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Who will receive the next Cecil B. DeMille Award from the Golden Globes?

October 20, 2010 |  6:43 pm

The Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. will announce the next recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille Award on Nov. 9. Let's hope it's not another old, white guy as usual: Al Pacino (age 60 in 2001), Harrison Ford (age 59 in 2002), Gene Hackman (age 72 in 2003), Michael Douglas (age 59 in 2004), Robin Williams (age 53 in 2005), Anthony Hopkins (age 68 in 2006), Warren Beatty (age 69 in 2007), Steven Spielberg (age 62 in 2009; he was to receive the award in 2008 but it was postponed due to the writers' strike) and Martin Scorsese (age 67 in 2010). Our forums moderator Chris "Boomer" Beachum offers us these observations about the award's past:


• It has been a decade since the last woman was honored (Barbra Streisand in 2000).

• It has been 28 years since the only minority was honored (Sidney Poitier in 1982).

• The honoree is typically an actor, actress or director in his or her 50s or older who is willing to attend and accept the award. The association also does not like to honor someone who has a strong chance at a nomination at the next ceremony.

• If a woman is chosen this time, the most likely person will be Meryl Streep. It is a rare year in which she has nothing in contention. Streep also has an astounding 25 nominations and 7 wins in her career. If not Streep, the other strong female contenders would be Julie Andrews, Ellen Burstyn, Carol Burnett, Jane Fonda, Whoopi Goldberg, Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, Jessica Lange, Angela Lansbury, Mary Tyler Moore and Shirley Temple.

• If a minority is chosen for 2011, the most likely contenders would be Bill Cosby, Morgan Freeman, Whoopi Goldberg, Samuel L. Jackson, James Earl Jones and Denzel Washington.

• If another white male is chosen, the top contenders would be Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, Michael Caine, Francis Ford Coppola, Billy Crystal, Robert De Niro, James Garner, Ron Howard, Jerry Lewis, George Lucas, Steve Martin, Mike Nichols, Peter O'Toole, Mickey Rooney, John Travolta, Dick Van Dyke and Jon Voight.

• People who might be considered but have strong nomination chances (and therefore would probably not be chosen this time): Jeff Bridges, Glenn Close, Judi Dench, Robert Duvall, Sally Field, Tom Hanks, Helen Mirren, Susan Sarandon, Sissy Spacek, Maggie Smith, Oliver Stone and Betty White.

Photo: The Golden Globe. Credit: Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. via Getty Images

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my top five honorees for the 2011 cecil b demille lifetime achievement awards are: jerry lewis,michael caine,jeff bridges,francis ford coppola or george will properly go to:mike nichols,tom hanks,rober de niro,meryl streep or morgan freeman.this is how these hollywood honoray or lifetime awards work,sometimes the wrong person gets it look at the afi award for lifetime achievement.

I would love it to be Meryl Streep. She is a fantastic actress who never fails to give of her best and is a wonderful person.

I pray all who know Michael's cinematic gifts will also gift him with every power and prayer to fully recover his health our blessing.

Ron Howard? After Spielberg (and to a lesser extent, Scorsese)??? Don't make me laugh! The only thing we need less than some nerd making lists about who should receive what based on statistics is a Lifetime Achievement Award to the poor man's poor man's poor man's Robert Zemeckis.

"minority" to describe Sidney Poitier, who is African American? REALLY? That word isn't very popular or used anymore.

Why does everyone forget Ruby Dee? When will she finally get her due from the Academy or the HFPA?

I think that it's safe to say that with his AFI award Morgan Freeman is out of running.
I hope it's gonna be a woman for a change. Meryl Streep and Dame Julie Andrews are probably the only realistic choices if that's the case. I believe Lucille Ball is still the only tv star they have ever awarded, so it's probably not gonna happen for Betty White, Carol Burnett, and Mary Tyler Moore. With her moving to New York and having huge success on Broadway Angela Lansbury is practically an outsider right now to receive enough votes. Though, you never know. After all, until Meryl Streep broke the record last year Angela Lansbury was the most awarded actress in Golden Globes history with 2 Golden Globes for film roles and 4 for Murder, She Wrote.
Debbie Reynolds and Jane Fonda should also be in consideration.

Judi Dench and Maggie Smith have nomination chances this year or next year?



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