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Poll: Can Lindsay Lohan stage a Hollywood comeback?

July 21, 2010 |  1:28 pm

Lindsay Lohan faces the biggest crisis of her troubled career. She will spend the next two weeks in an L.A. jail and then 90 more days in rehab. This means she won't be available to promote her next film, the Robert Rodriguez action flick "Machete," which opens Sept. 3.

Lindsay lohan inferno And her summer in the slammer has delayed production on "Inferno," in which she is to play 1970s adult film star Linda Lovelace. That project holds promise and if done right could have Hollywood talking about Lohan's acting ability rather than her antics.

However, writer-director Matthew Wilder has just one credit to his name -- the 2008 dark comedy "Your Name Here" inspired by the life of sci-fi writer Phillip Dick. And a recent explanation of his vision for this new film remains murky. As Wilder explained to, "There will be full frontal nudity but it will not be cinematic nudity, it will be more violent nudity. For example, linked images of the Vietnam war, that kind of context." Just what that means remains to be seen.

Lohan's efforts to promote this picture at the Cannes filmfest in May went awry. Volcanic ash ground flights and she missed a court appearance tied to her 2007 arrest for cocaine use and reckless driving. Back then, Lohan served 84 minutes in jail and was put on probation for three years. That was extended by one year when she failed to complete an alcohol-education course.

2007 marked a low point in her film career as well. Lohan starred as a pair of separated-at-birth twins in the horrific "I Know Who Killed Me." The film won a record eight Razzie Awards, including three for Lohan, who tied with herself for worst actress and won worst screen couple. 

Less than a decade earlier, Lindsay Lohan had won over audiences and critics playing another set of twins in the 1998 Disney remake of "The Parent Trap." Five years later she starred in another Disney do-over -- "Freaky Friday" -- and won the breakthrough award at the MTV movie kudos. In 2004, she headlined the critically acclaimed "Mean Girls" and won both MTV Movie and Teen Choice awards.

Two years later, Lohan earned good reviews as part of the ensemble casts of a pair of prestigious projects. "A Prairie Home Companion" was the last film from auteur Robert Altman while "Bobby" marked the first feature helmed in a decade by actor Emilio Estevez. That film about events surrounding the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy was a contender at both the Golden Globes and Screen Actor Guild.

If Lohan is looking for inspiration in these dark days, one shining example is Robert Downey Jr., who also came to fame at a young age. He landed an Oscar nomination for "Chaplin" in 1992 but slid off the rails soon after and was arrested numerous times in the late 1990s before serving a year in jail. After his release, he turned to the small screen, winning a Golden Globe for a role on "Ally McBeal." While he lost that job after more trouble with the law, Downey eventually turned himself around and is now at the top of the A-list.

Photo: "Inferno" promotional poster. Credit: Tyler Shields.

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Gold Derby nuggets: Lindsay Lohan loses another job | See 22 guys in the Oscars slugfest | Dennis Hopper talks Oscars | Anthony Edwards back from dead on 'ER'

November 5, 2008 | 11:45 am

Elizabeth Snead serves up tasty tidbits all day long at The Dish Rag here at The Envelope. Among her must-read items is this news that Lindsay Lohan, fresh from being bounced by "Ugly Betty," is out as host of the Nov. 9 World Music Awards in Monaco. These kudos, around since 1989, are handed out based on worldwide record sales. As Elizabeth Lindsay_lohan writes, "Why they hired her again is anyone's guess. The last time she hosted in 2006, she messed up and introduced Beyonce while the singer was still getting her hair done. Nervous about her ability to handle the job, the organizers reportedly asked that other career fast-tracker, 'Desperate Housewives' former lawn boy Jesse Metcalfe, to help Lindsay out. But she didn’t like that idea." And she says, "So who will replace Lindsay? Denise Richards. Yikes. To be replaced by Richards speaks volumes about where one is on the celebrity totem pole." The Dish Rag

• Check out The Envelope's newest photo gallery, which spotlights the slugfest over the best-actor Oscar. Paul Sheehan makes a curious observation about how old that category skews this year: "Although the supporting actor Oscar is usually considered the lifetime achievement award, this year's roster of best actor possibilities has several contenders eligible for AARP membership. The average age of the 22 men profiled here is 48, with Clint Eastwood ('Gran Torino') the oldest at 78. Indeed, only Leonardo DiCaprio ('Revolutionary Road') and Michael Fassbender ('Hunger') will still be under the age of 40 come Oscar night." The Envelope Galleries

T.L. Stanley of Gold Rush dishes awards with two-time Oscar nominee Dennis Hopper in a revealing interview. As she notes, "Back when 'Easy Rider' snared him a writing nod in 1970, and 'Hoosiers' a supporting actor nomination in '87, the awards game was a good deal simpler, he said. 'Times have changed,' he said. 'There was no blogging then.'" And, as per Stanley, "Hopper, who's co-starring in the pay-cable version of Oscar winner 'Crash,' is talking up his supporting role in 'Elegy,' an art house drama from Lakeshore Entertainment/Samuel Goldwyn Films with Sir Ben Kingsley and global movie goddess Penelope Cruz. Hopper plays a womanizing poet and ironic moral touchstone for his best friend (Kingsley) who gets into an intense May-December romance." Hollywood Reporter

Anthony Edwards tells the AP that returning to the set of "ER" six years after leaving the long-running medical drama, "was really like going back to high school, in the best way. It was like going back to your favorite class and having your favorite teacher. After about a half an hour, I really felt like I'd never left." Although his character, Mark Greene, was killed off after eight seasons, he features in a flashback on the Nov. 13 episode with new series regular Oscar nominee Angela Bassett. Also appearing in that flashback will be two-time supporting actress nominee Laura Innes as the feisty Kerry Weaver. While Edwards went 0 for 4 in the lead actor race (1995-98), he could well pick up a guest actor nod for this appearance. Over the first 14 seasons, 13 actors, including 2008 nominee Stanley Tucci, have gotten a nod for guesting on "ER." Ray Liotta was the only winner among the group for his stunning 2005 portrayal of the last hours of the life of an alcoholic. Among the seven actresses to compete for their guest shots, only Sally Field won in 2001 for the first of her two nods as the bipolar mother of Maura Tierney. AP


Patricia Cohen of the New York Times reports on the impact of the current economic woes on Broadway. Three of the most recent Tony Award winners for best musical -- "Spring Awakening" (2007), "Spamalot" (2005), and "Hairspray" (2003) -- are due to close in January. In addition, the most recent winner of best play -- "August: Osage County" -- as well as 2004 best musical "Avenue Q" are running at only 50% of capacity. Among the current crop of revivals, rave reviews for Kristin Scott Thomas have boosted attendance for "The Seagull" and curiosity seekers continue to be drawn to Katie Holmes in "All My Sons" but the appeal of seeing all of Daniel Radcliffe in "Equus" is waning. New York Times

• Playbill is reporting that the Tony Awards administration committee is scheduled to meet for the second time this season on Dec. 4 to discuss the shows which have opened since they first convened on Sept. 19. These two dozen theater professionals determine eligibility and category placement for the rialto's highest honors. Playbill

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Britney Spears and Mary-Kate Olsen snubbed by Emmy, but — oops — Sarah Silverman did it again!

July 2, 2008 | 12:19 pm

Good thing Britney Spears gets to spend more time with her boys these days because she won't be spending any time with TV's Golden Girl soon. Despite the fact that her appearance in the "Ten Sessions" episode of "How I Met Your Mother" was submitted for Emmy consideration, she's not on the Top 11 list of semifinalists for best guest actress in a comedy series.


Too bad. Britney Spears actually earned a few decent reviews for her performance as a receptionist in a doctor's office, including the New York Daily News, which said — with no intent of snarkiness: "Spears proved she can act every bit as well as she can sing." TV Guide critic Matt Roush said Britney was "harmless and (dare I say) kind of cute" in the role, but "Scrubs" star Sarah Chalke — who portrayed Britney's boss — "walked away with the episode." However, Chalke failed to make this Emmy Top 10 list too.

Also missing from the lineup: Mary-Kate Olsen, who played a pot-pushing Bible-thumper on "Weeds." Apparently, Emmy has no taste for pop tarts this season. Good thing Lindsay Lohan decided not to bother entering her name for her guest turn on "Ugly Betty."

Sarah Silverman — who made a surprise appearance on the Top 10 list for lead comedy actress for "The Sarah Silverman Program" — appears here as well! She's hailed for her guest spot on "Monk" as a psycho fan of a fictional TV detective. It's an ironic role meant to mirror the obsessive-compulsive nature of Tony Shalhoub's character.

Last year's winner in this category Elaine Stritch is back for her outrageous portrayal of Alec Baldwin's cranky mom on "30 Rock." She appears on this list opposite costar Edie Falco, the three-time Emmy winning star of "The Sopranos" who proved so deft on "30 Rock" that Showtime signed her up for her own series, according to TV Squad. (READ MORE)

Another past Emmy darling, Polly Bergen, is on this list, being honored for doing a good job as Lynette's bad mom on "Desperate Housewives." She won an Emmy in 1957 for portraying the title role in "The Helen Morgan Story" on "Playhouse 90." Bergen also produced the critically acclaimed drama about the Hollywood star's battles with liquor and love. It was nominated for best program of the year, but lost to Rod Serling's "Playhouse 90" drama "The Comedian"

Usually these lists have 10 semifinalists, but the rundown extends to 11 when the vote is narrow between the bottom two vote-getters.

Polly Bergen, "Desperate Housewives" ("Distant Past")
Edie Falco, "30 Rock" ("Episode 210")
Vivica A. Fox, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" ("The Rat Dog")
Kathryn Joosten, "Desperate Housewives" ("Welcome to Kanagawa")
Annie Potts, "Ugly Betty" ("Zero Worship")
Carrie Fisher, "30 Rock" ("Rosemary's Baby")
Shirley Knight, "Desperate Housewives" ("If There's Anything I Can't Stand")
Jane Lynch, "Two and a Half Men" ("Rough Night in Hump Junction")
Amy Ryan, "The Office" ("Goodbye Toby")
Sarah Silverman, "Monk" ("Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan")
Elaine Stritch, "30 Rock" ("LudaChristmas")

(Photos: CBS, USA)

Lindsay Lohan didn't submit herself for an Emmy — but Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and Mary-Kate Olsen are in the race

June 13, 2008 |  1:35 pm

Katherine Heigl isn't the only TV lovely who didn't think she had enough quality face time on the tube to merit submitting herself for Emmy consideration.


Lindsay Lohan ("Ugly Betty") chose not to enter the Emmy race either, which may be surprising considering that so many of her tabloid sisters are in the running. Two compete in the category that Lohan dodges — best guest actress in a comedy series: Britney Spears ("How I Met Your Mother") and Mary-Kate Olsen ("Weeds"). They'll compete against 39 rivals who also entered that category.

"Hannah Montana" star Miley Cyrus joined the smackdown of 25 gals battling it out to be chosen best lead actress in a comedy series.

Lohan didn't submit herself for contention in the guest race because "the appearance was brief," notes her rep Leslie Sloane. "We made a decision to wait."

Next TV season Lohan will appear in at least six episodes of "Betty" and will get more face time than she did in her debut appearance last month. In the season finale she uttered only four lines in a scene less than a minute long as she invited Betty Suares (America Ferrera) to play dodge ball with her team. When Betty accepted, happy to be wanted, she discovered that Lohan and her sinister cohorts only wanted to use her as a human shield against a barrage of flung balls.

See the video clip of Lindsay's role, CLICK HERE!

Here is Lindsay Lohan's quickie appearance in 'Ugly Betty' that's not entered for Emmy consideration

June 13, 2008 |  1:12 pm


Mary-Kate Olsen is officially in the Emmy race!

May 4, 2008 |  9:04 pm

Believe it or not, Showtime has entered Mary-Kate Olsen in the Emmy race for best guest actress in a comedy series ("Weeds" — CLICK HERE to see), potentially pitting her against Lindsay Lohan ("Ugly Betty") and Britney Spears ("How I Met Your Mother").


Since Emmy entries cost several hundred dollars per pop, that means Showtime is serious. We're still awaiting word on whether CBS is officially entering the Britney Spears episodes or whether ABC will put up cash on Lindsay. Both are likely. (Read about Britney's Emmy shot HERE! Read about Lindsay's shot HERE! )

Mary-Kate Olsen appeared in 10 of 15 episodes of "Weeds" in season three as a pot-pushing Bible-thumper who goes ga-ga over Nancy's (Mary-Louise Parker's) son Silas (Hunter Parrish). The casting caused lots of snickering considering the notorious Manhattan club-hopper, who has suffered from a very public eating disorder, is depicted puffing a common club drug renowned for causing munchies. But she got decent notices from some TV critics and fans.

Her appearance on "Weeds" marked her first major solo turn without twin sister Ashley, with whom she last appeared on TV in 2002. That year Mary-Kate was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for best performance in a children's series ("So Little Time").

In order for Mary-Kate Olsen to be nominated for a prime-time Emmy for her role in "Weeds," she must survive two rounds of voting. The first is an outright popular vote of members of the TV academy's acting branch. If she's among the Top 10 finalists, she then must submit one sample episode to a judging panel of actors who carefully scrutinize performances. Would she even have a chance against beloved veterans giving virtuoso perfs?

Below are some comments from our message boards where I posed the question of whether or not she'll be nominated. See more, CLICK HERE.

Benito Delicias: "Believe it or not"???? What's that supposed to mean? That because she's a tabloid girl she wasn't going to get submitted? Like Britney is not gonna be on CBS's list for "HIMYM" . . . Everybody else gets submitted. Ellen Burstyn and her 14 seconds, the Scavos, Mike, Orson and John Slattery on DH, Tony Plana, Marc Indelicato, Rebecca Romijn on "Betty," the entire Office cast . . . and Kyle Chandler and Christina Ricci got nods for "Grey's Anatomy" . . . so the bar for guest nominations isn't that high.

Professor Chaos: All we need now (is) Tom asking if Joe Francis, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are worth Emmy nominations.


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Can Lindsay Lohan be Emmy-nominated for 'Ugly Betty'?

May 4, 2008 |  3:48 pm

News that Lindsay Lohan will be on "Ugly Betty" on May 22 means that her appearance will fall before the Emmy eligibility cut-off date of May 31. Technically, she could be nominated for a guest role just like another sexy, tabloid star was in 2002: Brad Pitt — remember? — was a contender for "Friends."


Heck, theoretically, it's possible Lindsay Lohan could be nominated against the pop tart whose TV career move she's copying: Britney Spears ("How I Met Your Mother"). (Read more about Britney's shot at Emmy glory HERE! ) Egads, she could also be nommed against another tabloid sis, Mary-Kate Olsen (read more — CLICK HERE!) But first, we must ask: Will Lindsay Lohan really be nommed? I put this urgent kudos question to our forum posters. Here are some choice responses below. See more — CLICK HERE.

Backstabbing Girlfriend: We don't even know if she'll stay sober enough to show up to work to shoot all her scenes. Sure, she showed up yesterday on the set, but that's one day.

Tallulah's Cocaine: When did "Ugly Betty" become "Will & Grace" (i.e. the show that gets overrun with guest star stunt casting weekly)?

Taloson: She's definitely a better actress than Britney, but with her reputation, I highly doubt she's getting in.


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