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Oscar doesn't love you, Jim Carrey

October 21, 2010 |  3:07 pm

Early Oscar buzz for Jim Carrey as a love-bitten gay con man in "I Love You Phillip Morris" has died down and now we probably know why, thanks to the trailer. It looks a bit too silly and camp, but Variety hails it as "hilarious tragedy" that seems to work as a good film, which recently scored a nomination for best breakthrough direction (Glenn Ficarra and John Requa) at the Gotham Awards. It rates a good score of 79 at Rotten Tomatoes.

Playing gay is usually an Oscar-savvy move for straight actors. It worked for Sean Penn ("Milk"), Charlize Theron ("Monster") and Tom Hanks ("Philadelphia"). This year the ploy is whipping up lots of Oscar hoopla for Annette Bening ("The Kids Are All Right"). But poor Jim Carrey is laughed off by academy members, who've never nominated him. Meantime, over at the Golden Globes, Carrey won twice — once for drama ("The Truman Show," 1998), once for comedy ("Man on the Moon," 1999) — and nabbed four other noms. There's a good chance he'll be back again this year, assuming "Phillip Morris" is placed in the comedy/musical categories.

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Screened this film a couple of months ago. 4/5 loved it.

Best part was the performance of Jim Carrey, to the point where if the Academy doesn't notice we know for a fact there is a bias. At least a little buzz would do good, but he is not finding any.

My hopes are that when the movie is released near December, deeper Oscar season, maybe he will be acknowledged more and generate more buzz. There is still hope basically. High hopes for Golden Globes Actor in Comedy.


Oh come on! Jim Carrey should totally be nominated for an oscar!
Is it because he's funny? You can't get over the fact he may do more with his carrer than mae people laugh maybe? You people are so stupid, you can never see real talent when it's right in front of you, can you?!

Cameron Diaz is even more hated by Academy than Jim Carrey. She had everything and even more for "Being John Malkovich" and "Vanilla Sky" and she still didn't get nominated. "There's Something About Mary" was a huge blockbuster hit, she got nominated for Globe and won NYFCCA for Best Actress (if it was a joke or not is still matter of discussion), she got great reviews from critics and Academy snubbed her as well. In 2005 she gave her probably best performance in "In Her Shoes" and was overlooked badly. Who won? Reese Witherspoon for a very light weight role.

He should have got one for Man On The Moon. He WAS Andy Kaufman. IMO comedies aren't really recognized very well by the Oscars. I bet it is harder to make a drama actor do comedy than the other way around. Hmmmm.

Jim Carrey should get an Oscar he's an excellent actor and a very very funny man.

tom - any talk about carrey earning another GG nomination of this role?



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