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Hollywood glitz versus local muskmelons at the Toronto International Film Festival

September 9, 2010 |  2:34 pm

Two faces of Toronto -- one that showcases the world's film glitterati, the other that hawks tomatoes and carrots to local residents -- collided Thursday outside Roy Thomson Hall, just hours before celebrities and media arrived for the opening of the Toronto International Film Festival. On Thursdays, the grounds of the hall are typically home to a farmers' market that had no intention of shutting down just because paparazzi, TV satellite trucks and lots of Hollywooders dressed in tuxedos and gowns were en route.

In the top three photos, you can see Thomson Hall surrounded by two sets of white tents. One set is cast over the empty red carpet; the other protects food vendors selling everything from fresh farm produce to steaming hot burritos.

The second photo is the most hilarious. Notice that a pickup truck full of muskmelons blocks the entrance to the red carpet. No one is at the wheel. This vendor is in no rush to move for any snooty film folks.

Thomson hall


Red carpet 1

Below: A TV news crew tries to ignore the vendors as the journos rehearse for Thursday night's premiere, but they finally cave in and buy some burritos.



Below: The new festival center, TIFF Bell Lightbox, which opened this year.


Below: Here's what everybody is always looking for -- a handy, nearby schedule of the press and industry screenings.

TIFF press and industry screenings

Photo credit: Tom O'Neil

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