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'The White Ribbon' sweeps three top European Film Awards

December 12, 2009 |  9:46 pm

Seven months after "The White Ribbon" and "A Prophet" split the top prizes at the Cannes Film Festival, they did so again at the European Film Awards.  Cannes' Golden Palm recipient, "The White Ribbon," was voted best picture by the European Film Academy, beating Oscar champ "Slumdog Millionaire," which took the audience award for best picture as a consolation prize. "White Ribbon" also claimed trophies for best director and screenplay. "A Prophet" won best actor (Tahar Rahim) and sound design. See a full list of winners below; nominees are here.

The White Ribbon European Film Awards

"The White Ribbon" is Germany's official Oscar entry for best foreign-language film and is eligible in all categories. That's not true of France's entry, "A Prophet," which can only compete for best foreign flick because it will  not be released in U.S. theaters before year's end.

"Das Weisse Band" ("The White Ribbon"), Germany/Austria/France/Italy

Michael Haneke, "Das Weisse Band" ("The White Ribbon")

Tahar Rahim, "Un Prophète" ("A Prophet")

Kate Winslet, "The Reader"

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Oscars rewind: 'Slumdog Millionaire' tied for most European Film Awards nominations

November 9, 2009 |  8:53 am

Slumdog Millionaire Because of differing release dates, the nominations for the 2009 European Film Awards, announced over the weekend at the Seville filmfest, span three years of Oscars eligibility. Contending for the top prize are last year's Oscar champ, "Slumdog Millionaire" -- which earned six nods -- as well as best pic nominee "The Reader." Also on the list are this year's French and German Oscar submissions for foreign film -- "A Prophet," which also earned six noms, and  "The White Ribbon" -- and one of next year's hot releases: "Fish Tank" from Britain. Rounding out the list is "Let the Right One In," which Sweden passed over last year as its official Oscar entry in favor of "Everlasting Moments."

"Slumdog Millionaire" helmer Danny Boyle and scripter Simon Beaufoy -- who both won Oscars last year -- are nominees at this year's European Film Awards, which will be held on Dec. 12 in the German city of Essen. The other nods for "Slumdog" are a bid by Oscar-winning cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle -- also recognized for his work on "Antichrist" -- lead actor Dev Patel and as one of the 10 pics in the people's choice category. Some awards purists would argue that last nod -- for a prize won by popular vote rather than being bestowed by the academy's 2,000 members -- shouldn't count in the tally, but the official nominations list includes this category.

Two years ago, 2006 best actress Oscar champ Helen Mirren ("The Queen") ended an amazing awards run with a win at the European Film Awards. Among this year's crop of best actress nominees are last year's Oscar winner, Kate Winslet ("The Reader"). Her competition includes one current potential best actress nominee -- Penelope Cruz ("Broken Embraces") -- but not another -- Audrey Tautou ("Coco Before Chanel").

For the full list of nominations, visit the European Film Academy website.


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Photo: A scene from "Slumdog Millionaire." Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures

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Vote for best picture at the European Film Awards

September 8, 2009 |  6:26 am

European film awards 
The European Film Awards have announced nominees for the people's choice award for best picture, which we can decide by casting ballots at their website. Voters can win tickets to attend the ceremony to be held on Dec. 12 at Germany's Ruhr Metropolis.

Nominees are "The Baader Meinhof Complex," "Broken Embraces," "Coco Before Chanel," "The Duchess," "Fly Me to the Moon," "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," "Let the Right One In," "Mid-August Lunch," "Slumdog Millionaire" and "Transporter 3."

Previous winners of the award: "Volver," "Life Is Beautiful," "Amelie," "The Full Monty" and "Goodbye, Lenin." Of course, the European Film Academy also has a separate best-picture award decided by its members. Recent champs: "Gomorrah," "4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days" and "The Lives of Others."

Photos: Vitagraph Films, Sony Pictures Classics

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Gold Derby nuggets: Oscars voters get 'Slumdog Millionaire' and 'Rachel' DVDs | 'The Reader' and 'Revolutionary Road' are best picture contenders, says Roger Friedman | Clint Eastwood is a 'slam dunk' for an acting bid

November 20, 2008 |  5:29 pm

• Today many Oscar voters got the DVDs of "Slumdog Millionaire" and "Rachel Getting Married." Yesterday they got "Last Chance Harvey" and "Traitor." To see what screeners they received before that, CLICK HERE.

• Probably thanks to his long-term chumminess with producer Harvey Weinstein, Roger Friedman of Fox News is first out with a review of "The Reader." It has "the earmarks of a best picture nominee," he says, calling it "a movie about an intimate relationship set against the backdrop of an Important Issue.


"Kate Winslet is a revelation in "The Reader,'" he adds, reflecting his similar view of her screen turn in "Revolutionary Road," which also "joins the small group of potential best picture nominees. Certainly, for direction it’s a shoo-in. Kate and Leo are superb. Yes, it's Oscar caliber work. Winslet we expected. But Leo DiCaprio is a revelation." READ MORE

• At the Feinberg Files, check out Scott Feinberg's report on the bash thrown in Manhattan last night for "Milk" where he chatted with Lauren Bacall. READ MORE and listen his podcast.

• Several film critics have finally been shown "Gran Torino"! The Envelope's Pete Hammond reports that "consensus is it's a slam-dunk acting nomination for Clint Eastwood." Pete also serves up audience reax to other top Oscar contenders like "Revolutionary Road" at his Notes on a Season blog.

Christina Aguilera has been added to the star lineup appearing on the Grammy nominations TV special airing 9-10 p.m. ET/PT Dec. 3 on CBS. Also performing: Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Foo Fighters, B.B. King and John Mayer. The award ceremony will be held on Feb. 8. Grammy_museum

• The Grammys open their new museum to the public on Dec. 6. It's located in L.A. LIVE, directly across from the Staples Center where the award ceremony takes place. READ MORE

• At his EW blog, Dave Karger weighs the Oscar prospects of "Seven Pounds."

• On Dec. 9, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences will induct the following honorees into its TV Hall of Fame: Bea Arthur, Daniel B. Burke and Thomas Murphy, Larry Gelbart, Merv Griffin and Sherwood Schwartz. The ceremony will be held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, emceed by "Desperate Housewives" star James Denton.

• The National Book Awards were bestowed yesterday to Annette Gordon-Reed for "The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family" (nonfiction) and Peter Matthiessen for "Snow Country" (fiction). The choices sparked some controversy, as noted by the New York Times and New York Mag's Vulture blog. Vulture also reports (hilariously) on the after-party, which moved this year — in a desperate ploy to be perceived as more hip — to Socialista. The ploy was so desperate that the room was packed with downtown trendoids who had no idea where they were or why they were there — and probably haven't read a book without "Harry Potter" in the title since leaving high school.

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'Gomorrah,' 'Il Divo' and 'Waltz With Bashir' lead European Film Awards noms (Mike Leigh snubbed again!)

November 9, 2008 |  1:12 pm

Nominations for the 21st European Film Awards were announced at the Sevilla Film Festival over the weekend. Among the half-dozen best-picture nominees are three potential foreign film Oscar contenders — "The Class" from France, Italy's "Gomorrah," and "Waltz With Bashir" from Israel. Also in the running are "Il Divo" (the Italian biopic about prime minister Giulio Andreotti that won the jury prize at Cannes), Spain's "The Orphanage" and "Happy-Go-Lucky" from the U.K.

Italy's "Gomorrah" leads with the most noms with five, followed by four each for "Il Divo" and "Waltz With Bashir." Those three films plus "The Class" are also nominated for best director, which usually ups a movie's shot at winning, of course.


The helmer snub behind "Happy-Go-Lucky" is particularly curious. While its perpetually perky star Sally Hawkins got a best actress nod, Mike Leigh was snubbed in the directing and writing categories, as he was when "Vera Drake" competed here in 2004 and "Secrets and Lies" contended in 1996. The five-time Oscar nominee's only nod here came in 2002 for "All or Nothing" — he lost to Pedro Almodovar ("Talk to Her"). Hawkins, winner of the Berlin film fest best-actress prize, is an Oscar contender, as is nominee Kristin Scott Thomas ("I've Loved You So Long"). Among the leading men nominated, Michael Fassbender ("Hunger") is a dark horse in the best actor Oscar race.

Because the eligibility dates for Europe's equivalent of the Oscar are different, James McAvoy, snubbed again last year by the Academy Awards for "Atonement," is in the running here with his second consecutive bid for best actor (he was nommed in 2006 for "The Last King of Scotland"). Those differing dates meant that 2006 Oscar champ Helen Mirren ("The Queen") capped off an amazing awards run with a win here last year — a long time after her Oscar reign.

Last year's best picture winner was Romania's "4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days," which had also won the Cannes Palme d'Or. However, such success failed to translate into a foreign film Oscar nomination. The previous year's winner, "The Lives of Others," did go on to take that prize at the Academy Awards. Other Euro champs that have contended at the Oscars include Almodovar's "Talk to Her" and "All About My Mother," "Amelie," "The Full Monty" and "Breaking the Waves."

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