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Poll: Was Chris Brown faking it at the BET Awards?

June 27, 2010 |  9:31 pm

When Chris Brown appeared to fall apart while attempting to perform Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" at the BET Awards, some observers wondered: Was Brown overcome with genuine grief for the loss of Jackson or was he staging a play for sympathy in the hope of being forgiven for beating up Rihanna?

BET Awards Chris Brown news

Or did his breakdown have nothing to do with Jackson or faking a ploy for sympathy? Was he really just overwhelmed that he was back singing legit again at a major industry event?

Chris Brown's performance at the BET Awards was his first major music gig in a long time. He was picked to perform because he's widely considered to be a protégé of Michael Jackson's and there was enormous curiosity over how he'd do — and be greeted by the audience — when he took the stage. If his career is truly over, he might not get a chance like this again to gain sympathetic attention.

After describing what Chris Brown did at the BET Awards, solicited comments from readers. Quite a few posters wondered if he was play-acting. A poster named Kelli asked, "Was it for real, or was he trying to get attention for being softer? I'm sure he feels bad about Michael's death, but is he just trying to get away from the bad boy image with the crying thing?"

Photo: Chris Brown at BET Awards. Credit: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images.

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Michael Jackson news: No Emmy, but maybe Oscar or Grammy?

July 22, 2009 | 11:32 am

Michael Jackson news 375192048 Jackson Michael

News that the TV networks have balked at AEG's attempt to milk them for $20 million to use Michael Jackson's "This Is It" rehearsal footage for a tube special means there will be no special – so nothing to enter into Emmy competition. The reason the networks pooh-poohed the footage, by the way, was because it didn't feature Michael Jackson. Just outtakes from other scenes!

Rehearsal footage featuring Jackson is being hoarded for the feature documentary, directed by choreographer Kenny Ortega, which will be released to theaters this year, thus being Oscar eligible. The docu will include three music videos, one a newly digitized version of "Thriller," plus two totally new works too. The latter two will certainly be Grammy eligible.

Photo: Joel Ryan / Associated Press


Poll: What is Michael Jackson's greatest song?

Was Michael Jackson cheated at the Grammys?

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