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Thelma Adams: 'Black Swan' is the Oscar front-runner

September 18, 2010 | 10:10 am

Black swan

Thelma Adams (Us Weekly, sends us her Oscar scouting report from Canada: "Out of Toronto, 'Black Swan' is immediately the front-runner in the Oscar race, the one to beat. That means best picture, best actress Natalie Portman, best director Darren Aronofsky, best screenplay, best supporting actor Vincent Cassel (who’s about to get a lot more work in America), and possibly even a campaign for best supporting actress for Barbara Hershey -– a campaign but not necessarily a nomination."

Photo: "Black Swan" (Fox Searchlight)

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Barbara Hershey has long been underrated. She not only deserves an Oscar, she deserves a lifetime achievement award and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She's had an amazing and varied career. Any actor would be lucky to have even a fraction of her talent.

Joe B
Maybe Mila has been ignored because she is just not that good. It could as simple as that.

I really hope Natalie Portman does not win the Oscar. I am so sick of these basic ingenues getting all the recognition when the seasoned veterans like Moore and Annette B. have an impressive array of work which always goes unnoticed. Ugh! the Oscars are such a load of ************ (insert curse word here).

Be careful. This time last year, the absolute "it" movie was Up in the Air. They had inscribed George Clooney's name on the Award. Then it went on to win...nothing.

Too early to predict...just wait for all the critic awards...because eventually the predictions are all wrong...but I think The King's Speech looks like the's the Academy's love for anything PBS/British...

How about an award nom for Mila Kunis who actually won an award in Venice for this movie?

Why Barbara Hershey when you all but say she can't win?

Funny how Mila's been ignored in press coverage of this film.

No, I'm not the prez of the MK fan club.



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