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'Glee' and Adam Lambert hit high notes at GLAAD Awards

April 19, 2010 | 12:29 pm

Following up on its recent victories at the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards, Fox TV mega-hit "Glee" won best comedy series at the GLAAD Awards, bestowed at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel.

Glee GLAAD Awards news

Accepting the prize, "Glee" series writer and co-creator Ryan Murphy hailed cast member Chris Colfer, who portrays gay character Kurt Hummel: “We have so much love for our own Chris Colfer, who at age 19 when the media came calling, Chris was true to who he is instead of waiting to announce (he’s gay) at 40 when it doesn’t matter ... Chris' character will never be the victim. (Next year he) will have a boyfriend, and they are going to be prom kings and be popular.”

Constance McMillen, the Mississippi high school student barred from attending her prom because she's a lesbian, was greeted by a standing ovation when she appeared to bestow an honorary award upon comic Wanda Sykes. Accepting the kudo, Sykes said, "I want to thank the Fox network or allowing me to do the show I’m doing. It's like Rupert Murdoch buying back all the hate — like I'm saving him from going to hell."

Tom Ford's "A Single Man" won best film, which was accepted by partner Richard Buckley, who noted that Ford couldn't attend due to the flights grounded by Iceland's volcano.

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Gold Derby nuggets: 'Glee' gives back | Tonys a no-go for Conan O'Brien | 'Avatar' rules Empire awards | 'Lost' finale finds big bucks

March 30, 2010 |  7:00 am

Glee_logo • "Glee" fans who can't wait for the return of the freshman hit to Fox on April 13 can see the show a few days early at "Glee" charity screenings in nine cities nationwide. Monies raised from the preview of the 14th episode of the Golden Globe-winning musical comedy series will support the school music program run by the Grammys foundation.

• Oscars co-host Steve Martin told Sandy Cohen he wasn't nervous the second time around on the stage of the Kodak Theater because he has been performing live so much as of late. The musical Martin has been strumming the banjo out on tour with the Steep Canyon Rangers. AP

• Add comic-book star to the list of achievements for daytime and prime-time Emmy champ Ellen DeGeneres. The one-time Oscar host is featured in a series of comics from Bluewater Productions that salute women of power. Previous installments of the series have spotlighted politicos Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi as well as TV legends Barbara Walters and Oprah Winfrey.

• Reporting on Sunday's American Cinematheque fete for Matt Damon, Josh Duboff notes, "It was more like a Comedy Central roast than a stuffy Hollywood ceremony." Among those skewering Damon were his best bud and Oscar-winning screenplay collaborator Ben Affleck ("Good Will Hunting"), that film's acting Oscar champ,  Robin Williams, and Oscar winners George Clooney, Clint Eastwood and Charlize Theron. The ceremony will air on ABC sometime in the coming months. NEW YORK

Tony Award • CBS offered Conan O'Brien the hosting gig at the upcoming Tony Awards, but the onetime NBC star declined. Reports are that O'Brien had agreed to forego appearing on TV until Sept. 1 when the peacock net paid him nearly $45 million after he was yanked from "The Tonight Show" just seven months into his contract. However, O'Brien is still going legit as he hits the road beginning April 12 with the 30-city tour of the aptly titled "The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour." GOSSIP COP

• Two contenders for this year's Tony Awards are shuttering on Sunday, well in advance of the June 13 ceremony. The first rialto revival of the 1960 Tony-winning play "The Miracle Worker," starring Oscar nominee Abigail Breslin ("Little Miss Sunshine") and Tony nominee Alison Pill ("The Lieutenant of Inishmore), opened to mixed reviews March 3. And the musical melange "All About Me" with Tony champ Dame Edna Everage ("The Royal Tour") and cabaret darling Michael Feinstein never found its footing after debuting March 18 to middling notices. These unexpected theater vacancies may well be filled by other shows rushing into town before the April 29 cutoff for Tony eligibility.

• Investing in a Broadway show is not for the fainthearted so the news that the musical "Next to Normal" has recouped its $4-million budget is indeed welcome. The tuner, about a woman battling bipolar disorder, won star Alice Ripley the lead actress award at last year's Tonys, bested "Billy Elliot" for score and tied with that show for orchestrations as well. Composer Tom Kitt credits the performance by the cast on the kudoscast with making the difference between profit and loss. "It seemed that our performance in a national forum that night created a new interest in the show." NEW YORK TIMES

Avatar Poster • On Sunday, "Avatar" picked up three awards, including best picture, from the U.K. film magazine Empire. James Cameron, who took the best director prize, attended the ceremony at London's Grosvenor House and said in his acceptance speech (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) that, "clearly the Empire magazine readership is more discerning than the British or American academies." No doubt Cameron was especially pleased that the film's performance-capture star Zoe Saldana won best actress. Supporting actor Oscar champ Christoph Waltz ("Inglourious Basterds") went home with the best actor award. EMPIRE

• 1996 supporting actress Oscar champ Juliette Binoche ("The English Patient") has a starring role on the official poster of the Cannes film festival, set to unspool for the 63rd time beginning May 12 for a dozen days along the Croisette.

Rachel Weisz -- the 2005 supporting actress Oscar winner for "The Constant Gardener" -- may be battling James Bond in the 23rd installment of the long-running movie franchise. Weisz, who appears opposite Bond star Daniel Craig in the upcoming "Dream House," has joked in the past about being a Bond girl. But the plan is to have her star as the head of Quantum, the evil organization that has beset Bond in the last two movies. CINEMA BLEND

• Last year, Tim Allen reunited with the cast of "Home Improvement" to receive the Fan Favorite prize at the TV Land Awards. On April 17, he will host the eighth edition of these kudos at Sony Studios, with the festivities airing on the cable net on April 25. Among the already announced recipients are "Everybody Loves Raymond" (Impact award), "Glee" (Future Classic award) and, appropriately enough, the Legend award to both Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner. And Farrah Fawcett -- who was left out of the "In Memoriam" segment of the Oscars -- will be paid tribute by her "Charlie's Angels" costars.

Lost_Logo • The 2005 Emmy-winning best drama series "Lost" signs off for good on May 23, and the alphabet net is reportedly looking for $900,000 -- that is four times the usual rate -- for a 30-second spot on the two-hour finale. Although that would make it the most expensive ad buy for a series this season, it is a real bargain next to the $2.3 million that some advertisers paid to NBC for spots on the finale of "Friends" in 2004. No word yet on what Fox will charge for the two-hour series finale of the 2006 Emmy-winning best drama series -- "24" -- when it airs the following night. AD AGE

• Add Adam Lambert to the list of bold-faced names topped by Tom Ford appearing at the L.A. celebration of the 21st annual GLAAD Media Awards on April 17. Constance McMillen, the Mississippi teenager whose high school canceled the prom rather than allow Constance and her girlfriend to attend, will present the Stephen F. Kolzak Award to Wanda Sykes. GLAAD


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First photo: "Glee" logo. Credit: Fox

Second photo: Tony Award statue. Credit: American Theater Wing

Third photo: "Avatar" poster. Credit: Fox

Fourth photo: "Lost" logo. Credit: ABC

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New soap opera engulfs GLAAD Awards

March 15, 2010 |  8:11 pm

For the past few years the GLAAD Award for TV soap operas turned into a fierce soap opera itself as the organization devoted to fighting gay prejudice was accused of rewarding homophobia. This year, it looks like the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has done it again, but this time the group couldn't have known it was doing so.

This year's award for best TV soap showing a positive portrayal of gay life went to "One Life to Live" just a few days after TV Guide reported that ABC killed the Kyle and Fish love story because of negative reaction in focus groups. If that's really the reason ABC squashed the gay plotline, then it means that for the third year in a row this GLAAD award went to a TV show that actively discriminated against gays. Isn't that contrary to the reason GLAAD exists?

Fish and kyle one life to live GLAAD Awards news

Yes, but the decision to give this award to "One Life to Live" was made before the shocking disclosure by TV Guide, so GLAAD cannot be blamed this time. Nelson Branco has more details of the hubbub here. Read GLAAD's denunciation of ABC's decision to boot "Kish" here.

However, GLAAD still must endure criticism for giving the award twice to "As the World Turns" while the soap's producers refused first to let characters Noah and Luke kiss on air, and then to get more physical – as heterosexual characters do all the time. Read more here.

Below, the full list of the latest GLAAD Award winners. See The Envelope's photos of the star-packed awards ceremony in Manhattan here.

EXCELLENCE IN MEDIA AWARD:  Joy Behar (presented by Meredith Vieira)

VITO RUSSO AWARD:  Cynthia Nixon (presented by Michael Patrick King)

OUTSTANDING DRAMA SERIES:  Brothers and Sisters (ABC) [Accepted by show writer Geoffrey Nauffts]

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GLAAD continues to reward bias against gays

April 3, 2009 | 12:20 pm

When the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) bestowed its awards last Saturday night, it repeated its outrage of last year, as far as I see it: The organization devoted to fighting discrimination against gays in the media again gave an honor to a TV show that appeared to discriminate. For the second year in a row, "As the World Turns" won the GLAAD Award as outstanding daytime TV drama.

As the World Turns Nuke GLAAD

When the Luke (Van Hansis) and Noah (Jake Silbermann) romance debuted on "As the World Turns" a few years ago, it was obvious that the actors weren't permitted to kiss on screen. That ban not only persisted through the eligibility period of the first GLAAD Award it won (2007), but the early part of the eligibility period of the second award too (2008). Then the gay couple, hallelujah, was finally permitted to smooch, but not to have a physical relationship beyond that — like most hormonally crazed heterosexual couples do on TV soaps. That breakthrough finally occurred in 2009, but the ban still seemed to be in place during both times "As the World Turns" was honored by GLAAD.

"As the World Turns" execs didn't admit that they discriminated against the characters, but they kind of admitted it too. Jeannie Tharrington, a spokeswoman for Procter & Gamble Productions, which produces the CBS series, conceded last year that the conservative portrayal of Luke and Noah's love life was due in part to "some of the feedback that we've gotten." Part of that feedback was the threat of a boycott against Procter & Gamble products led by the right-wing political group American Family Assn. of Tupelo, Miss., which denounced the show's portrayal of homosexuality as "repulsive" and "offensive."

So why would GLAAD hail "ATWT" producers with an award? Cynics say it's because the organization is desperate to get the soap's popular, studly stars, Hansis and Silbermann, to attend its award ceremony.

GLAAD president Neil Giuliano tells Gold Derby his awards program has a different agenda: "Our job is to reward and recognize when there's a fair and accurate portrayal of gay life in media. Are they always going to be perfect? No. But we do have an obligation to recognize them and thank people when they do move the needle. We've got to balance that with our frustration that it's not as much progress as we want.

"GLAAD has very much a carrot and stick approach," he adds, "fighting defamation and working in media advocacy. The awards program is the time we recognize people for being fair, accurate and inclusive. It's not the time we bring out the stick and raise our anti-defamation fists in the air about things people are not doing as well as they should."

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GLAAD Award winners receive a new statuette

March 28, 2009 |  3:49 pm

When the first batch of GLAAD Awards are bestowed tonight at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City, winners will be clutching a new statuette. Here are its vital stats:

• 12 inches high (3-inch base, 9-inch metal sculpture)

• Weight: approximately 7 pounds

• Sculpture is die-cast zinc, hand finished with a satin texture and plated with a custom nickel and rhodium finish for a dark luster

• Base is black-stained ash


After tonight's GLAAD Awards presentation, there will be additional kudos ceremonies in Los Angeles on April 18 and in San Francisco on May 9. You can see a full list of nominees here.

That list of GLAAD Awards nominations doesn't make all award-watchers glad. Nelson Branco of TV Guide Canada, in fact, is furious about the nomination of "homophobic" "As The World Turns" for outstanding daytime drama.

Nelson fumes: "Predictably, the seemingly self-professed anti-discrimination organization is recognizing 'ATWT' despite the fact that the CBS sudser ordered a highly controversial kissing ban on their lone gay couple, Luke and Noah, in the beginning of 2008. Also, 'ATWT' banned any kind of sexual intimacy or lovemaking between Nuke since their almost two-year reign on the soap. This, on a series in which every other heterosexual couple could act as the official spokespeople for sexually transmitted diseases. A couple of months ago, Nuke finally consummated their relationship. Unless you were in Peapack, or in a coma, you know the lack of publicity regarding this historic milestone set off a firestorm of controversy over the fact that Nuke’s lovemaking was treated differently than the promotion of their straight counterparts."

Photo: GLAAD

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'Milk' 'Brothers & Sisters' and 'Ugly Betty' among GLAAD Awards nominees

January 27, 2009 | 10:49 am

The Oscar nominated "Milk" is the likely winner among the five more widely released films competing for top honors from gay and lesbian media watchdog GLAAD. The other four GLADD Awards nominees — the critically rejected remake of "Brideshead Revisited"; "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist"; "RocknRolla"; and "Vicky Cristina Barcelona." That Woody Allen film has about 10 seconds of gay content with the one notorious kiss between Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johannson.


By so stretching the definition of eligibility, GLAAD upped the number of nominees from last year's three — "Across the Universe," "The Jane Austen Book Club" and eventual winner "Stardust." Last year's list was most notable for the absence of "The Kite Runner" which contained a controversial rape scene.

Don't waste your time looking for performers like Oscar front-runners Sean Penn and Penelope Cruz on the list below of 125 nominees spread out across 26 English-language categories. While the GLAAD Awards hail a music artist, there are no individual prizes for acting.

Though major movies might not be featuring many gay story lines, television series, both comedy and drama, have proved far more inclusive. For the third year running, ABC leads the way with six nominations, including nods for two-time champs "Brothers & Sisters" and "Ugly Betty" as well as a third in a row nom for "Desperate Housewives." Snubbed was "Grey's Anatomy" which made headlines with the controversial axing of gay characters. Over five seasons, that medical drama has managed only one GLAAD nod -- a win for individual episode in 2007.

Also controversial was last year's win by daytime drama "As the World Turns." Not only were the program's gay lovers Luke (Van Hansis) and Noah (Jake Silbermann) forbidden to kiss on the CBS soap series, but they were, apparently, even forbidden to kiss at the GLAAD Awards! When journalists asked the actors to smooch for the cameras on the red carpet, Hansis and Silbermann coyly dodged the request and — adding insult to injury — would only pucker up on either side of the actress who portrays Noah's bogus green-card wife on the show. However, the show is in contention once more this year with only "All My Children" as competition.

Beyond those 125 nominees across 26 English-language categories there are an additional 60 Spanish-language nominees in 15 categories. The nominees were published, released or broadcast in 2008 and were decided on by seven nominating juries who considered nearly 1,000 media projects. And with so many kudos to hand out, GLAAD holds ceremonies in New York (March 28), Los Angeles (April 18) and San Francisco (May 9).

"Brideshead Revisited"
"Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist "
"Vicky Cristina Barcelona"

"The Edge of Heaven"
"Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom"
"Save Me"

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GLAAD embraces last year's champs again

April 27, 2008 |  1:02 pm

Last year's winners of best drama and comedy series returned for more lavender laurels from GLAAD last night at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles: "Brothers & Sisters" and "Ugly Betty." The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation Media Awards also hailed "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List" for best reality show.

Read the Associated Press report - CLICK HERE. Visit the GLAAD website HERE.


(Photos: ABC)

GLAAD should rescind its award to 'ATWT' — and apologize

March 21, 2008 |  9:13 am

Not only should GLAAD be publicly denounced for giving an award to "As the World Turns," but it should be pressured to rescind the prize.

It's an outrage that an organization devoted to battling gay discrimination in the media would honor a TV show that blatantly and notoriously discriminates against gay romance.


Not only are the program's gay lovers Luke (Van Hansis) and Noah (Jake Silbermann) forbidden to kiss on the CBS soap series, but they were, apparently, even forbidden to kiss at the GLAAD Awards where they were being honored for nondiscrimination! When journalists asked the actors to smooch for the cameras on the red carpet, Hansis and Silbermann coyly dodged the request and — adding insult to injury — would only pucker up on either side of the actress who portrays Noah's bogus green-card wife on the show. When the request for the gay kiss was channeled through reps for "ATWT," it was clear from their grumblings, evasive replies and conspiratorial whispers among themselves that they were the ones squashing it.

"As the World Turns" reps don't admit that they discriminate, but, well, they kind of do, too. Jeannie Tharrington, a spokeswoman for Procter & Gamble Productions, which produces the CBS series, concedes that recent changes in how Luke and Noah are portrayed were "because of some of the feedback that we've gotten, and because of what we thought was best for the show creatively."

That feedback included denunciations from conservative political groups like the American Family Assn. of Tupelo, Miss., which champions a boycott of Procter & Gamble because its members find the show's portrayal of homosexuality "repulsive" and "offensive."


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'Sunshine,' 'Brothers & Sisters,' 'Ugly Betty' win GLAAD Awards

April 15, 2007 |  3:53 pm


The second installment of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation's Media Awards were bestowed Saturday in L.A. The first were last month in Gotham and the next batches get doled out in San Francisco (April 28) and Miami (May 10).

The "Gay Oscars" were bestowed at the Kodak Theater and attracted a galaxy of superstars, gay and "str8," as the lingo goes. Guessing which ones were which was a sport, especially when it came to Jake Gyllenhaal, who presented the honorary Vanguard Award to Jennifer Aniston, and was the subject of most offstage tongue-wagging. The "Brokeback Mountain" star maintains that he's str8 and is currently linked in the tabs to Reese Witherspoon, but gossip sites like have been hinting otherwise of late (CLICK HERE).

Other award recipients:

Outstanding Film — Wide Release: "Little Miss Sunshine"
Outstanding Drama Series: "Brothers & Sisters"
Outstanding Comedy Series: "Ugly Betty"
Outstanding Individual Episode: "Where the Boys Are," "Grey's Anatomy"

See more winners and photo: CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE.

Photo: Before presenting the Vanguard Award to Jennifer Aniston, Jake Gyllenhaal said, "People say actors are brave for taking certain roles. I say, 'No!' What's truly brave is picking out an outfit to wear in front of this crowd. The tie: white or black or white or transgendered?" (GLAAD)

GLAAD has first of four fetes

March 27, 2007 |  9:57 am

While the Emmys used to be handed out in simultaneous ceremonies in LA, NYC, and DC, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) goes this one better, with four cities needed to host their kudos to mainstream media. The 18th annual festivities kicked off Monday night in Manhattan with 26 of the 42 prizes to honorees including musical diva Patti LaBelle, designer Tom Ford, and comedian Kate Clinton. The other ceremonies are April 14 in LA, April 28 in San Francisco, and May 10 in Miami. Only the Gotham and Hollywood portions will make the cut of the version to be shown on LOGO on April 21.

For the full list of winners CLICK HERE

Two networks will televise GLAAD awards

January 25, 2006 |  9:41 am

OK, here's the easiest award category ever to predict. Which of these nominees will win GLAAD's award for best film in wide release — "Brokeback Mountain," "Capote," "The Family Stone," "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" or "Rent"? Considering the kudo is bestowed by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, it's easy imagining cowboys at the podium accepting a prize honoring mainstream media for fair, accurate and inclusive representations of gays and lesbians in film and TV.

Or wait a minute — maybe these honors aren't so predictable! After all, last year "Will & Grace" lost best comedy series to "Sex and the City." So suspense is one more reason to tune in when the kudofest is telecast on two networks for the first time ever: Logo on April 15 and VH1 on April 16. The other reasons to watch have to do with GLAAD usually staging an awards show full of flashy drama and naughty fun. It's always one of the most entertaining award shows of the year. has posted the complete list of nominees online.



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