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Gold Derby nuggets: Danny DeVito accepts kudo for Michael Douglas | Justin Timberlake botches Oscar hopes?

October 5, 2010 | 10:13 am

Danny DeVito collected the Golden Icon Award at the Zurich Film Festival on behalf of his pal Michael Douglas, who undergoes treatment for throat cancer. He told the crowd on Sunday night: "Michael is so strong. He gets better and better with every movie he makes. So that's why I tell him to work more." DeVito and Douglas costarred in "Romancing the Stone" and "Jewel of the Nile." DIGITAL SPY

Tyler Perry For Colored Girls

Anne Thompson doesn't believe Lionsgate's marketing campaign for Tyler Perry's "For Colored Girls" bolsters its Oscar hopes because it fails to feature the likenesses of stars Janet Jackson, Thandie Newton and past Oscar winner and ceremony host Whoopi Goldberg. THOMPSON ON HOLLYWOOD

Sasha Stone of AwardsDaily and Jeff Wells of Hollywood Elsewhere post their second podcast featuring their state-of-the-derby thoughts. AWARDS DAILY

Scott Feinberg has compiled an impressive and exhaustive list of the Twitter accounts of top Oscar contenders and bloggers too. SCOTT FEINBERG

• That naughty Vulture Lane Brown at New York Magazine fuels the old rivalry between producers Harvey Weinstein and Scott Rudin, who now compete for the best-picture Oscar with "The King's Speech" and "The Social Network." He compiles a photo essay suggesting dastardly ways Harvey can campaign against "The Social Network," including running Justin Timberlake The Social Network "For Your Consideration" ads pushing Justin Timberlake for supporting actor in his next release — goofy animated feature "Yogi Bear." VULTURE

• Speaking of Justin Timberlake and New York Magazine, Mark Harris interviews the pop star in the publication's current issue, asking him how he prepared for portraying Napster founder Sean Parker in "The Social Network." Apparently he didn't bother taking inspiration from the real person. Does that give Oscar voters permission to dismiss his screen turn as not being a serious performance? "I didn't really feel a responsibility to play that person," Justin says. NEW YORK

Top photo: "For Colored Girls" (Lionsgate)

Bottom photo: "The Social Network" (Columbia)

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Saw The Social Network on Friday...a good picture but not great...and definitely not a Best Picture will be amongst the other 10 nominated films but it's no Best JT's's good, but not Oscar worthy..everytime he appeared on screen, I kept seeing Seth Rogen in the role..must have been the curly hair or it's role even Seth can play in his sleep...the other co-stars are much worthier. The actor who plays Mark Zuckerberg is worthy of an Oscar nod...playing him like a heartless, soul-less, disconnected, robotic nerd (how on earth did girls fall for this guy?)..the movie will appeal to young Academy members but the old fogies will prefer the stodgy, properly British The King's Speech...but they're 10 pics to choose from, so who knows?...

re the headline: "Kudos" is like sheep, both singular and plural.



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