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Gold Derby nuggets: 'Nowhere Boy' may be serious comedy contender at Golden Globes | Michael Caine gripes he ought to have more Oscars

October 11, 2010 | 11:17 am

• "Proving that its buzz wasn't short-lived, Facebook movie 'The Social Network' topped the box office for the second weekend in a row, with ticket sales down a small 31% from its debut at $15.5 million," reports the L.A. Times. That helps to sustain its Oscar buzz, of course. COMPANY TOWN

Nowhere boy

• Weinstein Co. is happily surprised by the response "Nowhere Boy" is getting from members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn., who want it to compete in the comedy/musical lineup. TheWrap's Steve Pond reports, "'Nowhere Boy' is clearly a drama, but it also contains a fair amount of music, mostly in the skiffle and early rock songs played by John Lennon and his friends. In the curious world of the Golden Globes, where the dramas 'Ray' and 'Walk the Line' were considered musicals, that’s enough to put 'Nowhere Boy" in contention in a thin field." THE ODDS

Tom Hooper's "The King's Speech" and Jill Andresevic's "Love Etc." won the audience awards at the Hampton's International Film Festival over the weekend. INDIEWIRE

• Former Variety editor Peter Bart weighs in on the date change being pondered for the Academy Awards: "If the Oscar ceremony is moved up a few weeks in 2012, that would trigger a variety of nervous-making options now being studied." VARIETY

Pete Hammond looks "back at films from the first eight months of the year that have reason for awards hopes, and, in some cases, may have to struggle against the odds just to be remembered" — namely, "The Ghost Writer," "Shutter Island," "Winter's Bone," Inception," etc. DEADLINE

Sasha Stone (Awards Daily) and Jeffrey Wells (Hollywood-Elsewhere) present their third Oscar podcast. OSCAR POKER

• "Michael Caine is gently cross that Jack Nicholson has three Oscars to his two and grumbles that his chance has now gone. 'I’m in 'Batman' next, as Alfred the butler. I can’t win one for that. And I’m playing Granddad in the next film I’m making, 'Mysterious Island.' I've got to grow a beard until we start shooting.'" MIRROR

• The Producers Guild of America will hail Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman with the honorary Norman Lear Achievement Award in Television at its awards ceremony on Jan. 22. PGA

Photo: "Nowhere Boy" (Weinstein Co.)

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