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Oscar hopes brighten for 'The Social Network'

September 14, 2010 | 10:14 am
The Social Network news

Early reviews of "The Social Network" seem to confirm early suspicions that it is the Oscar front-runner for best picture. Here is how the rest of the contenders currently stack up.

JEFF WELLS, HOLLYWOOD-ELSEWHERE: "David Fincher's 'The Social Network' is Zodiac's younger, geekier, greedier brother. That means it's good, as in really good. … Can I just blurt it out? It's the strongest Best Picture contender I've seen so far this year, and in saying this I'm obviously alluding to 'Inception.'"

KRIS TAPLEY, IN CONTENTION: "I think it may be reaching for grandiose sentiments to say 'The Social Network' is a film that 'defines a generation.'"

DREW MCWEENY, HITFIX: '''The Social Network' represents the very best of both [screenwriter] Aaron Sorkin and [director] David Fincher."

Also check out the New Yorker's exhaustive profile of Facebook focus Mark Zuckerberg, which includes fascinating dish about the film from "Social Network" scribe Sorkin.

Photo: A scene from "The Social Network." Credit: Columbia

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