kanye West at the MTV Video Music Awards? [Poll]

September 13, 2010 | 10:16 am

Taylor Swift MTV Video Music Awards Kanye West

Taylor Swift took subtle aim at Kanye West in her new song, "Stealing Innocence," which she performed during Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards. Her performance began with the footage from last year's edition of these kudos, when West stormed the stage while Swift was accepting her VMA for best female video to protest that Beyonce should have prevailed for "Single Ladies."

Swift was given the chance to wreak her revenge on West at this year's MTV VMAs, but she chose to take the high road, making only an oblique reference to the rapper in her lyrics for this new ditty: "Life is a tough road, 32 and still growing up." West turned 33 on June 8. Rather, she warbled: "Everyone one of us has messed up too." And she sang: "It's all right, just wait and see. Your string of lights is still bright to me. You're still an innocent."

For Jennifer Armstrong of, Swift "looked gorgeous, as she is wont to do, but, um, the actual song was a pretty opaque." And our Pop & Hiss blogger Todd Martens was less than impressed with the song, grading it a "D" and saying, "Swift can dispense advice and bestow forgiveness, but she still has a ways to go as an artist." Martens gave a rave to West, who closed out the kudocast with his own take on the controversy. Almost half of the nearly 4,000 votes cast so far in our poll judged him to be a jerk for this performance.  

Was Swift right or wrong to even address the issue? Would she have been better off had she sung a different track from her forthcoming album, "Speak Now," and forever held her peace?

Photo: Taylor Swift performing during the 2010 MTV VMAs. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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Basically, mr. west did it. he pointed out his flaws, stated every thing people believed about him. everyone alive knows a person like the things he stated in his song, making it relevant to everyone. Kanye has a mind. He isn't just a rapper, he is a lyricist, go read up on all his lyrics. My personal favorite being "hey mama" or "can't tell me nothing" - which may be about money, but it has a message to it, if you actually read what he is saying.
Taylor, took a situation from a year ago, and made a song out of it that was directed to Kanye. Yes, Kanye did also, but he used it well. What song do you remember more? Relate to more? I'm a 17 yr old girl. I think about kanye's more. Because i know a few douchebags, who wont admit what they do. But Kanye threw himself under the bus, and he gave us all advice "run away from the douchebags". Swift is good, no doubt about that, but she plays the innocent role too much for my liking. He did you wrong, he apologised, and hasn't done anything again, chill out. Oh, its evolution theory btw. Everyone messes up, so should we prosecute everyone for every little mistake?

I was upset with West's little speech last year, but she fell flat and West looked amazing. That song was beautiful. It was NOT self-serving, did anyone ACTUALLY listen to the lyrics? And hear anything besides the word douchebag? Listen again.

I'm no Taylor Swift Fan, But you guys got wrong thing going here, West went Broke ever rule when he jumped in took mike away from Swift. West should had his Wal- nuts crushed. As far as music, Rap is garbage, Rap proves the Elevation theroy, Cause Rap is one stept from MONKEY CHATTER. Monkey see monkey do, I saw old Tarzan movie, had same crap filmed in 1933, A heard of chimps was doing it.

Why was West even allowed on the show after what he did last year? That is just ridiculous.

They're both good at what they do. Kanye has kind of become a bit of a character but I feel it's just a phase. I'm sure MTV pressured Taylor into singing that song instead of her current single 'Mine.' The whole song wasn't directed at Kanye, inspired by definitely. But it was more about just everyone makes mistakes just keep moving forward, etc.

They both looked like idiots. They both performed god awful songs. At least kanye has his first two solid records. But they were both painfully pretentious and looked pathetic. This is "honest" "real" music for people who have never listened to a Ray Charles, John Lennon, Stevie Wonder, Aretha, Bob Dylan, Public Enemy etc.

I don't think there is any teenager in this universe that makes me more angry than Taylor Swift. Aside from the fact that she is a TERRIBLE studio AND live singer, her music has no diversity at all. From the lyric to musicality(if one could even call it that)...and didn't she refuse a song offered by Kanye because she didn't want to publicize the incident again? Well Taylor, what did you just do last night? ENTIRE year has past and she's still acting like he shot her mother in the head. He interrupted your horribly undeserved win, and put your fact all over the media. He extended your 2 minutes of fame Taylor, you should be thankful.

Sorry, I'm Kanye all the way. Taylor, I respect your fan service, and that you can craft number 1 hits out of little girl dreams and diary pages, but Kanye's music runs circles around you and everyone else. Was everyboy screaming, "TAYLOR! TAYLOR! TAYLOR!"? No. They were shouting, "KANYE!! KANYE!! KANYE!!". Welcome back, Mr. West.

Get over it. Kanye is king. Taylor is nothing more than a packaged pop-artist who the public is fed that she writes her own tunes. She doesn't write her own music no matter what her handlers put out there. There's a team of top ghost writers helping her (truth). So for all you delusional people who think this off-key girl is the second coming of Dolly Parton get over it.

What ppl need to realize is that Taylor Swift should thank Kanye West for interrupting her speech. Who in the world (besides 13 year olds and country fans) had ever heard of her or her music before the 'incident'. And to say she's milking it a year later is an understatement. Enough with the victim role. He took her microphone, not her virginity!

Kanye out shined her. BUT if you look at it in a point of view of how Taylor's song is her diary, it makes sense; and in this way she outshined him.

While I hardly think her performance was great (I liked it for the 1st min and a half). Kanye had a better performance than her, some people say his song was self serving, and hers was not? He talked about himself being a dick and he did have everybody on their feet the whole performance (because everybody knows somebody like him it may even be yourself) people act like he raped her, their albums come out a month apart let that be the deciding factor.

Taylor Swift went over the top, play a video of the incident? Are you freakin kidding me? That's classy? It was a year ago, move on!! Plus the song was bad. Everybody knows Kanye was wrong, he apologized and they even joked about it 10 times during the award show. It's time to dead the issue.

Plus if it wasn't for the incident, she would have never won those grammy awards. Album of the year, my ass!

It does not take a large brain to realize that the opinions here break down along racial lines. Period. Taylor swift is fairly nameless pop star, soon to be forgotten. Kanye is another selfish self involved rapper. Who cares! Swift has all the talent Britney Spears and Kanye is popular with those who think OJ is innocent. What a waste!

@Reg Really? Who knew who Taylor Swift was? Why do you think she was up there for an award in the first place?

she was not acting like a victim!
she did a great job with that song
no matter what kanye still looks like an idiot
and by the way taylor's music is way better than kanye's
i <3 u taylor!!!

taylor had no class let it go they even joked about it at the start of kanye's performance SHE NEEDS TO LET IT GO AND GROW UP

Kanye mad that mistake last year!! Everyone hated him then but look at last night the crowd supported him sooo much more than they did Taylor Swift. On the top of that he got the only standing ovation of the night. If you sit here and say that you dont like Kanye West then something is wrong with you. EVERYBODY HAS A PIECE OF THEIR HEART FOR KANYE AND THATS A FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Both of these artist are very talented, amazing and at the end of the day they are human beings. Both did a fantastic job!

I'm a Huge Taylor Swift fan, but Honestly her performance was outof pitch and really's time for her to move the Fu@# on like everyone else, and start making good music again..

Kanye's performance wasn't that bad was actually better than Taylor's:(( sorry, but still luv u though taylor...

2 tell u the truth, Kanye West is the 1 that outshine Taylor Swift last night, period. Never in your life have you seen that soon as he left the stage, the crowd shouted his name over and over again. They didn't do that 4 Taylor's performance. Enough said and Kanye has the best performance, end of story. REDEMPTION!!

Taylor Swift is classy. Period. The song, the staging, everything, beautiful. And when Kanye performed his, he sounded like a complete jackass making noise. He seemed really sincere and apologetic. If he wasn't going to apologize, why say anything at all? Why not perform Power?

Let's see, on the one hand you have one of a few dozen indistinguishable teenage girl singers with barely a voice singing her song that was shallow as a saucer. On the other hand, you have biggest talent in music, whose back-to-back-to-back trio of albums in 2004-06 were voted by everyone (Rolling Stone, Village Voice, in other words, serious rock critics) as the best albums put out by anyone. It's like trying to compare Frank Sinatra to Doris Day in the singing department, or Bob Merrill ("How Much Is That Doggie In the Window?") with Lennon/McCartney ("A Day in the Life," "Let It Be").

@ Emma What the hell are you talking about? It wasnt staged. Taylor writes about her life experiences and what happened last year falls under that category. I think she just sang it early (before her new album comes out) because it was just the right time to. And for all you people who are leaving bad comments about taylor, I'm pretty sure #1 you probably dont listen to the kind of music taylor sings and #2 You probably werent taylor swift fans from the start. So your comments basically become irrelevant because taylor still has a huge legion of fans that have been with her since her first album in 2006.

Honestly, taylor was originally a country artist, but now she is country-pop which brings her to a whole new audience. So there are country and pop fans that dont like her which amounts to a lot of stupid people complaining. But on the other hand, she has such a huge fan base it dosnt matter. Who really cares who likes taylor and who dosnt? If you like taylor thats fine, but if you dont like taylor you dont have to tick everyone off by leaving nasty comments about her.

I think taylor did great and I congratulate her. She handled the whole situation with class.

This girl is how old? 20? It took some serious courage to preform that song! Kanye again just looked like a no class idiot. Get over yourself already!! Taylor Swifts song was real and wonderful. Lets not forget that she writes her own stuff and has never been half naked! Can anyone say refreshing?Seriously what kind of world are we living in when this is even a debate?




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