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Yes, 'Frankie & Alice' does qualify for this year's Oscar derby

October 26, 2010 | 11:41 am

Halle berryEven though "Frankie and Alice" appeared on the Oscars' reminder list of 2009, it is eligible for Academy Awards in 2010, according to a spokesperson for Freestyle Releasing.

On Monday, the distributor announced "Frankie and Alice" will receive a qualifying run in New York and Los Angeles starting Dec. 17 before it opens wide on Feb. 4, 2011. Soon thereafter, Guy Lodge (InContention) noted that "Frankie and Alice" appeared on last year's Oscar reminder list, which introduced doubt about its current eligibility.  He warned that the reminder list is issued in early December and only reflects distributors' intent. It is not the official eligibility list.

An academy spokesperson tells Steve Pond at the Wrap, "Having been included in the list last year does not disqualify it, and in any given year there may be one or more movies in the reminder list that don't end up opening after all."

According to the Index to Motion Picture Credits on the academy's website, "Frankie and Alice" was released in Los Angeles on Dec. 25, 2009, so that means it didn't complete a full week's run in both L.A. and New York City.

"Frankie and Alice" looks like classic Oscar bait with past champ Halle Berry starring as a woman suffering from multiple-personality disorder (shades of Joanne Woodward in "Three Faces of Eve"). When the news of its entry into the 2010 derby hit the Oscar blogosphere Monday, it triggered a storm of speculation that Berry might successfully ambush the lead actress race in the home stretch exactly like Jeff Bridges did last year when "Crazy Heart" received a last-minute release.

UPDATE 2:45 p.m. -- The original draft of this article gave credit for this news to our forums poster seanflynn instead of Guy Lodge at InContention. The correction has been made.

Photo: Freestyle Releasing

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Hey Kris I actually wrote about this movie and performance about this time last year trying to spark some interest but to null. So I pretty much gave up on it. I originally thought it was mahor Oscar type bait....

Sunday, October 18, 2009
What's up with Halle Berry's Frankie and Alice ?

This was a project I was very much interested again as it was a Halle Berry film that looked like material that could give her a chance to chew scenery again with some real serious aspects to it by playing a woman battling multiple personality disorder and also with Stellen Skarsgard playing the doctor treating her. But the film has been complete for some time and I have heard no further word about it. Nothing. I hope it does get an actual theatrical release because the premise seemed very intriguing.
Posted by No Bad Movies at 10:30 PM

Thank you. It's just about credit where it's due, that's all.

Sorry to stiff poor Guy Lodge out of his due credit here. I've tweaked the article to fix.

Not to discredit anyone, but the first person I saw who started investigating this was Guy Lodge over at yesterday, and that was even before I started a thread about it here on the Goldderby forums.

Couple things -

If it indeed opened in LA on Dec. 25, it would have been just about unheard of for it not to have played for seven days.

I've never heard of a case where a film opened for less than one week and then came back the next year and then came back and was eligible.

Also the film was not reviewed in the LATimes (or anywhere else that I know of) - there was no Variety review either.

And of course whether it opened in NY has nothing to do with Academy eligibility.

Thanks for the shoutout on my post, but it was actually someone else who first repeated hearing from elsewhere that it was on the list - what I did was find the list and confirm is was listed there.

Just in the way of correction, seanflynn's post on your forums was in response to someone indicating Guy Lodge's comment on the matter here:

And subsequent post here:

So I wouldn't say it was news of seanflynn's post that "spread like wildfire" across the web but, more accurately, Mr. Lodge's catch.



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