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Did Taylor Swift outshine Kanye West at the MTV Video Music Awards? [Poll]

September 13, 2010 | 10:16 am

Taylor Swift MTV Video Music Awards Kanye West

Taylor Swift took subtle aim at Kanye West in her new song, "Stealing Innocence," which she performed during Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards. Her performance began with the footage from last year's edition of these kudos, when West stormed the stage while Swift was accepting her VMA for best female video to protest that Beyonce should have prevailed for "Single Ladies."

Swift was given the chance to wreak her revenge on West at this year's MTV VMAs, but she chose to take the high road, making only an oblique reference to the rapper in her lyrics for this new ditty: "Life is a tough road, 32 and still growing up." West turned 33 on June 8. Rather, she warbled: "Everyone one of us has messed up too." And she sang: "It's all right, just wait and see. Your string of lights is still bright to me. You're still an innocent."

For Jennifer Armstrong of, Swift "looked gorgeous, as she is wont to do, but, um, the actual song was a pretty opaque." And our Pop & Hiss blogger Todd Martens was less than impressed with the song, grading it a "D" and saying, "Swift can dispense advice and bestow forgiveness, but she still has a ways to go as an artist." Martens gave a rave to West, who closed out the kudocast with his own take on the controversy. Almost half of the nearly 4,000 votes cast so far in our poll judged him to be a jerk for this performance.  

Was Swift right or wrong to even address the issue? Would she have been better off had she sung a different track from her forthcoming album, "Speak Now," and forever held her peace?

Photo: Taylor Swift performing during the 2010 MTV VMAs. Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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