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Could 'Twilight: Eclipse' shine at the Razzies?

July 7, 2010 |  1:14 pm

Twilight Eclipse Robert Pattinson Taylor Lautner Megan Stewart The first two films in "The Twilight Saga" didn't win with the Razzies, but what about the third? Although "Twilight: Eclipse" has earned the best reviews of the three -- scoring 58 at Metacritic -- it has not escaped the notice of these kudos dedicated to celebrating the worst in film.

As the first post on the Razzies forum about "Twilight: Eclipse" notes: "How the three mopey/dopey stars of this franchise have managed to make it to their third movie without 'winning' a single Razzie yet is a mystery for the ages. But maybe this latest twitter-pated entry, sure to send 11-15 year-old girls into further twitching spasms of pre-pubescent pleasure, will finally do the trick."

In 2008, "Twilight" rated an utterly average 56 at Meta Critic. Although several critics were quite impressed with this first installment, none were dismayed and the movie escaped the wrath of the Razzies. However, "Twilight: New Moon" found fewer fans among the critics last year, meriting a mere 44 at Meta Critic. That score was weighed down with pans from the likes of Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun-Times) who thought the sequel "takes the tepid achievement of 'Twilight' guts it, and leaves it for undead."

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Poll: Can 'Twilight: Eclipse' win -- OMG! -- an Oscar?

June 30, 2010 |  3:06 pm

The first two films in "The Twilight Saga" didn't get nominated at the Oscars, but what about the third? "Twilight: Eclipse" has the best reviews of the trilogy, scoring 58 at Metacritic.

Twilight Eclipse Taylor Lautner Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson news

The Hollywood Reporter proclaims: "It took three films, but 'The Twilight Saga' finally nails just the right tone in 'Eclipse,' a film that neatly balances the teenage operatic passions from Stephenie Meyer's novels with the movies' supernatural trappings."

Last year, the Oscars expanded the best-picture list to 10 nominees so that popular films could make the cut. Two made it from the sci-fi/fantasy genres: "District 9" and "Avatar."

The first two "Twilight" movies swept the MTV Movie Awards, but, alas, didn't fare well with other kudos. Their stars weren't nominated at the Golden Globes, whose voters usually embrace sexy new hipsters. Neither film managed to score nominations for tech awards bestowed by the guilds.

So maybe all hope is drained from the possibility that "Twilight: Eclipse" will be taken seriously by any top Hollywood award. Even film critics who love "Eclipse", like Entertainment Weekly ("the movie is compulsively watchable; it has a passionflower intensity"), admit that it's "humorless teen romantic glop." Or is it?

Photo: Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in "Twilight: Eclipse." Credit: Summit

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MTV Movie Awards ratings not rising with 'Twilight: New Moon'

June 8, 2010 |  7:37 am

Rob Pattinson Kristen Stewart Twilight MTV Movie Awards Despite including appearances by much of the cast from the night's big winner -- "Twilight: New Moon" -- and the much-hyped debuts of trailers for the latest installments of both the "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" film franchises, ratings for Sunday's MTV Movie Awards were off from last year.

On the main channel, viewership was off by a lot, dropping from 5.3 million to 4.6 million. However, with the addition of sister station VH1 to the simulcast lineup along with MTV2, total viewership was down only slightly from 5.9 million to 5.8 million. MTV reports that total viewership (i.e., anyone tuning in for a minute or more) totaled 16.4 million.The kudocast faced fierce competition with ABC airing Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

Last year's awardscast, hosted by "Saturday Night Live" star Andy Samberg, was notable for the staged meeting between Sacha Baron Cohen's butt and Eminem's face, which prompted a walkout by the latter. Each had a project to promote -- the actor's new movie, "Bruno," and the rapper's latest disc, "Relapse" -- and the resulting controversy spiked interest in them.

This year, Tom Cruise of the upcoming flick "Knight and Day" hoped for a boost by appearing throughout the awards in a running gag reprising his "Tropic Thunder" character Les Grossman. He opened the show, was featured in promos with "Twilight" stars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, and did a dance-off with Jennifer Lopez.

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MTV Movie Awards prediction: 'Twilight: New Moon' will slay 'Avatar'

June 6, 2010 |  2:32 pm
MTV Movie Awards Twilight New Moon news

At the MTV Movie Awards, voters will surely prefer bloodsuckers ("Twilight: New Moon") to booze guzzlers ("The Hangover"), even though the latter flick leads with the most nominations (six compared with five for the vampire flick).

"Twilight: New Moon's" biggest foe for best picture is "Avatar" since these awards are decided by popular vote of Web users. "Avatar" was a bigger hit at the box office, earning $749 million versus $296 million for "Twilight." Oh, yeah, and "Avatar" earned more respect within Hollywood, reaping an Oscar nomination for best picture.

But "Twilight" will probably prevail at the MTV Movie Awards anyway. Last year at the MTV kudos, "Twilight" won best film, best fight (Robert Pattinson, Cam Gigandet), kiss (Pattinson, Kristen Stewart), female performance (Stewart) and breakthrough male performance (Pattinson). It suffered only two defeats. Taylor Lautner lost best breakthrough male (to costar Pattinson — only one could win the category) and best song ("Decode" lost to "The Climb" from "Hannah Montana: The Movie").

Winning last year doesn't hurt "Twilight's" chance to triumph again. All three installments of "The Lord of the Rings" won the same crown from 2002 to 2004.

Photos: "Twilight: New Moon" (Summit), "Avatar" (20th Century Fox)

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Gold Derby nuggets: MTV Movie Awards preview 'Twilight' & 'Harry Potter' | EW predix Tony Awards

June 4, 2010 |  5:26 pm

• Sunday's MTV Movie Awards will include a preview of the penultimate entry in the most successful film franchise of all time -- "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1." That movie won't be out till Thanksgiving. However, the "Twilight" series will also be represented with a sneak peek of "Eclipse" which opens at the end of the month. 

• A viral infection may be hurting Catherine Zeta-Jones's shot at winning the Tony Award for best musical actress, according to Michael Riedel of the New York Post. She's missed five performances of "A Little Night Music" while many voters are checking out the shows for the first or second time. However, Riedel adds, "While CZJ may not be an aggressive campaigner like, say, that old master Harvey Fierstein, she has been making the rounds of the Tony circuit. She's appeared at benefits and second-tier awards, schmoozing even some of the scarier members of the theater press corps, most of whom have become bloggers." NEW YORK POST

MTV Movie Awards logoMark Malkin dropped by the Gibson Amphitheater, which is hosting Sunday's kudos and reports on who is sitting where: "Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner didn't snag front-row seats at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards. That honor goes to Sandra Bullock. Even so it's not like the 'Twilight' trio was shafted. They're right behind Sandy B. As of this morning, there was an empty seat between Rob and Kristen's placeholders, so it's still not known if they'll eventually end up totally next to each other on show day. Taylor's a seat away from KStew with Scarlett Johansson rounding out the row. Just behind them are Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens and Eva Mendes. Across the aisle is Mark Wahlberg, who's sitting behind Betty White and Katy Perry. A gaggle of funny dudes gathered in a pod to the side includes Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and Hangover boxer Mike Tyson." E ONLINE

• On Wednesday, Philip Berk was reelected president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. A correspondent for FilmInk (Australia) and Galaxie (Malaysia), Berk has been an HFPA member for 33 years and is serving his eighth term as president. The group, which hands out the Golden Globes, also re-upped Hans Spurkel, Meher Tatna and Jack Tewksbury as vice president, executive secretary and treasurer, respectively. The new board of directors is Ali Sar (Chairman), Jorge Camara, Yoram Kahana, Theo Kingma, Lorenzo Soria, and Ruben Nepales (alternate).

Tony Awards logo • Entertainment Weekly theater critics Thom Geier and Melissa Rose Bernardo have posted their predictions for the Tony Awards. While they agree that "Red" will win best play, Thom thinks "Fela!" will take the top tuner prize while Melissa chooses "Memphis." Among the acting awards, the two agree on just two of the four lead categories -- Viola Davis in the play "Fences" and Douglas Hodge in the musical "La Cage aux Folles."  They think those productions also will win their respective revival races. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

Top photo: MTV Movie Awards logo. Credit: MTV.

Bottom photo: Tony Awards logo. Credit: American Theater Wing.

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Shocker: 'Squeakquel' beats 'Twilight: New Moon' at Kids' Choice Awards

March 27, 2010 |  7:30 pm

The latest Kids' Choice Awards looked like a repeat of last year's show when several winners returned. For the second year in a row "iCarly" won favorite TV show, Dylan Sprouse ("The Suite Life of Zach and Cody," "The Suite Life on Deck") won fave TV actor and Selena Gomez ("Wizards of Waverly Place") claimed the blimp for fave TV actress.

Kids Choice Awards Alvin news

The latter two wins were formidable because Dylan Sprouse beat the Jonas Brothers ("Jonas") and Gomez trounced Miley Cyrus ("Hannah Montana"). However, Miley Cyrus rebounded to claim the kudos as fave film actress for her performance in "Hannah Montana: The Movie."

The awards show was spiced up with music performances by Rihanna (dancing with "Transformer" robots) and Justin Bieber (a virtual baby himself crooning "Baby") plus tidal waves of the kudocast's celebrated green slime.

Among the guests who got slimed were Jerry Trainor ("iCarly"), Jackson Rathbone ("The Last Airbender") and Katy Perry ("I Kissed a Girl"). Olympic athlete Apolo Anton Ohno set a new slime world record by being catapulted into a vat of slime, and comedians Tina Fey and Steve Carell received slimetime achievement awards.

The biggest surprise was that "Twilight Saga: New Moon" lost the prize for favorite movie to one of the worst-reviewed films of the year, "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel." The last chipmunks flick won the Kids' Choice Award as favorite film of 2007. The previous "Twilight" film wasn't nominated last year.

However, the latest "Twilight" flick rallied at this year's contest, with Taylor Lautner winning fave film star.

FAVORITE MOVIE: "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel"
FAVORITE MOVIE STAR: Taylor Lautner, "Twilight: New Moon"
FAVORITE TV ACTRESS: Selena Gomez ("Wizards of Waverly Place")
FAVORITE TV ACTOR: Dylan Sprouse ("The Suite Life of Zach and Cody," "The Suite Life on Deck")
FAVORITE MOVIE ACTRESS: Miley Cyrus ("Hannah Montana: The Movie")
THE BIG HELP AWARD: Michelle Obama

Photo: 20th Century Fox

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See costumes and props from Oscar nominees at the Hollywood Museum

March 5, 2010 | 12:59 pm

If you're in the neighborhood of the Kodak Theatre and can't get into the Oscars this weekend, try the next best thing. Drop by the Hollywood Museum one block away – it's located in the Max Factor Building at 1660 N. Highland Ave., where you can see costumes and artifacts from leading nominees like "The Hurt Locker," "The Blind Side," "Inglourious Basterds," "Julie & Julia," "The Young Victoria," "Bright Star," "(500) Days of Summer" and "Star Trek" mixed in with treasures from Oscars past, like "Gone With the Wind," "Ben-Hur," "Gladiator" and even the first film to win best picture, "Wings."

Oscars Katharine hepburn

I serve as guest curator every year to organize this exhibition titled "And the Winner Is …," which celebrates all films up for kudos throughout the award season. We even feature items from such popular films as "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," "Twilight: New Moon" (yes, yes, we have a Taylor Lautner costume in addition ones worn by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart) and Miley Cyrus' concert film. Some of them were up for guild awards or even -- yikes -- Razzies.

On display are lots of actual historic statuettes, such as Oscars, Golden Globes ("Ben-Hur," best drama picture; "Dynasty," best TV show), and a Razzie (Sly Stallone, worst actor of the century, award still unclaimed). Also, you can view most of my personal collection, which includes Katharine Hepburn's Oscar nomination plaques for "Suddenly, Last Summer" and "The Rainmaker," plus her membership cards in the academy, Tony Award (best play, "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"), Writers Guild Award ("High Noon"), Emmy (best comedy series, "Phil Silvers Show") and more.

Many thanks go to some real winners who pulled this exhibit together: museum president and founder Donelle Dadigan and her team Steve Nycklemoe, Kenny Horn, Robert Freeman and Jennifer Smith. Also the folks at Apparition, Columbia, Fox Searchlight, Paramount, Summit, Warner Bros. and Weinstein Co. who contributed costumes and props, and my colleagues at the Los Angeles Times who contributed sponsorship.

The Hollywood Museum is located on Highland Ave. just a few steps south of Hollywood Blvd. It's open Wednesdays to Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission: $15 per adult, $12 for students and seniors, $5 for kids age 5 and younger. The museum accepts Citipass and Go L.A. cards.

Hollywood Museum Hurt Locker Julie and Julia

Hollywood Museum Inglourious Basterds

Blind side twilight New Moon Oscars news


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Gold Derby nuggets: Oscars nixed 'Bruno' for host | Dave Karger BAFTAs predix | WGA Awards preview

February 19, 2010 |  3:26 pm

Bruno Oscars Sacha Baron Cohen • The Oscars took pity on the poor ABC censor when they said no to rookie show producers Bill Mechanic's and Adam Shankman's idea to have Sacha Baron Cohen ("Bruno") host the Oscars. As Shankman told "Fresh Air" host Terry Gross, "it would just be spectacular. But I think the Academy felt like not only is it unpredictable but it could overshadow the nominees. Then we immediately went to this idea of co-host." Among the other tidbits he shared was this one about the presentation of the acting Oscars: "We're doing something a little bit different with it, but in point of fact, something like that is going to be done and the way we're doing it has to do with a bit more of interconnectivity because what was really, really stunning about last year the way they did that was the video clip buildup to the reveal of the stars, I mean the editing of that stuff was so breathtaking and so big that when those screens went up and you saw the five walk out, you're just like going, whoa, my God, it was so dramatic and beautiful." NPR

• As well as all those previous Academy Award winners, last year's Oscars also had "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson presenting. This year, the other two sides of the love triangle at the heart of the film -- Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner -- will be onstage at the Kodak Theatre on March 7. Stewart admitted to Mark Malkin that she is very nervous. "I'm trying to pick shoes that I know I won't fall down in." E ONLINE

• "Up in the Air" novelist Walter Kirn will be in the audience after all to see whether Stewart falls. Following his earlier airing of his frustration that he had not been invited to the Oscars, today he tweeted: "thanks to Paramount Pictures for coming through with Oscar tickets and proving true to its word, which i shouldn't have doubted." TWITTER

Bafta StatueDave Karger says, "I've always been a firm believer in the power of the BAFTA Awards to give us an idea of how the overall awards-season winds may be shifting. After all, 'The Hurt Locker' tied 'Avatar' with the most nominations at the BAFTAs before it managed the same feat on Oscar nomination day. But then there’s the BAFTA wild card, 'An Education,' which also scored eight nods." Says Dave, "Avatar" will win best picture while for best director "clearly this is a race between Cameron and Bigelow. I’m wondering if 'The Hurt Locker' might be too American-indie feeling to sway the British voters, but I still think Bigelow will take it." ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

Pete Hammond reports, "Voters seem more confused than ever on the new preferential voting even though the academy tried to diligently spell out specific instructions for members who may be ballot-challenged when it comes to selecting their best picture choices in order of preference. One academy member, a savvy publicist I know who has worked on many campaigns, is puzzled himself by the new process that requires voters to rank the 10 nominees. 'I have read the instructions four times now, and I still don't know what they want from me,' he said in total frustration. 'I have no dog in this hunt this year, but if I can't figure this out, how do they expect others to, especially the older ones used to just picking one winner?'" NOTES ON A SEASON

• And Jack Mathews bemoans the late date of this year's Oscars. "The Academy Awards season, even with a mid-to-late February finale, is far too long. And as it has turned out this year, as it turns out in most years now, many of the winners are known long before the show. Current example: Golden Globe and SAG winners Jeff Bridges ('Crazy Heart'), Sandra Bullock ('The Blind Side'), Christoph Waltz ('Inglourious Basterds') and Mo'Nique ('Precious') have nothing to fear but forgetting people to thank on March 7." MOVIEFONE

Wga-awardSasha Stone delivers an insightful analysis of this Saturday's WGA Awards. Says Sasha, "Since 'Inglourious Basterds,' 'In the Loop,' 'District 9,' 'The Messenger,' Up,' and 'An Education' were all ineligible for the WGA, things are bumped off the rails even more. It could mean that, for the first time in five years, there will be a mis-match in Original Screenplay." She concludes with, "for now, I’m going with 'The Hurt Locker' and 'Up in the Air' for the WGAs and 'Inglourious Basterds' and 'Up in the Air' for the Oscar." AWARDS DAILY

Top photo: "Bruno" publicity still. Credit: Universal. Middle photo: BAFTA statuette. Credit: British Academy of Film and Television Arts. Bottom photo: Writers Guild of America award. Credit: WGA


'Lost' leads with eight TV Saturn Awards nominations

'Avatar' leads with 10 Saturn Awards nominations

Will BAFTAs preview Oscars again?

Gold Derby nuggets: 'Avatar' actors snub explained | Harvey Weinstein campaign tactics | Tina Fey encoring Sarah Palin?

More pundits dish: Can 'Inglourious Basterds' pull off an Oscar upset for best picture?

Gold Derby nuggets: Brits go Lady Gaga | Oscars set set | Prince William presenting at BAFTAs

Pundits pipe in: 'Yes, "Inglourious Basterds" can pull off an Oscar upset'; 'No, "Basterds" will not win best picture'

Beware: Here comes an 'Inglourious' upset at the Oscars

Gold Derby nuggets: Oscars: No singing, lots of dancing | Oscars nominee luncheon reports | James Cameron: 'Failure is an option'

Gold Derby nuggets: 'Avatar' & 'Hurt Locker' win with guilds | Barbara Walters ends Oscars specials | Emmy champ David Canary leaving 'AMC'

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Razzie Award nominations: Can Sandra Bullock win worst AND best actress?

February 1, 2010 |  5:30 am
Razzie nominees Sandra Bullock awards news

"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and "Land of the Lost" are tied for the most Razzie Award nominations, scoring seven chances each to take gold paint-sprayed statuettes hailing the worst films of 2009.

Also noteworthy: two of this year's Oscar players could also end up as Razzie stars when trophies are doled out one night before the Academy Awards gala. Oscar ceremony co-host Steve Martin is nominated for worst actor in "Pink Panther 2." No other actor has ever been up for a Razzie the same year he or she emceed the Academy Awards, although Martin's co-host on March 7, Alec Baldwin, was nominated for a Razzie in 2003 (worst supporting actor, "Cat in the Hat").

Taylor lautner twilight new moon Razzie nominations news

Sandra Bullock is considered an Oscar best actress front-runner for "The Blind Side," but she's also nominated for 2009's worst actress for "All About Steve." If Bullock claims both trophies, she'll be the first star ever to pull off the dual win in the same year. Others have done so in nonacting categories. In 1992, Alan Menken won two Oscars for composing the music in "Aladdin" and a Razzie for a tune in "Newsies." In 1997, Brian Helgeland reaped an Oscar for writing "L.A. Confidential" screenplay and a Razzie for penning "The Postman."

Two stars have been nominated for an Oscar and a Razzie in the same year for the same role, but they lost: James Coco ("Only When I Laugh") and Amy Irving ("Yentl"). Halle Berry famously bagged a Razzie soon after her Oscar, but three years separated her wins for "Catwoman" (2004) and "Monster's Ball" (2001).

John Wilson, Razzie president and founder, tells Gold Derby that "Transformers 2" creator Michael Bay is overdue for Razzie glory after a past worst-picture loss for "Armageddon" (1998) and two defeats for worst director: "Armageddon" and "Pearl Harbor" (2001). "Bay is totally talent-free and untouched by the muse," Wilson says with a sigh.

Wilson says that 2009 was such a banner year for bad movies that the Razzies considered expanding their worst-picture list to 10 nominees like the Oscars' best-picture list, "but then I realized that our membership is only one-tenth of the academy, and it would have no meaning. It would be just like the Golden Globes where a movie can win with only 17 votes."

If the Razzies had expanded its top category, "Twilight: New Moon" would've been nominated for worst picture since it came in sixth place in the voting, so alas, it got snubbed.

" 'Twilight: New Moon' just wasn't bad enough," Wilson adds, noting that its star Taylor Lautner also barely missed out receiving a nomination for worst supporting actor. Nonetheless, he was cited along with "Twilight" costars in the category for worst screen couple as "Kristin Stewart and either Robert Pattinson or Taylor Whatz-His-Fang." Pattinson is nominated for worst supporting actor, and "New Moon" is listed in the race for worst screenplay.

Wilson is surprised at a few omissions from the performance lists. "Gerard Butler had a banner bad year with 'Gamer,' 'The Ugly Truth' and 'Law Abiding Citizen,' and Nicolas Cage was terrible in 'Knowing,'" he says. "In any other year they would've been nominated."

It's the Razzies' 30th anniversary year, so it's time to bestow prizes for worst filmmaking of the decade. They'll be doled out with 2009's trophies at Hollywood's Barnsdall Gallery Theatre at 7:30 p.m. March 6.

"All About Steve"
"G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra"
"Land of the Lost"
"Old Dogs""
"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" (a.k.a. "Trannies, Too")
All Three Jonas Brothers, "Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience" 
Will Ferrell, "Land of the Lost" 
Steve Martin, "Pink Panther 2"
Eddie Murphy, "Imagine That"
John Travolta, "Old Dogs"

Beyonce, "Obsessed"
Sandra Bullock, "All About Steve"
Myley Cyrus, "Hannah Montana: The Movie"
Megan Fox, "Jennifer’s Body" and "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"
Sarah Jessica Parker, "Did You Hear About the Morgans?"

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Razzies for Rob Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Megan Fox?

January 3, 2010 |  7:34 am

Naughty Derbyites are already serving up Razzie speculation here in our forums even though noms aren't unveiled until Feb. 1 (one day before Oscar bids, of course). BC insists that "Twilight: New Moon" "needs to be nominated because it is overrated and I can finally say Golden Raspberry Award nominee Robert Pattinson." Adds our poster named kelemenmarc, "And I hope I can finally say Taylor Lautner too, a Golden Raspberry Award nominee."

Beware, "Twilight" haters: The first installment wasn't nominated for a single Razzie in 2008. Oh, cruel Hollywood!

Twilight Saga New Moon Taylor Lautner Kristen Stewart news

Our posters believe the contest for worst actress is a diva smack-down between Megan Fox ("Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and "Jennifer's Body"), Beyoncé Knowles ("Obsessed"), likely Oscar nominee Sandra Bullock ("All About Steve"), Miley Cyrus ("Hannah Montana: The Movie"), recent Emmy winner Katherine Heigl ("The Ugly Truth"), Kristen Stewart ("Twilight Saga: New Moon") and Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson ("Bride Wars").

In addition to Rob Pattinson, the slugfest to snag the trophy as worst actor involves these chaps: Will Ferrell ("Land of the Lost"), Michael Cera and Jack Black ("Year One"), Oscar co-host Steve Martin ("The Pink Panther 2"),  Gerard Butler ("Gamer," "Law Abiding Citizen," "The Ugly Truth"), Shia LaBeouf ("Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen").

LonePirate asks a curious question: "I wonder if 'Nine' is going to sneak in the (worst) picture category given its withering reviews and lackluster performance. Failed Oscar bait with a big name cast that bombs at the box office is usually prime Razzie fodder."


Experts predict who'll win the Golden Globes

Gold Derby nuggets: Owen Gleiberman makes an 'Inglourious' goof? | Online critics dare to snub 'Avatar' | Alec Baldwin promises 'greatest Oscars' ever

Photo: Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart in "Twilight: New Moon." Credit: Summit Entertainment

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