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'The King's Speech' reigns among Oscar contenders

September 7, 2010 |  6:42 am
The kings speech colin firth news

Summing up the big buzz at the Telluride Film Festival, the Hollywood Reporter noted that "the prevailing wisdom was that the event had launched yet another serious Oscar contender in the British royalty drama 'The King's Speech.'"

"Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are sure-thing nominees" for best lead and supporting actor as Britain's stammering monarch George VI and his speech therapist, reports Pete Hammond (Deadline Hollywood). "The film itself is a strong Best Picture prospect to say the least. Harvey [Weinstein] is back in the Oscar game with this one, no doubt."

IndieWire's Tim Appelo reports, "The big worship winner and potential Oscar magnet I’ve seen so far at Telluride 2010 is the world premiere of [director] Tom Hooper's 'The King’s Speech.'"

L.A. Times scribe John Horn (24 Frames) hails the film as "so affecting" and interviews the filmmakers.

Photo: Colin Firth in "The King's Speech" Credit: Weinstein Co.

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The TFF usually has some transformational film events, at least in the past 11 years I have been here. Sometimes there are several such cinematic moments. Occasionally there are more. This year, at least four films stood out and these four all dealt with personal struggles for survival that provide inspiration for EVERYONE. Though each involves a nearly unique series of events, the common struggles resonate deeply. They are, in order of viewing here at the TFF: the escapees from a Siberian prison camp who walked 4000 miles to India in THE WAY BACK; Aron Ralston who cut off his arm to escape death, played with heart and strength by James Franco in the Danny Boyle movie 127 HOURS; an 84 year old Kenyan Mau Mau warrior who demands his right to begin elementary school in THE FIRST GRADER and, hardly the least noteworthy, Colin Firth playing the stammering King George VI to be, in THE KING'S SPEECH. Thanks to all at the TFF, you give us hope each year that cinema as art survives, too.



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