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Hey, Taylor Swift: Who needs Kanye? Matt loves ya!

September 14, 2010 |  6:49 am

Poor Taylor Swift just got her heart broken at the recent MTV Video Music Awards. While she took the high road and performed a gracious ballad alluding to Kanye West, the rapper took the low road by performing an unapologetic rant about his joy in being a bad boy.

All this reminds me of the satiric riff our forums moderator Matt Noble did on the video of Taylor's Grammy champ, "You Belong with Me." I should have posted this earlier, but, hey, it's still hilarious -- just like Matt's naughty Emmy preview -- and curiously comforting now.

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I think its fairly obvious that you actually didn't pay attention to his performance. Part of the chorus was "You've been putting up with my shit way too long"! If you were paying attention to his twitter he has been extremely apologetic. He even wrote this song, or a song like it for Taylor to perform at the VMAs about him but she denied it.

He was the winner of the night.



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