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Will Oscar voters embrace Justin Timberlake? Experts chime in

September 18, 2010 |  8:40 am

After I explained how Justin Timberlake could break into the Oscar derby, I asked some experts if they thought he could be nominated — and win — for his portrayal of rapscallion Sean Parker in "The Social Network." Their views:

Social network justin 4

PETE HAMMOND, DEADLINE: He won’t be nominated because he’s Justin Timberlake. He will be nominated because it’s a very assured, cagey performance and because the film is going to be strong enough overall to be widely seen and will take him along for the ride.

I don’t see him winning for this. Of the two likely to be nominated from "Social Network," Andrew Garfield has a better shot because he has the most acting heat and another film, “Never Let Me Go” to be remembered for this year as added incentive. He’s also got the bigger emotional scenes.

SASHA STONE, AWARDSDAILY: Can Justin be nominated? I think so. He's great in "The Social Network." If they can give Jennifer Hudson a nomination and a win, well, anything is possible.

Can he win? Don't think so. His competition would be way too stiff.  It's enough just to be nominated in this case.

KRIS TAPLEY, IN CONTENTION: To start, and I know you're just being playful, but I don't think people are springing for Garfield due to a stigma attached to Timberlake's career.  Andrew Garfield simply gives the more emotional performance in a film somewhat emotionally removed.  He's a point of connection.  And he nails it.

That said, Timberlake is great in a showier turn.  I could absolutely see him getting in, but two supporting gents from one film is quite rare. And I definitely don't think he would win if he did slide in.  I suspect we'll be talking about Christian Bale and Sam Rockwell for that in a few months' time.

GREG ELLWOOD, HITFIX: Absolutely could be nominated if the performance is worthy, sort of silly to question it. In America you can pretty much do anything so going from the Mickey Mouse Club to 'NSYNC to Grammy-winning superstar to Oscar-nominated actor is hardly out of the question. Deserved wins for Jennifer Hudson, Mo'Nique and Sandra Bullock prove that point.

Could he win? Let's not get crazy here. There is a long way to go and it's a very competitive category this year.  Sony and JT's people should just aim for the nod first and then see what happens.

NATHANIEL ROGERS, FILM EXPERIENCE: It's not just first-timers, kids and singers who win Oscars before dependable screen regulars. It's also celebrities who "surprise" them. I am proud to say that I predicted Justin Timberlake way back in April.

Sorry to toot my own horn but ...

♪ I’m bringing self-love back
Them other pundits don't know sneak attack
If you are famous, Oscar will pat your back.
So Justin's gold on that supporting track ♫

I suddenly have a desire to make a music video with Scarlett Johansson now.

Photo: "The Social Network" (Columbia Pictures)

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J Hud did not earn that oscar. Adriana Barraza did for Babel. Or the Kikuchi from the same film. Like Sasha, I'm not racist. Two other racially diverse women KILLED IT compared to J Hud's performance. Don't throw around the race card so lazily. boo


Seriously, JT is the Ryan Seacrest of media...overexposed, opportunist who shows up at every award..face plastered here and there...aren't you like just sick of him already?...I've seen the trailer for The Social Network and it just doesn't scream Oscar worthy...Hell, it's a role even Seth Rogen could do in his sleep...Eventually once this movie comes out Mr. Over-exposed will be...well...over-exposed...kinda like that Grizzly Momma/Media Prostitute from Alaska...

thenoireffect, i agree. i didnt like dreamgirls or jennifer hudson performace, but that was definitely a shot fired by sasha.

Norma and Noir Effect,
Stop accusing people of racism simply because they don't think a black "actor" was worthy of a win. Well, I am BLACK and I don't think Jennifer Hudson deserved to win that award. That was the most overrated performance of the decade. What did she do besides bully her costars with an exaggerated black sista girl attitude and oversing a Jennifer Holiday classic? OVER-FRIGGIN-RATED. She only won because of her story : from American idol loser to Oscar winner. It's just as simple as that. She was nothing but a ratings magnet. Funny how AMPAS switched the order of the awards for that specific year. They always started with the best supporting actress but that year, they pushed it back way towards the end and right before the Dreamgirls performance so that Jennifer Lopez would introduce Hudson as "Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson". How pathetically predictable. Ratings! ratings! ratings! the Oscars are not about talent any more. What has J Hudson done since her Oscar win? did you see her in Sex and the city? how is it possible that the only Oscar winner in the cast was able to deliver the worst performance? how? she's a one trick pony. Her acting range consist of simply giving attitude and over singing. If those elements are not involved then she falls flat on her face like she did in Sex and the city. She was repulsively bad in that movie. So shameful.

You want to talk about real acting? conveying strong emotions without even uttering a word? let's talk about Babel.One of the ladies of Babel should have won (Rinko Kikuchi or Adriana Barraza). Those ladies delivered stellar and phenomenal performances. Rinko's haunting performance as a deaf mute is those type of performances which only come by once every 5 or 10 years. Such a shame that she was snubbed for an American idol reject so that American can feel more connected to the American dream. "We can become anything if we want. See what God can do". BARF!!!

As for Justin Timberlake, I would literally drop dead if he scores an Oscar nomination. I mean literally. Then again, if people like Sandra Bullock can win oscars for performances in movies like The Blind Side should I really be surprised if he gets nominated? not long from now the Oscars will be simply nothing but a glorified version of the MTV Movie awards.

Did J Hud deserve her supp win for her lead role? No she did not.

I think JT's performance as Sean Napster Parker was fantastic. It's very supporting cast however. As good as Geoffrey Rush's Lionel Logue? Andrew Garfield's Tommy? Social Network isn't made a better film by Timberlake's performance as is the case with the other two mentions. I have a feeling if nominated, JT is going to end up being served a business card that says "I'm CEO bitch". One thing to be said however... JT is picking great roles. Black Snake Moan being the most memorable so far. He may eventually win this. Just give the boy time.

I found your comment strange to say the least. I'm confused when anyone calls Timberlake names like "Mr. Overexposed Opportunist" when he really hasn't been in the spotlight all that much lately. Not by comparison, anyway. He's been filming a few movies and hasn't done very much press for them. In addition to that, he did a couple of magazine ads for a new cologne, a car commercial that only aired in Europe, and most recently he's been in some Sony ads. By most celeb standards I wouldn't call that "overexposed"
I think before all that, he kept (by all accounts) a pretty low profile while putting together a chairity golf tournament and going in with some friends on a clothing line. This has all been over the course of, what, 7 years since the release of his last album? I think it was put out in 2003, but I could be wrong. Either way, it just seems a little rediculous to me that you seem to have such a grudge against him. By all accounts it's completely unfounded.
Besides all of that, the movie in question hasn't even come out yet. So how can you call his performance in it an "over-hyped mediocre performance" when you haven't even seen it yet?

Well, comment well taken. Bitch, I understands now fully what you were TRYING to say. The fact still remains Timberlake has to earn the Oscar for what ever movie you are speaking of. I am also a J. Timberlake fan. I love his amazing voice. Point well taken Sasha thanks!!!

To Norma and the Noir Effect. Whoa, calm down, ladies. If you had been around then you would have seen that I supported the Hudson nod and the Hudson win and was very much a Dreamgirls supporter. So back off. Secondly, the reason I said that was because Jennifer Hudson's background was that she was an American Idol contestant. If they're going to be prejudiced against Timberlake because he's a musician, surely they would have been prejudiced against Hudson for being a reality show contestant. Clearly, they weren't. Clearly her talent was more important than the stigma of being on a reality show. So there you go. Yeesh!

Eeeeww! a nod to Timberlake and the Academy might as well give one to Miley Cyrus as well...what a joke! If he does receive a nod, it would be mostly to attract the young, drooling teenage girls to watch the Oscars and boost ratings and some other more deserving actor should have been nominated instead Mr. Overexposed Opportunist...Please Academy members don't fall for over-hyped mediocre performances like Timberfake...they're a lot of nominees to choose from..

Well, SASHA STONE: truth to be told Jennifer Hudson EARNED her Oscar win. Yes you sound like a TRUE HATER!!! First off have you saw the movie. A very racist statement and very bias on your part. I think the Academy do a super job and does not need your help. Have you ever won anything that you rightfully EARNED and DESERVED(no I did not thank so). Jennifer Hudson was very AWESOME in that movie(AMAZING). I don't know you and I already don't like you. The media is also held accountable for everything they write about people( I will remember the name).Durning that time Jhud won over thirty awards. Why you are the only one wrong Hater.

@ Sasha Stone: Seemed like you were stating that Jennifer Hudson did not rightfully earn her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress? Sounds like you haven't watched the film "Dream Girls", and if you have there possibly could be some underlying biased against Ms. Hudson, because by all accounts her performance was spectacular.



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