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Tuesday night's 'Glee' may be Chris Colfer's next Emmy submission

October 5, 2010 | 12:14 pm

Attention, Chris Colfer fans: Tune in to "Glee" Tuesday night to see "Grilled Cheesus" because Fancast's Matt Webb Mitovich says, "this episode belongs to Chris Colfer, who likely has staked his claim to a second Emmy nod."

Glee Chris Colfer TV news

Colfer recently lost the supporting comedy actor Emmy for the "Laryngitis" episode of "Glee" in which he belts out "Rose's Turn." Very dramatic submission in the comedy category. Often that's a good strategy, believe it or not, but he lost to Eric Stonestreet's comedic turn as a clown in the "Fizbo" episode of "Modern Family."

Tonight we see more of Colfer's drama chops. Mitovich tells Gold Derby about the "Glee" eppy: "Kurt's dad has a heart attack, is in bad condition. The episode as a whole takes a look at the question of God's existence. Kurt, being gay, is a non-believer, but the others compel him to find faith in something during this difficult time. There are also great moments with non-believer Sue Sylvester and her impaired sister."

Photo: Recent Emmy champ Jane Lynch and recent Emmy loser Chris Colfer appear together in a scene in tonight's episode of "Glee." (Fox)

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