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Poll: Did Kanye West redeem himself at the MTV Video Music Awards?

September 13, 2010 |  6:26 am
Kanye West MTV VMA Video Music Awards news

When Kanye West took the stage at the end of the MTV Video Music Awards, everybody expected him to perform a heartfelt apology to Taylor Swift for ruining her MTV VMA victory last year. Instead, he crooned about what a jerk he was and even boasted about it. It was such a shocking performance that it made you wonder: Was it a work of bad-boy genius? Or just bad taste?

Our Pop & Hiss blogger Todd Martens gives it high marks as a work of music: "Much of the chorus of this new song isn't printable here, but West's latest is a statement of defiance, imploring listeners to have a toast 'for the scumbags,' among many other mess-ups. It's a song about celebrating the imperfections, and at the VMAs, it was kind of perfect. A+." hailed it as "a complete victory, addressing his character flaws and acknowledging public opinion without relinquishing any of his power."

The MTV VMA crowd sure loved it. They jumped to their feet, cheering "Kanye! Kanye! Kanye!"

Or were they crazy? Do you think they should have jeered him instead?

After Kanye crashed Taylor's acceptance speech last year, roaring that Beyoncé should have won instead, he issued a bizarre apology, all in capital letters, at his Twitter account that seemed sincere but also suggested that he hadn't learned his lesson: "I’M IN THE WRONG FOR GOING ON STAGE AND TAKING AWAY FROM HER MOMENT! … BEYONCE’S VIDEO WAS THE BEST OF THIS DECADE! … I'M SOOOOO SORRY TO TAYLOR SWIFT … WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD!!!! EVERYBODY WANNA BOOOOO ME BUT I’M A FAN OF REAL POP CULTURE!"

Do you believe that Kanye has ultimately redeemed himself? Or did he prove that he is a jerk and should be treated as such?

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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In my tenure as an aspiring performer, I happen to be an authority in music. My personal opinion on Mr kanye West's performance is... abomination. The pioneers of real R&B music would be disappointed as to what R&B music has come to in regards to Mr. West's contribution. Mary J. Bliges performance was flawless until that rapper came out & dampened her performance. This conspiracy to ruin black music is in high gear!

this is the stupidest poll ive seen, every single one of those options is insulting to kanye no matter what. what a biased website. and people, get over it. jesus christ he took her microphone not her virginity. and atleast added 30% more to her fanbase. people want him dead? really? it was the VMAS not the grammy, the same people that gave us Yo Momma.

It's quite clear that kanye is one of the greats, and has a really good eat for what is "good" music... He's produced some of the best tracks I've ever listened to, and wrote some really raw stuff that might offend some people, but it's really not his objective to hurt it's more to just tell it how it is! Anyway.. His performance was the best of the night who else got out on stage created a track and put it down the way he should have, he is a true master of his craft and for anyone who didn't realize this he was also showing people live that he himself has been treated unfairly and should have many many more trophies in his house then all the young puppets out there playing to a different drummers tune!

Sorry to say but GET OVER IT People! Kanye is the best and he said he was sorry. If Taylor Swift were say Ciara or Amerie (two R&B singers) we still wouldn't be talking about this... something for you all to think about

Kanye West's "Late Registration" was absolutely the best hip-hop album of the last decade, and maybe the best album without reservation (Rolling Stone listed it as the best of the best in '05). The runner-up best album of the decade was Kanye's "Graduation." And Miss Congeniality goes to Kanye's "The College Dropout," Village Voice's favorite album of the year in '04; VV also picked Kanye's "Graduation" as the best album the next year. The man has more talent than anyone else in the record business, and I'll stand on Jay-Z's coffee table and say so. And with 'Ye, you ain't messin' with no broke (broke).

Let's see...Kanye West singing about douchebags. Hmmm...

How about embaraassing and horrible. Off-key terrible singing and pointless self-absorbed lyrics. Maybe you would like it if you've got a chip on your shoulder the size of a boulder.

West has gone off the deep end. It's not music. It's a rant about how the world mistreats him. Boo hoo.

Of course the critics loved it. They are as delusional as he is.

Come on everyone this is all entertainment whether is good or not that's up to you to decide! Kanye portrays a villain, on the other hand Taylor Swift portrays a innocent damsel in distress. If it wasn't this it would be something else that everyone would be talking about,(Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Brittney Spears, Lindsay and so on). Media makes it hard not to when it bombards us with meaning less information instead of addressing the REAL problems in society. Personally I think its all fake like everything that network makes (The Hills) and pretty genius how they made a stupid incident last a whole year and two award shows and people are still taking about it.

I Googled the name "Kanye" and found out that "Kanye" means "Dumb as a post" in Swahili.

Kanye is human. He is a screw up like all of us, who is still coping with the shocking death of his best friend...MOM! His whole mantra took a some would say bizzar twist after herr death. The only difference between him and you is that he is on the worlds stage with a recent dead mom.

How about we put all you perfect tough guys in the same senerio and watch how the walls close in around you! Taylor wrote a song to forgive him, why can't you? He is a artist, a true artist not the remanufactured junk artist so that means he was made with a degree of weird combined with a recent suddend death of him mom.

Oh yeah, moment or no moment for Taylor, he was right in his remarks and wrong in the delivery breaking the golden rule. Oh well it has been over for a year now, get over it!

It really is quite pathetic to see what MTV has become. In their transparent attempt to try in vain to remain even partially relevant, they've almost completely ditched the core of their being (music) and abandoned the fans who made them successful.

The 8 year-olds that watched MTV's birth with endless fascination later became the 16 year-old metalheads that witnessed Metallica's very first music video on Headbanger's Ball; and the 19 year olds that tuned into 120 Minutes to watch videos of Sonic Youth and Hüsker Dü; and the 22 year olds who entered the working world with a phenomenal CD and mp3 collection, fully informed and shaped by the best music programming MTV used to offer.

But these same folks soon became the 37 year olds who are now sharing their CD's and mp3's with their own kids, while steering them the hell away from MTV and other mediocre providers of that vile substance often called, 'content', knowing full well that it's nothing but a code word for amateurish garbage that differs little in style, substance, or artistic value from '2 girls and a cup'.

It is really disheartening to realize that the same cutting-edge music network that once stunned the world with the utter brilliance of showcasing a young gay man's battle with AIDS, now pins its hopes on shows about mooks from New Jersey.

What a tragic fall MTV has taken.

He Picked on an up an coming voice for the future as his sales where obviously dwindling , no he shows his true colours and thats why we don't love you , so don't be afraid to hear ,your true colours , your true colours are shinning through like a rainbow !..............

How does anyone take this clown seriously? Even if you like his music he's such an obnoxious, self-absorbed brat that I can't stand it. The main problem, aside from his attitude, is that Kayne doesn't get it. It would be cute to think this song is somehow him showing humility but it's not. He has none. Oh yeah and he hasn't put out a good album since the College Dropout. Not that MTV cares. They just need news making, tweet-addicted superstars to bilk parents into buying their kids concert tickets and itunes giftcards.

You're well over thirty now dude.. man up. It's really embarrasing.


People are acting like he committed a crime.HE DID NOT!!! He apologized to Taylor Swift on multiple occasions, both publicly and privately. That should be enough. Why is Taylor in the Hall of Fame? What does she do that is so great? She should never have been in the same catagory with Beyonce anyway!! Take a REAL LOOK at this trivial situation. People Really have disagreements, embarrass each other, apologize, life goes on.

Kanya is a gay fish.

Get a life!!!

Taylor Swift should sit the hell down & send Kanye West a damn fruit basket with a thank you card. That interruption is the only reason people (aside from the country music crowd, who will listen to anything, apparently) remember her at all.

I used to like Kanye. He is just wierd now. I can't understand where he's coming from. Why do we celebrate this behavior, meaning, why does MTV and others give this a-hole a voice when he treats his peers like crap?? The show was good up until his narcissistic 5 minute 'WTH' performance in the end! Stupid!!!

I think Kanye should write a song about how he's a gay fish...

Kanye who? Man you guys need to listen to some real music. Not this kanye musac nonsense.

he's a fan of real pop culture? lol...nothing is more fake than pop culture

How about adding a new option to the poll: "who cares?"

VMAs just aren't as good anymore.

the worst song i have ever heard! he should kill himself after that horrible performance.

...why does everyone give a care about this, and who gives 2 s***s about that midget monkey mf little rich boy trying to act hard..let it go..




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