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Are the Emmys really threatened by the new Paley Center Awards?

September 8, 2010 | 10:47 pm

Don't believe the bluster that the Paley Center for Media's new TV awards, set to launch in May 2012, will be a serious rival to Emmy Awards.

That's what wags said when ABC launched the American Television Awards in 1994 to take Emmy down. Instead, the American Television Awards went to a quick grave.

Cable ace award

That's what wags said when the Cable ACE Awards started in 1979. Those Aces folded two decades later.

That's what wags said when TV Guide launched its own awards twice — in the 1950s and again in the 1980s — flopping fast both times.

The Emmys are safe for now because they're the Oscars of TV. They're peer-group prizes bestowed by television industry insiders. The Paley Center won't copy that. Its leaders say the kudos "will engage the public in the selection process." That sounds like they'll be copying the People's Choice Awards, doesn't it? Who cares about those?

The thrust behind the creation of these new tube awards seems to be sour grapes over broadcast TV losing to cable networks like AMC ("Mad Men"), Showtime ("Nurse Jackie") and Comedy Central ("The Daily Show"). By pandering to the public, the awards will no doubt favor cop shows and cheesy sitcoms that score towering Nielsens, but industry insiders (Emmy voters) and TV critics won't be fooled. There's a very good reason that those shows get snubbed by Emmy: They don't deserve to win. It's nice that the Paley Center will give them consolation prizes, though.

Photo: National Cable Television Assn.

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Not a threat...the Emmys are an historic institution...The Paleys pale by comparison (yes, pun intended)....and when you add the public to the mix...well you just get really bad taste in television with winners like Jennifer Aniston, reality shows, One Tree Hill, etc. The Paleys would be advised to stay away from public input...the results will not be favorable, seriously...

What were these American Television Awards?! Does anyone have more information about the nominees/winners? Or the history of the thing?

If yes, please tell, I'd really want to know!

Does anybody think that the American Music Awards are on the same level as the Grammy Awards? No. However, I used to think that the Golden Globe Awards were even less of a big deal than the People's Choice Awards, since they were selected by an obscure group of writers with ties to the entertainment business of a most dubious nature, and which seemed to be easily swayed by studio influence. Now, they're touted and perceived as a barometer for the Oscars. So, it's anybody's guess what the Paley awards will become.



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